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Tapping Inside Sales to Address Pipeline Dysfunction

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Tapping Inside Sales to Address Pipeline Dysfunction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Tapping Inside Sales to Address Pipeline Dysfunction' - Televerde

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Presentation Transcript

Donna J. Kent

Senior VP of Global Sales,

Marketing & Services

AAISP Leadership Summit Presentation: April 17, 2012

Tapping Inside Sales toAddress Pipeline Dysfunction

what is pipeline dysfunction
What Is Pipeline Dysfunction?

Meet Brian: Sufferer of PD


what is pipeline dysfunction3
What Is Pipeline Dysfunction?

“PD”: A symptomatic set of issues that

negatively impacts sales pipeline health.

The Bad News:

We all have sales pipelines and they’re

not in perfect working condition.

The Good News:

The symptoms are all treatable by tapping into the strength of the inside sales immune system.

breaking down pd
Breaking Down PD

Common Symptoms…

  • Lead leakage or lead waste
  • Stalled leads
  • Poor lead quality (so low volume of SAL’s)
  • Inaccurate targeting (top of the funnel weakness)
  • Incomplete and inaccurate contact data
  • Un-nurtured sales leads
  • Poor visibility into sales opportunities
  • Insufficient lead intelligence and insight
possible causes
Possible Causes

Sales process complexity

Average sales cycle length between initial contact-closed sale

Discrete steps in sales process

possible causes6
Possible Causes

Distinguish between Marketing Qualified Lead and Sales Qualified Lead

Single or multiple stakeholder sales engagement

Process to obtain useful feedback from sales team on lead quality and quantity

possible causes7
Possible Causes

Account-Based Marketing programs

for targeted strategic accounts

Do you segment data for

various marketing objectives

Contact data challenges

possible causes8
Possible Causes

Most significant contact data challenges

possible causes9
Possible Causes

Distinction between how leads are nurtured based on buying cycle stage

Ability and skill sets within your organization to properly analyze the relevance and effectiveness of your lead nurturing process

symptom lead leakage
Symptom: Lead Leakage

Leads and opportunities that fall through the cracks

due to poor follow-up, irrelevant messaging, lack of

ongoing contact, insufficient quality and quantity

of contacts.


  • Lost revenue and market share
  • Impact on brand image

Inside Sales Treatment:

  • Training on message alignment
  • Alignment with field sales
  • Disciplined, integrated workflow (digital and dialogue)
  • Strategic roadmap and multiple entry points
symptom stalled leads
Symptom: Stalled Leads

Dormant leads/opportunities that lose momentum

due to lack of solution alignment, lack of sales

visibility, decision postponement, wrong contacts,

budget loss, competitor positioning.


  • Competitive displacement
  • Loss of future revenue opportunity

Inside Sales Treatment:

  • Ongoing opportunity analysis
  • More contacts – go deeper and wider
  • Discover solution alignment in other places
  • Long-term nurture – keep it alive!
symptom poor lead quality
Symptom: Poor Lead Quality

Unqualified leads delivered without sufficient

insight, outside lead definition scope, incorrect

contact, no solution match.


  • Wasted sales time
  • Distracted focus from better leads

Inside Sales Treatment:

  • Collaborative lead definition
  • Acquire the RPC (right-party contact)
  • Know the solutions and find alignment
symptom inaccurate targeting
Symptom: Inaccurate Targeting

Insufficient quantity and low-quality leads at the top

of the funnel due to poorly targeted lead gen efforts,

solution misalignment, incorrect personas, strong

competitive position, unknown insight.


  • More wasted sales time
  • Inefficient use of marketing budget
  • Time not spent on real opportunities

Inside Sales Treatment:

  • Leverage skills to beta test markets, accounts, personas
  • Use dialogue skills to discover insight and filter in/out
  • “Knit one pearl two”
symptom bad contact data
Symptom: Bad Contact Data

No purchasing committee contacts, inaccurate

contact information, no role-based intelligence,

insufficient account insight, no relationship-mapping.


  • Sub-optimized lead conversions
  • Closed-won revenue deficiency
  • Unnecessarily lost opportunities
  • Decreased program ROI

Inside Sales Treatment:

  • Acquire the right contacts
  • Map relationships and buying committee positions
  • Identify personas/roles and value prop alignment

All other sales lead conversion practices being equal, 90% contact record usability rate vs. 75% contact record usability rate yields a closed-won delta of approximately 30%.

(Within our client base we observe usability rates below 75%.)

symptom poor visibility
Symptom: Poor Visibility

No insight into the status of the open opportunity, its

momentum, its probability, competitive positioning, its

alignment with your value propositions.


  • Inaccurate forecasting
  • Unresolved issues (sales rep, pricing, etc.)
  • No prescribed next steps

Inside Sales Treatment:

  • Get inside and stay inside
  • Identify, communicate, analyze and resolve issues
  • Use dialogue to eliminate blind spots
symptom un nurtured leads
Symptom: Un-Nurtured Leads

Insufficiently touched relationships due to lack of

contact discipline or irrelevant messaging.


  • Deals go dormant or to competitors
  • Loss of sales rep and brand integrity
  • Decelerated revenue and pipeline momentum

Inside Sales Treatment:

  • Design and execute an integrated touch workflow
  • Sustain communication with multiple contacts
  • Align the messaging to distinct personas
symptom insufficient insight
Symptom: Insufficient Insight

Lack of understanding about a prospect’s behaviors

and interests – individually and holistically across the

entire account.


  • Missed opportunity for full deal value
  • Unknown contacts – deficient mapping
  • Misalignment of messaging and solutions

Inside Sales Treatment:

  • Look for cues via website behavior tracking (MAT)
  • Get access to same BI given to sales rep and marketing
  • Use the BI to inform your dialogue
key take aways
Key Take-Aways…
  • Pipeline perfection isn’t the goal, but the conditions can be significantly improved
  • Inside Sales has unique talents and capabilities that Sales and Marketing can leverage to improve the pipeline
  • It’s not just about the immediate lead; it’s about insight, nurturing, and focus on long-term opportunities
  • Contact data challenges are at the source of many symptoms – Inside Sales can help resolve
for more information
For More Information…

Discussion & Questions…

Donna Kent

Senior VP of Global Sales, Marketing & Services

+1 888-787-2829

Do you have Pipeline Dysfunction?

Which of the symptoms cause you the most pain?

Can your inside sales team help resolve the symptoms?