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Marketing Communications Plan for O’Doul’s Non-Alcoholic Bee

A well researched and developed marketing Communications Plan for O'Doul's Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Marketing Communications Plan for O’Doul’s Non-Alcoholic Bee

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  1. Marketing Communications Plan for O’Doul’s Non-Alcoholic Beer Temitayo Adeyemo Roosevelt University (2011)

  2. Why are you here. To learn about a new strategy with which we can build brand impact, relevance and ultimately generate sales for O’Doul’s.

  3. What we are going to talk about Situation analysis Brand problem Insights Opportunity The Objective – marketing, communication, target Our strategy Key idea Examples

  4. Brand Situation • “What beer drinkers drink when they are not drinking beer” • 14th year as Official Non-Alcohol Brew of the PGA TOUR, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour • 1991-28% market share (Schnaars 2002) • 2010- less than 9% • O’Doul’s Original & Amber

  5. Industry Situation • Beverage industry • Increased competition, shift to healthy lifestyle • Industry grew 7.2% in 2009(world class beverages 2010) • 3.1% decline in sales volume compared to the previous years (Zmuda 2010)

  6. Category Situation • High level of product parity • Usage spikes in the summer and drops in the winter

  7. Category Situation cont’d • More attention is being given to the category, this can be attributed to the healthy lifestyle trend consumers are adopting and responsible beverage consumption that is being greatly emphasized

  8. Competitive Situation • Direct competitors: Miller Coors-Sharp’s: “keep your edge” Joe. Schlitz Brewing Co.-–Old Milwaukee: “All the flavor without the alcohol” • Secondary competitors: St. Pauli Brauerei – St. Paul Girl Non – Alcoholic (Germany) Paulaner Brewery – Paulaner Non – Alcoholic ThomasBrau Lager (Germany)

  9. Market Situation • Current users of NA beer are consumers who enjoy the taste of beer but want to limit their alcohol intake (Euro monitor 2007). • Socioeconomic trends affecting the NA beer is societal concerns over intoxication, drunk driving and health issues • Change in demographic has also had affected the market for NA beer. A rise in the aging population has spurred an increase in demand as the aging population wants healthier options

  10. Brand Problem • Flat sales for 15 years • No marketing communication support for the past 15 years • High level of product parody

  11. Insight • In-depth searches revealed that consumers have caught on to the healthy lifestyle trend. They are exercising more, counting calories, eating healthier and demanding for healthy beverages. • “An aging population is believed to be contributing to reductions in per capita consumption of regular beer, since in some cultures, consumption of beer has been shown to decline with age” Smith (2010)

  12. What’s the Opportunity O’Doul’s with all its health benefits, can help aging males (+45) have the beer taste they want and still keep them healthy

  13. Marketing Objective Increase sales of O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beer by generating trial and encouraging use among male beer drinkers

  14. Marketing Communication Objective Generate awareness and spread new news about the health benefits of drinking O’Doul’s.

  15. Who’s the Target “Trailing Baby Boomers” males (45+), Suburban Style, “Upbeat Enjoyers” who don’t accept being tired or suffering from a little bit of pain as a natural part of aging, rather have higher expectations. Looking for ways to improve their health and live longer. Have not tried O’Doul’s and don’t consider it a healthy non-alcoholic drink.

  16. Why “Trailing baby boomers” • Dominate 1,023 out of 1,083 consumer packaged goods categories. Nielsen wire (2010) • Baby boomers spend 38.5% of CPG dollars. Nielsen wire (2010) • Age 50+ individuals own 80% of U.S. Financial assets & dispose of 50% of discretionary income. AARP (2003) • Baby boomers represent 50 percent of total US spending power. The oldest among the group are now turning 60 years old at the rate of approximately 8,000 people per day. Heller (2006)

  17. Our Strategy is Convince “Trailing Baby Boomers” that O’Doul’s is the choice brand that gives you the beer taste you want and still feel confident about your health

  18. Key Idea Think health, think O’Doul’s

  19. Print Ad Concepts

  20. Amazingly, my doctor said I can add beer to my healthy diet plan You can add beer to your meal plan if it’s filled with antioxidants, is only 70 calories and can help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease

  21. Why do you drink beer? To relax, to have fun? How about to stay healthy O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beer allows you to enjoy your beer and stay healthy with antioxidants in every sip

  22. People say real men drink beer, have you thought of what real healthy men drink? O’Doul’s knows the importance of staying true to your health and masculinity. So we are

  23. Social Media Concepts

  24. Facebook Original Content: • Would have information on history and development of the O’Doul’s brand. • A description of the brewing process of O’Doul’s, also a nutritional information about O’Doul’s. Benefits of the listed nutrients. • List of stores or locations where O’Doul’s can be purchased. • Page will provide a “O’Doul’s Notes” which is a daily encouragement to our fans. It will be posted every morning, to help get them through the day. • Schedule of PGA games and other National gaming tournaments

  25. Interaction: • Wall will provide tips from health and fitness from professional and fans on how to remain active and healthy as they age. An example of this will be “special guest post” from Dr. Oz. • There will be discussions on ongoing research and development in the field of prostate cancer, since it is the leading cancer found in men. Discussions would also include other health issues that concern men. • A discussion platform would be created for fans to share their day to day activities, things they do to stay in shape and remain healthy.

  26. Interaction cont’d: • Regular post on the “Pleasures of Aging.” Page will provide valuable and funny reasons/benefits of aging to fans. • Discussions on current happenings in the Business world, Politics, Sports • Fans will be asked to comment or like a post and every 49th like or comment will win tickets to ongoing champion’s games e.g. the PGA tour, NFL games, US Open, NBA

  27. Facebook Links • O’Doul’s website, • Menshealth.com • PGA, • NFL • CNN • Doctoroz.com

  28. Twitter promo message Growing up we were limitless, so why should aging limit us. Visit the O’Doul’s Facebook page to learn how to age with grace and good health.

  29. Thank You

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