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Coomera storage secure self storage storageland pty ltd

Call us today 07 3801 8040

Call us today 07 3801 8040

Coomera Storage: Secure Self Storage - Storageland Pty. Ltd

Storageland’s clean modern Yatala self storage facility is just 10 minutes from Coomera along the M1

Pacific motorway. Make the trip you won’t be disappointed. We believe we have the best storage facility

in the area and our modern efficient facility means we won’t be beaten on price.

At Storageland we never ceased to be amazed at the wide

range of items we are asked to store. Certainly household

appliances are amongst the most common high value items

people store with us. Here are a few thoughts on how to

best store them so that they will be in tip top condition

when you retrieve them.

Refrigerators and Freezers

A refrigerator going in to self-storage needs to be emptied and then thoroughly cleaned inside. First

defrost the freezer. If it has an ice maker turn it off and be sure that any water is emptied from hoses.

Wipe the drawers and shelving and remove them. It is best to store and move them separately in a

clearly labeled box.

Clothes Dryers

Make sure that the inside of your dryer is wiped down and

the lint filter is cleaned thoroughly. Vacuum it if necessary.

Stop the drum from spinning by putting towels, rags or the

like around it. This will prevent it from spinning and ensures

the appliance stays balanced while the dryer is being

moved. Once again tape the door closed.

Coomera storage secure self storage storageland pty ltd

Washing Machines

Clean your washing machine by running a normal hot water wash cycle with some bleach added to the

water. Leave the door open and let the machine dry out completely. Be sure the water supply is off.

Remove the hoses at the tap connections then drain and dry them. The tub of the washing machine can

also be immobilized for easier moving with towels, rags, etc. Tape the door shut.

Some General Tips

Always unplug appliances before working on them or moving them.

All plugs, coiling, wiring, hoses, etc., should all be coiled and taped securely to the inside or outside

of the appliances, this avoids damaging plugs and leads and ensures they do not become a trip

hazard when you are moving them.

Many of the appliances will have dust on them. Vacuuming them first before washing them this

avoids making more of a mess than you have to.

If you have kept the original appliance box great! If not make sure any drawers or doors are taped

securely to avoid any mishaps while they’re being transported. Your appliances should be wrapped

in blankets or bubble wrap for extra protection. We have all the supplies you might need in our


Make sure to keep the owner manuals and instructions for large appliances in a clearly labeled box

to be found when the need for them arrives.

Think about how you move large appliances. They are often heavy and the weight is often unevenly

distributed. Think through your lifting, use trolleys where possible, do not strain and watch where

you place your hands to avoid cutting and trapping them.

Call Craig now to obtain further information. 3801 8040.


Corner Link & Darlington Drive,

Yatala, QLD 4207

Phone: 07 3801 8040


Unit Access: Daily 6am – 9pm

Office Hours:

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Sat & Sunday by appointment only