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Social Studies Research Project:

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Social Studies Research Project: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pay close attention. This year I’m giving the final grade!. Social Studies Research Project:. Inventions of the Western Expansionism. Mrs. Toombs - Explanation Show Wild Wild West video Introduction. What Did You See? Helio plane

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Social Studies Research Project:

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Mrs. Toombs - Explanation

  • Show Wild Wild West video

gadgets from film

What Did You See?

    • Helio plane
    • Railroad train
    • Automotive ejection arms
    • Robots
    • Dryland farming of corn
    • List 3 GADGETS or Inventions
Gadgets from Film
inventions of the western expansionism
Inventions of the Western Expansionism
  • Sod Houses*
  • Barbed Wire*
  • Beef Cattle Raising
  • Railroad
  • Steel Plow*
  • Dry Farming*
  • Wheat Farming
  • Windmill

Links are in Mrs. Toombs’ Hand-Out Folder

check off sheet for research

Pick Out Your Invention

  • Select your Research sheet and follow the instructions for accessing the information needed in your research.
  • Find information on the following:
    • Year invented or year it became popular
    • Name of inventor
      • Dates of birth and death
      • Type of profession at the time of invention
      • Famous quote (find this after you write your essay)

c. Purpose of invention

    • 2 or 3 facts on how the invention affected the way of life for the residents of the Western Expansionism
Check-off Sheet for Research

Check-off Sheet for Research

e. Did this invention survive history?

  • Why is this invention still in existence?
  • How is this invention used today? Did it change from the past?
  • Can it be viewed as eco-friendly today? How?
  • Was it eco-friendly in the 19th Century? How is this so?

f. Did this invention die away with the passage of time?

  • Why did it not survive?
  • Was it eco-friendly? In what way?
  • What do we use today in the place of this invention or practice?
final product page 1
Final Product – Page 1

New and Improved

Hair Brush

Sabrina Carnesi

Toombs Core 3

September 22, 2010

final project page 2 3
Final Project - Page 2 & 3
  • How the invention works
  • Synthetic fibers instead of boar’s hair
  • Spacing between bristles for easy cleaning
  • Slots at base of brush and removable handle
  • Importance to the public
  • Slots at base allows space to catch impurities when brushing hair
  • Easier to clean
  • Quicker to dry allows for more frequent cleaning
  • Less expensive to purchase
  • Invention can be used for diverse hair grades

"The object of the invention is to provide a new and improved hair brush which is simple and durable in construction, very effective when in use, and arranged to permit of conveniently cleaning the brush whenever desired.“


Birth and Death Unknown

final project page 4
Final Project - Page 4


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"African American Women Inventors of the Early 20th-Century." Inventor of the Week

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