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The Best Exersice for Six Pack

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The Best Exersice for Six Pack - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are certain exercises which focus on specific body parts and help achieve different health goals. Similarly, there are exercises which assist in getting the six packs. Go through this ppt to know in detail about the best exercises for six pack.

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The Best Exercises for Six Pack

Creating a six pack is all about finding the best ab exercises and combining them with a healthy diet. Here are some of the best six-pack exercises.

  • Ab Wheel Rollout
  • The Pendulum
  • Hanging Knee Raises
  • Exercise Ball Pull-in
  • Hanging leg raise
Ab Wheel Rollout

Keep your knees directly under your hips and your hands just under your shoulder, while holding the handles of an ab wheel. Now keep your back flat, push your hips upward and stretch your arms in the front. When you feel impossible to roll it further or feel like falling, stop there. Try to come back to the initial position slowly.

The Pendulum

Lie straight on the floor, raise your legs while making an angle of 90 degrees. Without bending your legs, lower them to the right and try touching the floor. Now make the legs come to the upright position, repeat the same while lowering them to the left. Remember to keep it equal from the sides.

Hanging Knee Raises

Use an over-hand grip and allow your body to hang down straight with your feet together. Try curling your knees towards the chest, while keeping your legs together. Take a pause for a second during engaging your abs. Now straighten your legs and bring them back in the starting position.

Exercise Ball Pull-in

Start while keeping your shoulder over straight arms, directly over the wrists and the exercise ball must be under your shins. Try using your ab muscles and bring your knees to your chest, so that the ball roll towards your chest. Roll the ball towards you so that it ends up under the tops of your feet.

Hanging Leg Raise

Straighten your legs and pull your pelvis back a little bit. Now tense your core and uplift your legs till the time your thighs come perpendicular to your torso. Hold it and then come back to the starting position slowly.

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