the six best travel destinations for seniors n.
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The six best travel destinations for seniors - PowerPoint Presentation
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The six best travel destinations for seniors -

The six best travel destinations for seniors -

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The six best travel destinations for seniors -

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  1. TravelZOOM The six best travel destinations for seniors

  2. Anyone who has traveled a lot knows that certain holiday destinations are better suited for some age groups than others. There are some places that appeal to students - such as Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles or Berlin. Other destinations for adults include the Maldives, Machu Picchu or Seville. However, there are also destinations that have a certain charm especially for seniors, and for a good reason. If you belong to the group of seniors, then you will be particularly interested in destinations in Europe. Europe's cities offer a multitude of cultural attractions, such as museums, local markets, historic architecture and much, much more - literally on your doorstep.

  3. SpainSpain is one of the largest countries in Europe and a perennial favorite for travelers of all ages. Especially for older travelers, the warm climate and the civilized lifestyle are particularly attractive. "Spain is a combination of unique natural beauty and cultural attractions," says Patrick Isakovski, a 60-year-old Polish emigrant. With good air connections to and from Germany, Spain is one of the most popular destinations for Germans. Incidentally, there are many Germans in the Balearic Islands who feel more at home there than in Germany.

  4. PortugalMany older travelers prefer Portugal for its calm and relaxed way of life. Its beaches are relatively deserted compared to other European coasts. In Portugal you will find many good golf courses, celebrate traditional festivals and the colorful architecture and sights you should definitely have seen once. The cost of living is relatively low and you will not be ripped off, except perhaps at certain tourist attractions. Surprisingly, in Portugal you will often find younger people speaking English than in Spain. In the tourist area it is also possible to talk in German with experienced staff in the hotel, and so on.

  5. ItalyThe older we get, the more we tend to be fascinated by the story. No wonder that Italy is at the top of the list with such dazzling highlights as Venice, Florence or Pompei. As for the capital, it says, "See Rome and die" - and for most people, that is still true. Italy combines antiquity with the beautiful. If you have not yet visited the medieval treasures of Tuscany, marveled at the Coliseum or enjoyed the breathtaking view of the Sistine Chapel, it may be time to get up close and personal. However, other famous sights - such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome - attract quite a few visitors throughout the year, which is more of a disadvantage for stress-free travel. Be sure to,

  6. Great BritainLondon is always worth a visit, for those who have never visited the capital of Great Britain. We also recommend places such as the rugged beauty of Dartmoor or the Cairngorms, the gentle charm of the Cotswolds, the elegant Bath, to the medieval cities of York and Chester - Britain is really hard to beat for things you do can see and do. Anna Beeler, 65, from the USA certainly agrees. "There is almost everything in the UK. It's hard to keep track of all World Heritage sites, cathedrals, and royal palaces. English castles like Amberley Castle and Broomhall Castle in Scotland are fantastic. "

  7. JordanBeing gray haired and retired is no reason to visit unconventional or unusual destinations. One of the front runners is Jordan, a peaceful oasis in the Middle East with fabulous attractions like Old Petra and Wadi Rum (famous for Lawrence of Arabia). In the west, Jordan borders on the Dead Sea, known for its mineral benefits in skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is also claimed to have pain relieving properties. Jordan's good infrastructure and modern communications make it a largely stress-free holiday destination for older people, and it also benefits from a year-round good climate. English is the second language and is spoken by the majority of Jordanians.

  8. ThailandFor the taste of the exotic, Thailand is a league of its own. It is not for nothing that the country is known as the "Land of Smiles" - The welcome there is as warm as the climate. It is well established as a tourist destination, so you will find many people speaking English, in the most popular travel destinations but also German. Did we mention the food? Fresh, colorful and often very, very cheap, it is a highlight in itself. Thailand offers a double dose of natural beauty and heritage. Culture lovers will love the ancient temple cities and street markets. If you long for pure relaxation, then the many islands with their beautiful beaches and even hot springs are just the right holiday destinations for you. If you want to try something new, there are many ways to do it - from snorkeling to Diving and windsurfing to trekking. Make sure, however, that your travel insurance policy covers your chosen activities.