how to successfully create demand through outsourcing l.
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Demand Generation Marketing - Televerde

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Demand Generation Marketing - Televerde - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The presentation entitled, "Demand Generation Marketing: How to Successfully Create Demand through Outsourcing" is presented by Larry Fleischman, Director of Marketing for Televerde, a leading B2B provider in sales pipeline development solutions. For more information on demand generation marketing, visit the Televerde website at

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demand generation marketing
Demand Generation Marketing

Demand generation marketing involves increasing revenue opportunities by improving the sales pipeline. An agency or outsourcing firm can help companies identify new customers, accelerate sales, and collect market information.

To be successful, demand creation programs must focus on the elements that make the biggest difference. Outsourcing companies will know what issues to focus on to achieve the best results.

demand generation marketing3
Demand Generation Marketing

Aligning Sales and Marketing to Determine Lead Qualifying Criteria

In many organizations, sales and marketing departments become at odds. A common source of frustration for both groups is what constitutes a qualified lead. The responsibility for successful demand generation marketing needs to fall with both departments.

For example, both departments need to agree on qualifying criteria for the leads generated. If marketing produces sales leads not consistent with a salesperson’s qualifying criteria, chances are the lead will not get worked. In this case, the money spent on demand generation marketing can be wasted.

By involving both marketing and sales at the start of a demand generation marketing program, qualifying criteria can be determined. Then, the right prospects can be targeted and subsequently distributed for sales rep follow-up.

demand generation marketing4
Demand Generation Marketing

Enabling Sales and Marketing with the Proper Resources

Marketing and sales must have the right tools, training, lead intelligence and support to work qualified leads. First, a demand generation marketing program must provide sales reps with effective collateral material. Examples of this material include brochures, customer testimonials, data sheets, white papers and case studies.

demand generation marketing5
Demand Generation Marketing

Enabling Sales and Marketing with the Proper Resources

To help support demand generation marketing, an outsourcing company can schedule sales appointments. And, they can accomplish more complex tasks like collect intelligence about prospects at the account and contact level.

In addition to having good materials, salespeople also need to know when to provide them to prospects. Different information will be required at various stages of the sales cycle. Determining factors include the specific solution the prospect is interested in, why they’re looking to buy, what kind of budget they have, how much research and comparison shopping they’ve done, and when they expect to make their purchase decision.

demand generation marketing6
Demand Generation Marketing

Creating Integrated Marketing with Human and Digital Efforts

Automation is becoming a mainstay in demand generation marketing. A critical component, automation uses technology to help track and manage prospects.

Although automated solutions can improve the performance of demand generation marketing programs, it cannot be the sole element and it’s definitely not a panacea. In other words, you can’t rely on automation alone to manage your leads. Instead, marketing automation solutions must be combined with a strong lead management process and the human touch (i.e., telemarketing and teleprospecting).

demand generation marketing7
Demand Generation Marketing

Using human contact in conjunction with automation will deliver a more comprehensive, results-drive solution. Continual and strategic contact with prospects can build credibility. It’s a well-known fact that prospects want to buy from companies and sales reps they trust. Relationships start and endure at the individual level between the buyer and the sales rep/relationship manager.

No qualified prospect wants to be contacted solely through digital media. Many prospects want a live person to help them through the sales cycle. They want to be listened to and understood before committing to a purchase.

demand generation marketing8
Demand Generation Marketing

In B2B marketing especially, sales may be more complex and the cycle lengthy. In these cases, leads must be nurtured throughout the process. And this nurturing requires the human touch.

The critical part of every demand generation program, therefore, is to know how and when to use digital contact and the human touch. When these two contact methods are integrated, you can expect to achieve the best outcome.

about the author
About the Author

Larry Fleischman is Director of Marketing for Televerde, a leading B2B provider of sales pipeline development solutions. For more information about demand generation marketing, visit: