incident response parking management and maintenance management systems l.
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Incident Response, Parking Management, and Maintenance Management Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Incident Response, Parking Management, and Maintenance Management Systems

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Incident Response, Parking Management, and Maintenance Management Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Incident Response, Parking Management, and Maintenance Management Systems Incidents Could be anything, outhouses to Christmas trees Incidents in Washington Incident Management / Emergency Response Urban legend: 60 percent of delay is related to non-recurring congestion – incidents Solution:

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Could be anything, outhouses to Christmas trees

incident management emergency response
Incident Management / Emergency Response
  • Urban legend: 60 percent of delay is related to non-recurring congestion – incidents
  • Solution:
    • Identify and remove incidents
    • Speed removal by sending the correct equipment as quickly as possible
incident management
Incident Management
  • Incident detection
  • Incident verification
  • Incident response
  • Management
  • Motorist information
incident detection
Incident Detection
  • Now, primarily by cellular phone
    • Overwhelming 911 call centers
    • E-911 (location information)
  • Also
    • Traffic surveillance systems
    • CB radio
    • Motorist call boxes
motorist call boxes
Motorist Call Boxes
  • Used to be expensive, now easy to install because of cell service
incident verification
Incident Verification
  • Notification of an incident is not detection
  • Where is it really?
  • What is the problem?
  • Does it really exist?
incident verification10
Incident Verification
  • Usually requires visual confirmation
    • CCTV
    • Personal visit
      • Service patrol
      • Police
      • Airplane
      • Maintenance staff
incident verification response
Incident Verification - Response
  • Verification allows call out of response
  • The faster the proper response, the faster clearance takes place
incident response
Incident Response
  • Proper response requires an understanding of the incident
    • Basic assistance (gas / a push)
    • Tow truck
    • Large tow truck
    • Fire truck
    • EMT
    • Hazardous material spill recovery
    • Fatal accident investigation team (Police use technology to record and clear scene, e.g. photogrammerty)
incident response management
Incident Response - Management
  • Communications are key
    • Between respondents
    • Call for additional assistance
    • Coordination of efforts
  • Turf wars used to be a big issues
  • ITS provides many new cost effective communication options
incident management motorist information
Incident Management – Motorist Information
  • Motorist information is a big part of management
    • Routing information
      • Manage facility demand
      • Provide better travel alternatives to customers
      • Reduce frustration / poor driving behavior
    • Manage traveler expectations
motorist information
Motorist Information
  • Information needs to be delivered to customers
    • Radio
    • VMS / CMS
    • New electronic devices
    • Other
parking management
Parking Management
  • Maximize space utilization (if demand is not evenly distributed)
  • Reduce VMT caused by searching for a space
  • One estimate is up to 30% of urban traffic is “search traffic”
parking management24
Parking Management
  • Requires
    • Monitoring of space availability
    • Communication with drivers
    • Connection between monitor and communications
    • Funding to pay for the system
parking management25
Parking Management
  • Methods for monitoring space availability
    • Counting in/out movements
    • Checking individual space availability
  • Communication with motorists (guidance systems)
    • VMS / CMS (location?)
  • Reservation Systems
parking management26
Parking Management
  • Message Signs
    • Where do you place them?
      • At the garage
      • Prior to the garage
      • At decision points
    • What do they say?
      • Numbers versus directions
    • How do you update them?
    • When do they get updated?
parking technologies
Parking Technologies
  • Automated parking systems
    • Robopark
  • Electronic or wireless reservation/payment
    • Similar to electronic tolls
    • Use mobile phone or transponders
  • Advanced parking meters
    • Provide real time information if space is occupied
parking management28
Parking Management
  • Who pays for the system?
    • What’s the incentive to do this?
  • Who participates in the system?
  • Where are the benefits?
    • The public?
    • The private parking companies?
eu s e parking project
EU’s e-Parking Project
  • On-going European Union program
  • Uses wireless networks, cell phones, PDAs to:
    • Get advance information on parking space
    • Make a reservation
    • Open barrier at facility
    • Pay for service
  • Can all be completed in vehicle
smart parking at baltimore airport
Smart Parking at Baltimore Airport
  • Signs indicate number of free spaces
Ultrasound sensor checks each space for a vehicle. Green/Red light above space indicates if space available.
open stall
Open Stall

Changeable signs indicate spaces in rows

  • Space saving modular parking systems
  • Driver parks and pushes button
  • Car is automatically moved to a space
  • Use access card or code to retrieve car
seattle center parking
Seattle Center Parking
  • New system at three parking lots and garages
  • Loops at entrance/exit tally cars and determine occupancy
  • Linked to VMS signs on streets in area
maintenance management
Maintenance Management
  • Real time (predictive) knowledge of weather conditions
  • Real time knowledge of the position and status of assets
  • 22% of vehicle crashes in U.S. occur under adverse road weather conditions
snow control removal
Snow Control / Removal
  • Less expensive to prevent snow/ice accumulation than to remove it
  • Place anti-icing chemicals prior to ice formation
    • Only saves money if it actually snows / ices over
snow prediction
Snow Prediction
  • Requires extensive weather monitoring system
  • Must track micro-climates
  • Need forecasting capabilities
  • But can be save money
smart snowplow technologies
Smart Snowplow Technologies
  • Finding and staying on roads
    • GPS with accurate road database, magnetic paint strips, embedded magnetic markers
  • Detect hidden objects
    • Collision warning radar
  • Rear end collisions
    • Strobes
  • Driver fatigue
    • Devices designed with driver comfort in mind
  • Friction measurement (for performance info)
washington roadway weather forecasting
Washington Roadway Weather Forecasting

RWIS (Remote Weather Information Systems)

  • Linked stations from a number of agencies
    • Airport
    • Universities
    • Cities
    • Military Bases
    • On Ferries
  • 570 stations across state
forecasting grids resolutions
Forecasting Grids Resolutions

12 Kilometer

4 Kilometer

36 Kilometer

  • Automated Real Time Weather Information Systems
  • Used by WSDOT (not public) to manage weather related maintenance
  • Forecasts snow, road icing, etc