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Dark fiber networks in the Nordic countries

Dark fiber networks in the Nordic countries. Heino Radmer, Optical Network Architect 10. marts 2014. NorthernLight background and objectives. Move from a leased line to a dark fiber infrastructure Accommodate the future demands for capacity High-speed Internet Lambda circuits

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Dark fiber networks in the Nordic countries

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  1. Dark fiber networks in the Nordic countries Heino Radmer, Optical Network Architect 10. marts 2014

  2. NorthernLightbackground and objectives • Move from a leased line to a dark fiber infrastructure • Accommodate the future demands for capacity • High-speed Internet • Lambda circuits • Private light path services • Deployment of an Optical Exchange • Equipment - Cutting edge technology • LH/ULH DWDM • Channel count above 64 x 10G • 40G ready • Multi Service Transport Platform – Optical Exchange (NOX) • Handel circuit and packet based traffic • Targeting User Controlled Provisioning (UCLP) • Fulfill these requirements without a substantial budget increase.

  3. NORDIC fibre projects • Fibre distances • NORDUnet 4200+ Km (Completed) • SUNET 7300+ Km (Completed, Operated by NORDUnet) • FUNET 4300+ KM (Tendering) • Forskningsnettet 1500+ KM (Tendering) • UNINETT 7000+ KM (In Progress) • Rhnet Planned 2,5 Gbit/s Lambda connection • Sites: • NORDUnet 60+ (9 main sites) • SUNET 80+ • FUNET 60+ • Forskningsnettet 20+ • UNINETT 80+ • Rhnet Planned 2,5 Gbit/s Lambda connection

  4. The old NORDUnet • So what did NORDUnet look like before?

  5. Old leased line network

  6. NORDUnet - Suppliers The dark fiber network is provided by: Telenor Scandinavian Ring Finland Link Global Crossing Southern Cross The equipment is provided by: Alcatel-Lucent 1626 Light Manager ULH DWDM 1850 Transport Service Switch SDH/Sonet Ethernet CWDM and SH DWDM Juniper T640

  7. NORDUnet OPN Base network: • Ring structure Base equipment: • ULH ROADM • Q1 2008 WSS • 96x 10G Ch. • Add/drop 96 Ch. • 40G Ready Transponders: • C-band Tuneable • XFP

  8. NorthernLight

  9. NORDUnet IP Based on NorthernLight

  10. Network Operation Mgmt Network Stockholm NU-NOC Global Secure Access Copenhagen NORDUnet Office

  11. Alcatel-Lucent 135x Suite Used in NORDUfiber • 1354 RM – Network Manger • 1354 BM-Eth – Ethernet Manager • 1353 NM – Element Manager • 1359 IOO – North Bound Interface • 1359 HA – High Availability

  12. NOX – NothernLight Optical eXchange • New Name! • NorthernLight is now the optical network • NOX is the GOLE • Distributed • Connection points: Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen • Links: • n x 10 G to NetherLight (Amsterdam) • 1 x 10 G to MLight (Moscow) (October 1st 2007) • n x 10 G to GEANT • (2 x 2.5 G to RUNnet (St. Petersburg))

  13. NorthernLight Optical Exchange NOX Interfaces type • STM-1 to STM-256 • GE and 10 GE • OTU1, OTU2 and OTU3 Services • Protected & Unprotected • Over subscribed • VLAN • P2P • P2M Applications e.g. • NGDF • GLORIAD • Radio Telescope • Score • Acreo

  14. Optical Exchange – High level Features Ethernet • 10GE LAN/WAN - Optical • GE - Optical • 10/100/1000 - Electrical • ETH Traffic Classification • Complete Scope of Ethernet Features • SDH/Sonet • STM-1, 4, 16 & 64 • Cross-Connection • Termination • ETH Mapping over SDH • Complete Scope of SDH/Sonet Features • CWDM • Terminal, Hub, OADM Ring • Stacked C-WDM Rings • MSPP • CLI, SNMP and TL1 • 2007 GMPLS feature set 1850 TSS-320

  15. Optical Exchange/Northeren Light – 1850 TSS 100% Circuit 100% Packet Single platform addressing any transport need now and in a near future Carrier Ethernettransport model MSPP model SONET/SDH model Universal Switch Universal Switch Universal Switch WDMmodule TDM processing card Packet processing card Accommodates any traffix mix of circuits, packets and lambdas

  16. Multi-reach Platform LH/ULH up to 88 channels Add/drop 88 channels 50 GHz filter grid Long Haul Fully Reconfigurable OADM Automatic system alignment All interfaces are tuneable over the complete C-band 10G transponder STM-64 10GbE WAN & LAN 4x 2.5G transparent concentrator 40G transponder 4x 10G concentrator Embedded Optical Protection Raman Amplification 1626Light Manager: Day one Release Unified System • UNIQUE System • Same modules for OADM and ILA • Shelf • Amplifier

  17. NorthernLight NorthernLight Optical Backbone Current Connection to Iceland Cross Boarder Fibre Future Connection to Iceland Global Connectivity Future Cross Boarder Fibre

