everything you need to know about malta the best island on earth n.
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Everything you need to know about Malta, the best island!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Everything you need to know about Malta, the best island!!

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Everything you need to know about Malta, the best island!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Malta can be a wonderful destination for people looking to come and get settled after retirement, because of its beautiful natural belongings and exciting climatic conditions. If you are looking to settle here, then Expats in Malta can be your best friend in this process.​For more information. visit us at : - http://www.expatsinmalta.com/

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Acquired by the Great Britain in 1814, Malta staunchly supported the UK through both world wars.It became independent in 1964.

With numerous bays provide good harbors, the country comprises an archipelago that includes the three islands (Malta, Ghawdex or Gozo, and Kemmuna or Comino).

azure window
Azure Window
  • A spectacular natural landmark in Dwejra, The Azure Window isRock is a giant doorway, through which one can admire the blue expanse beyond the cliff another, along with The Inland Sea and Fungus.
famous inland sea in malta
Famous Inland sea in Malta
  • Created millions of years ago when two limestone caves collapsed, The Inland Sea is an inland lagoon in Dwejra, and Dwejra Bay itself, which is linked to the sea via a 100 meter cave in the cliff.

the climate of this island is strongly influenced by the sea. With a pleasant sunny climate with a daily average of around 12 hours sunshine in summer going down to 5 to 6 hours in mid-winter, malta is truly a travelers paradise!!!

Even in winters, the weather is mild in Malta during with plenty of sunshine and temperatures usually 15ºC (59ºF) or above.

people all around the globe are moving here permanently after retirement from work as the island is gaining huge popularity for its natural beauty ..!!

for relocation or accommodation planning in malta
For relocation or accommodation planning in Malta.

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