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Dealing With Depression With The Help Of Research Studies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dealing with depression with the help of research studies

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Depression doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone whether you are rich or poor, old or young anyone

can become a victim of depression. According to depression research studies of New York almost 20

millions of American suffers from depression and the value includes children below 18 years old as well.

The treatment for depression varies depending on the person and the type of depression. Although

there are several treatment plans that include yoga, therapies, and medication but half of the patients

with depression do not receive the right treatment.

There have been a lot of researches on the role of genetics, family history and the cause of depression.

But the causes of depression are not easy to pinpoint at. The latest depression research studies of New

York prove that only genetics and hormonal imbalance is not responsible for depression, there are other

reasons too. And the major reason behind that is the dysfunction of the controllers of the brain coupled

with stressful life events.

The symptoms of depression of include weight gain; lack of sleep several mood swings and much more.

But the depression research studies of New York state that with proper clinical trials one can fight this

menace. There are few and top clinical trials and medical professionals available if you choose to

participate in clinical trials of depression. The treatment along with the prescriptions could also be free if

you are willing to change your lifestyle and improve the quality of life.

There are many people who have benefited from the results of researches and you can also benefit from

it. So, don’t think instead go for it.