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Until The Violence Stops Festival PowerPoint Presentation
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Until The Violence Stops Festival

Until The Violence Stops Festival

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Until The Violence Stops Festival

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  1. Until The Violence Stops Festival Help make Kentucky the safest place to live for women and girls! August 18-31, 2007

  2. What is UTVS? • The historic festival was held for the first time in June 2006 in New York City and was conceived by author and award winning playwright, Eve Ensler. • Ensler is the founder of V-DAY, a non-profit organization committed to ending violence against women and girls around the world. • The Festival is founded upon the core belief that education, inspiration, thought, and action can have a far reaching social and cultural impact. • 82% of the Festival attendees stated that being a part of the event made them want to take action to reduce violence against women and girls, according to the Rockefeller Foundation report.

  3. Why Kentucky? • Kentucky has a rich history of working to end violence against women and is a trailblazer for addressing the issue systemically. • It is this reason that the global organization, V-DAY chose Kentucky as a pilot state. • Kentucky will be a model for future Festivals including 3 that will take place in Paris, France; Denver, CO, and Providence, RI., in 2008. • Each city and county across Kentucky has the opportunity to make itself known as the safest place on earth for women and girls by organizing events for the two-week festival to take place August 18 through September 1, 2007.

  4. Morehead UTVS Festival Calendar Saturday, August 25: Community Writing and Drumming Workshop Monday, August 27: Statewide Tree Planting Ceremonies Imagine a World Without Violence Art Reception Tuesday, August 28: In Our Own Voices Event Community Self Defense Workshop Wednesday, August 29: MSU Self-Defense Class MSU Guest speaker Katie Koestner Thursday, August 30: MSU Film Festival Friday, August 31: Community Men’s Breakfast MSU Art / Writing Ceremony Present the “Quilt of Hope” to the D.O.V.E.S. Center Until The Violence Stops Kentucky

  5. There are many ways for everyone in the community to participate in this historic challenge! Some are on-going; some involve a one-time commitment; and some you can even do from home! Working together, we can end violence against women and girls!

  6. Fundraising Activities • The purpose of the fundraising activities is to raise money for the festival!! • Once the festival is over, any extra money raised will stay right here in the community and be donated to the D.O.V.E.S. center. • Some of the fundraising activities will include: April 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Men for Change Dinner Summer Community Picnic and Auction August Men Against Violence Breakfast If interested in assisting with these activities email: Farrah Curtis Diane Rodgers

  7. Promotions Committee • The purpose for the Promotions Committee is to promote the festival events as well as the fundraising events to student groups, community groups, local businesses and etc. to generate support and enthusiasm for the festival. • If interested in more information email: Campus/community promotions Sherrie Bennett Toni Hobbs Student Promotions Heather Johnson

  8. Film Festival Committee • The Film Festival Committee will showcase films written, directed and/or produced by women or films that focus on women’s issues. • They will showcase local and national film makers. • If interested in more information on this committee email: Ann Andaloro

  9. Writing/Art Committee The Writing/Art Committee will be soliciting poetry, prose and art addressing the issue of violence against women as well as addressing the ways to empower women and promote gender equality. The Writing/Art contest will be open to high school students, college students, and community members. • There will be an event to honor the winners as well as monetary prize for each category. • Participants art work will be displayed in the Imagine a World Without Violence Art Show. If interested in more information on this contest email: Sylvia Henneberg

  10. Imagine a World Without Violence Against Women and Girls Art Show All of the Morehead Community will be invited to participate in the Imagine a World Without Violence Art Show. The responses received will form the exhibition. The purpose of the art show is to make people think about the impact of violence against women and girls. For more information on this committee email: Christy Herring Violence Against Women by Bethany Lohmeyer

  11. In Our Own Voices • The music/performance committee will host an event celebrating performances honoring women. The performances could include live music, dance, theatre and slam poetry. • If interested in more information on this committee email: Jonese Franklin: Jaimie Ratliff:

  12. Drumming and Writing Towards a Healing PlaceCommunity Workshop Heal the cycle of violence against women The community drumming and writing workshop will encourage creative expression by having participants write from personal experiences. The day will culminate with a healing choreopoem written by the participants and a healing drum circle. For more information about this workshop email: Crystal Wilkinson

  13. “Quilt of Hope” Committee • The “Quilt of Hope” committee is working on a quilt to be displayed at the D.O.V.E.S. Center. • This committee is also working to create community wall hangings to be displayed during the festival as part of the Imagine a World Without Violence Art Show. • If interested in more information on this committee email: Vicky McCarty

  14. Statewide Tree-Planting Committee • The statewide Tree-planting Committee will honor women and girls who have been taken from our Commonwealth as a result of violence against them. • They will work with elementary students as well as the Morehead community to organize the statewide tree-planting ceremonies. • If interested in more information on this committee email: Samantha Masters

  15. Self-Defense Committee • The Self-Defense Committee will host workshops that will instruct individuals on what to do in order to prevent and guard against attempted assault. These workshops will help prepare individuals physically and mentally for confrontation of attempted assaults. • These workshops will be held in regional middle schools, MSU campus, MCTC-Rowan Campus and at the Carl Perkins Center. • If interested in more information on this committee email: Judy Carpenter

  16. Festival SupportIt is your community; help make it the safest place on Earth for women and girls! • As a contributor to this festival, you are letting Kentucky know that you support women and girls in this state and around the world. • No contribution is too small!

  17. CONTRIBUTION OPPORTUNITIES • YOU WILL contribute to the growth of Kentucky. The more we succeed with this event, the more our community prospers. By making Kentucky one of the safest places in the world we encourage companies, national events and individuals to move to the Bluegrass. More companies and better workers means a strong economy for the state. • YOU WILL Inspire, Educate and Inform. UTVS: Kentucky events will educate and inform the citizens of Kentucky about ending violence against women. • YOU WILL build lasting impressions. Visibility on event signage, and advertisements brings awareness to our community. • YOU WILL receive recognition. We value our contributors and we are proud to recognize their support and commitment. CONTRIBUTION LEVELS Festival Sponsorship Event Partnership Personal Partnership

  18. This Festival is founded upon the core belief that education, inspiration, thought and action can have a far reaching social and cultural impact. UTVS-Kentucky presents a two-week Festival filled with creative events to increase awareness, raise money, and revitalize the spirit of anti-violence against women. Festival Sponsorshipis an integral step in making this festival a reality. We are looking for incredible companies, organizations and individuals to provide much needed monetary support, donations, and resources to support the infrastructure of the festival. Event Partnershipare alliances with our community businesses and organizations to facilitate our various Festival events. It is through these partnerships that we will be able to make not only, each event, but the entire Festival a success. Event partnerships are special to us because we rely on your goods and services to help promote our event through various mediums. Personal Partnershipis through attendance at the events or through the opportunity to donate time, talents and money. We want everyone to feel connected to UTVS Kentucky!

  19. What does violence mean to you? Rape on College Campuses One in four college women surveyed are victims of rape or attempted rape * 85% of rapes on campus are acquaintance rapes Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth of school age in the United States often suffer daily harassment, abuse, and violence at the hands of their peers v•io•lence [vahy-uh-luhns] - noun 1. Rough or injurious behavior, force, action, violation, or treatment that may be physically, emotionally, or sexually abusive. 2. Abusive or unjust exercise of force or power. 3. Rough or immoderate vehemence, as of feeling or language. Only 6% of all sexual assaults are reported to the police.

  20. For additional information please email: Morehead UTVS Project Liaison Sherrie Bennett State UTVS Project Liaison LeTonia Jones