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Memory Loss A Menace - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Memory loss a menace Memory loss usually gets unnoticed as a disease mostly because the disease doesn’t show any clear side effects. Read more.

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Memory loss a menace Memory loss usually gets unnoticed as a disease mostly because the disease

doesn’t show any clear side effects. But in any case, the truth of the matter is that it influences a huge

number of individuals consistently worldwide. Moreover, there is no lot of memory loss happening

research studies happening in New York as well.

Although memory loss is usually associated with age loss but the latest memory loss research of New

York has established the decreased use of the cerebral faculties as the major reason for memory loss.

The symptoms of memory loss are very mundane, for example, you enter your room but can’t

remember where you kept your bag or phone. Although memory loss is not life killing but it can advance

into serious lifestyle disorders in later years of life. But, there is always a ray of hope, as researchers

suggest that activating the temporal lobe of the brain will help in boosting and reversing the damage.

The brain has a dual cortex, right and left. Each has a projection called the right and left temporal lobes

respectively. The right one is associated with retaining voice-intoned memories, incidents, and analysis

of the non-verbal data. While the left part of the brain is associated with the listed information, verbal

terminologies and monotone language. In case any portion of the brain is lagging, recalling any

memories linked to that part of the brain will dawdle.

But according to memory loss research of New York, not all types of memory lapses in our fast life can

be classified as significant memory loss. But you definitely need to look for telltale signs that indicate

that you are suffering from memory loss.

Below are some listed telltale signs that you should look within yourself to know whether you are

suffering from memory loss or not.

1. Pay attention to the type of information that is erasing gradually from your mind. Is it related to the

daily course of life, or marriage or where you have kept your money and phone…then it is high time you

saw a doctor.

2. One of the most prominent telltale sign is when your friends and relatives start commenting on your

repetitive forgetfulness.

3. Another sign, do you keep forgetting answers the questions that have been answered already? Let

us be more precise. Are you facing concentration problems, if yes, and then you are slowly approaching

towards memory loss.

4. If your friends are complaining your change behavioral pattern and you are not aware of the reason

behind that change. Then this might indicate an abrupt change in brain function.

Just by paying close attention to these telltale signs you can reverse the damage that is created by

memory loss. Early detection and proper medication can help you a lot. The sooner memory loss is

detected and consulted by a psychiatrist, the better it is.

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Moreover, the memory loss research studies of New York have also suggested that smelling peppermint

and cloves can help a lot. It activates the hippocampus and temporal lobe.

Hope this piece of information will prove to be useful if you think you are suffering from memory loss.


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