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Women and Golf

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Women and Golf

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  1. Women and Golf Presented by: Barbara Allan, CEO A national perspective

  2. How information was gathered • Random telephone survey among women who play golf once a month • 32 states are represented • Conducted in March 2005

  3. Who was interviewed • All play golf at least once a month, weather permitting • All have played golf at private country clubs • Nearly four in ten own a home in a residential golf and country club

  4. The typical women golfer is over 55 and has a $100,000+ income • 82% are over 45 years old and 59% are over 55 years old • 65% are college educated, with 23% holding advanced degrees • 22% have children under 18 years old living at home

  5. Over three-quarters consider themselves casual golfers

  6. Women support junior golf programs • Overall, half would like their club to allow parents time to play golf with their children • Among those with children at home, over eight in ten would like this opportunity • Over three-quarters feel their club is interested in including juniors in their golf program • Interestingly, golfers without children at home are more certain their club supports junior programs than golfers who have children at home

  7. Reducing costs and providing access are two ways to expand junior programs • Suggestions for strengthening junior programs: • Sponsor golf clubs in schools • Establish mentoring programs • Hold more junior tournaments with prizes • Hold father/son and mother/daughter tournaments • Provide juniors with used equipment • Designate a “junior pro” to provide instruction

  8. The home/golf course connection • 42% selected their residential golfing community based on the quality of the golf course • The selection of where to purchase was a joint decision for two-thirds, with 19% of the women being the primary decision maker • 62% indicated the golf course was equally or more important in the decision to purchase

  9. Women like challenging, but NOT too difficult courses • How women define difficult • Water hazards, not too many and not too wide “You have to cross the water to get to the second short and I waste a shot to lay up.” • Hills and sand traps, not an abundance of either “The course is long and hilly.” “There are quite a few sand traps and I find it difficult to get out.”

  10. What determines a female friendly golf course • Parity with men on the following: • Availability of tee times “Lets women play anytime they want.” • Supportive pro and staff “The pro takes as much interest in women’s leagues as they do in the men.” “A pro that is receptive to women playing on his course.” • Women’s tees “The main thing is the placement of the tees.” “Should have ball washers on the women’s tee.”

  11. One-third rate their locker room excellent, two in ten rate it fair or poor • Improvements women want to their locker rooms: • Casual sitting area • Locker room attendants • Shoe care services • More lockers • More showers

  12. Women seem more satisfied with their clubhouse than their golf course • The clubhouse is the central component in women’s involvement in the game of golf • Friendly and welcoming • “It feels like home” • Good place to socialize • Good place to eat • Know the staff • Clean • Well decorated, pretty • Well lit • Nice view

  13. Cleanliness and interior design are important in a comfortable clubhouse • Women who don’t feel comfortable cite the following: • Colors and décor too masculine • Not clean • Stark and barren • Not a casual atmosphere

  14. Women and men share similar goals regarding golf • Aspects of the game that are important to both • Feel comfortable at their club • Are known and recognized by members and staff • Place to meet their friends • Staff is helpful in getting them a game

  15. Changes women want that don’t impact the game • Clean restrooms on the course • Locker rooms on par with men’s • More social activities • Larger inventory of women’s merchandise in pro shop • More welcoming attitude by male staff

  16. Vacations at golf resorts are popular with women golfers • Those most likely to take a vacation at a golf resort are: • Women under 65 years old 48% • Women 65 years and over 31% • Serious women golfers 62% • Casual women golfers 40% • Live outside the Southeast 48% • Live in the Southeast 37%

  17. Female golf vacationers are not loyal to any resort • Over eight in ten like to try different resorts • Over three-quarters will stay on the golf resort

  18. What are female golf vacationers looking for • Important to over three-quarters: • Playability of golf course • Value for the money • Important to less than half: • Reputation • Availability of elegant dining • Spa services

  19. Contact Us SRA Research Group, Inc. 1001 North U.S. Highway One, Suite 310 Jupiter, FL 33477 www.sra-researchgroup.com Barbara Allan, CEO ballan@sra-researchgroup.com