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Research Studies On Depression - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The disorders like depression and bipolar disorder are those conditions that attack the mood, thoughts and mind of a person. Read more.

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Research studies on depression

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The disorders like depression and bipolar disorder are those conditions that attack the mood, thoughts

and mind of a person. Depression can be dangerous that it can disturb your lifestyle badly and get in the

way of your daily and important activities like eating, sleeping, thinking patterns and your mood. It

should not be considered same as being unhappy or in a bad mood but it a sign of being weak and it

should be dealt with care as they are treatable. As per the Bipolar disorder research studies by New York

City, it is the type of condition that includes successive period of mood swings, disturbances, agitation

and energy. However, the treatment is possible and they can be effectively cured by proper medication,

routine therapy and many different treatments like brain stimulation and light treatment that are

dependent on the intensity of the disorder.

When going through such issues, patients must discuss regarding all the alternatives that they have and

what they must do concerning to their health before they start with any procedures. Most of the people

have a perception that if they will participate in any research study, they will be getting better treatment

for their problems. This can be true but it is very significant to make sure that the research is conducted

for the purpose of research and it must ensure effective treatment for the patient.

According to the Schizophrenia Research Studies of New York City, if you take active part in any study, it

actually does not ensure that the participant will be benefited in any practice of new or safe forms of

treatments. The contribution that you make after participating in any research study is firstly made for

the science and then to the patient concerned. The consultants and advisors do not suggest any kind of

particular treatment and medication to the patient; rather the physicians and the medical professionals

directly control it completely.

The Headache and the Depression Research studies conducted in New York City considers people

eligible to take active participation in the study of they belong to the age bracket of 18 to 65 years or if

they have been diagnosed with headache, depression or any bipolar disorder. They shall be suffering

from any major depression that would have lasted for more than a month but it should not be more

than a year. The study lasts almost for 9 weeks that comprises of screening period that is of 14 days,

which is later followed by a 6 week treatment period and 1 week follow up for safety insurance.

The criteria of exclusion include prior participation with any clinical trials that involves experimental as

well as research drugs that is continued for 6 months. Later, dissolution of psychotherapy therapy for

treatment of depression is conducted for 3 months. The period of treatment is continued for 6 weeks

where the participants will be given any kind of study drug or placebo. The main motive of the study is

to augment the understanding of disorder among the participants.

Research studies on depression

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SPRI Clinical Trials of Brooklyn was Founded in 1970 the Social Psychiatry Research Institute "SPRI" is

one of the leading research facilities in the country. They conduct clinical trials, drug studies, drug

testing, drug trials all one in the same at our medical facility.