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Why Are Healthy Debates Important During Education? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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As the world order stands today, good education has assumed a position of prime importance in the circles of the society. Read more.

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Why are healthy debates important during education



As the world order stands today, good education has assumed a position of prime importance in the

circles of the society. Of essence here is to realize that many people today confuse education with

literacy. Primarily, education is a wide sphere of awareness and knowledge of which literacy forms a

small part. People send their children to learning institutions not just for “Literacy”, but for

“Education”. One major aspect that education covers is the quality of independent opinion and the

strength and confidence needed to put it forth. This quality can be easily inculcated in your child

through having him actively participate in debate camps.

As your child courses through his years of mental foundation and faculty, he learns about the various

systems of expression and function that exist today. It is required that he be exposed to all these

systems, their pros and cons and status for him to be able to formulate his own thoughts about

them and give them shape. A debate camp on public affairs helps your child to stay abreast of the

scenario of the society he lives in. He gets a chance to express his own views and opinions, and

defends them in front of the very people he is acquainted with. In a democratic nation, this kind of

education helps your child to speak out in the face of injustice and unfairness with complete and

absolute objectivism.

Debating events of the nature of Model Congress instil in the students a sense of social responsibility

and collectivism. The topics vary widely, selected by prime institutions of the state, or by the

organizer itself. Such debates help the students to develop critical thinking, which in turn assists

them in generating their own idea of an ideal society. Listening to the opposition’s arguments and

contributing their own to it stimulates the brain of the students, forcing them to think analytically

for the common good. Defending one’s own standpoint without disrespecting the opposition is a

valuable lesson in the realm of diplomacy.

Another similar example of debating events is the Model United Nations. While the Model Congress

aims at informing the students about local and national issues, the Model United Nations focuses

more on global awareness. In the form of such events, an all-round knowledge pool for all the

debaters is prepared, invaluable in research and information delivery. Participation leaves at the

disposal of the candidates an indispensable opportunity to learn about various aspects of the same


Having your child participate in debating events exposes to him a world full of undiscovered skill of

communication and urges him to grasp the importance of free expression. It also teaches him the

ways of the world. For more information on debate camp, visit


Charlize Gordon is a trained professional associated with personality grooming training since eight

years. She believes that participation in activities where children and adults get to voice their

opinion help in building a confidence in social standings. She highly recommends in high spirits.