  18. Wavelength Selective Switches LH/ULH up to 88 channels Add/Drop 64 channels Enhanced functionality Tuneable filters Any mix of 50 and 100 GHz filters Long Haul: Fully Tuneable OADM Fully C band tunable interfaces over any interface 10 G Universal Transponder STM-64 10GE WAN & LAN 40G transponder PSBT (50 GHz - SH) DPSK (100 GHz – LH/ULH) 1626Light Manager Tuneable-OADM: 2008 GMPLS WSS 1:9

  19. Multi Domain Cross Layer Provisioning It is about controlling the Control plane just like PNNI for ATM • Hello protocol • Database Exchange protocol • Flooding protocol • Calculation of a logical channel connections • Hierarchical routing • Today’s General Control Plane • GMPLS • UCLP • NDL • Others

  20. GMPLS for Photonic NetworksProvisioning Soft Permanent Connection NMS Check Optical Pathfeasibility Set-up TDM-LSP (VC, ODU) Set-up Lambda-LSP RSVP-TE SDH or ODU Domain GMPLS OCh NE Photonic Domain OCh NE GMPLS OCh NE OCh NE OCh NE RSVP-TE SPC : Soft Permanent Connections LSP : Label Switched Path • The support of new photonic network architectures requires the introduction of a new management functionality within the photonic layer • GMPLS control plane, will introduce features based on UNI control plane signalling and centralized provisioning for • Link, Network and Service resources discovery • Soft Permanent Connection Set Up

  21. Multi Domain Cross Layer Provisioning- Case Study

  22. FUNET • A shortpresentation to theFinnishprogress • Slides provided by: Juha Oinonen, Development manager Funet network

  23. Funet - Finnish University and research NETwork High quality academic Internet services for Finland • Advanced services like IPv6 and IP multicast • Connectivity via NORDUnet to Geant2 and global academic network community • Up to 10Gbps connection speeds About 80 member organizations: • All Finnish universities (ca. 20) and polytechnics (ca. 30) • Public research institutions and other organizations close to higher education (ca. 30) • 350 000 end users

  24. Lambda Applications in Finland • Currently ongoing or identified • DEISA project (CSC) • Physics: Cern LHC OPN • Radioastronomy: Metsähovi observatory • Sodankylä satellite etc. facilities • Initiatives and plans • Network R&D activities (national/international) • New data intensive science projects/areas • Distributed ICT infrastructure • Mostly ”sub-lambda” capacity needs • …

  25. 4000 km fiber 20+ PoPs Option for 20 more Mesh/ring combination multiple 3-way PoPs To optimize cost, some leased lines needed for resiliency (not shown in the picture) Cross-border options Russia Estonia Sweden NORDUnet presence in Helsinki Roll-out in multiple phases Details to be defined Tammisaari Kajaani Sodankylä Kotka Rovaniemi Kokkola Kemi Oulu Vaasa Kuopio Seinäjoki Joensuu Jyväskylä Mikkeli Tampere Pori Lappeenranta Lahti Hämeenlinna Helsinki Turku Espoo Plans: Funet fiber topology (tentative) Polar Circle SUNET Funet ~500 km RUNnet Map accuracy +/- 50 km NORDUnet EEnet

  26. Status: Dark Fiber Procurement • 4 candidates • Open procedure • Fairly good availability • All university/polytechnic towns covered • Some last mile construction needed (for resiliency) • Mostly new (2000-) fiber • G.652, mostly underground • Price/quality ratio varies

  27. Status: Hardware procurement • Three vendors remaining • Negotiated procedure; initially 9 proposals • Open questions/work in progress • Final pricing • Technology roadmaps • Topology fine-tuning • Roll-out phasing • Support service details and preparation • Decision before end of 2007 • First phase implementation in 1H2008

  28. Questions and information • Juha.Oinonen@csc.fi • http://www.csc.fi/english/funet/ Please forward all remaining questions to:

  29. Forskningsnettet - FSKNET • Progress and status will be presented by Jan Ferré after the break.

  30. Fiber - requirements • Provider contractual bindings • Use of penalty system • Procedures towards provider • Provider education needed? • Building structure and limitations • Resilient structure • Education of staff • Handling of fiber • Basic knowledge • Measurements and materials

  31. Fiber - requirements • Fiber specifications • The Dark Fibre shall be specified according to ITU-T G.652 or ITU-T G.655. • For ITU-T G.655 the True Wave Classic shall not be accepted. • The attenuation at 1550 nm should not exceed 23 dB and shall not exceed 35 dB. • Seacable specs 23 dB and 26 dB • The dark fibre parameters of the installed cable shall during the whole contract period comply with the values in 1-7 below. The values include effects of possible future splicing, repair, aging, etc. • Attenuation at 1550 nm shall be less than 0.25 dB/kmand should be less than 0.22 dB/km. • Bend losses shall not be accepted. • Seasonal variations in the fibre parameter shall not be accepted. • Connector losses shall be less than 0.5 dB. • Reflection shall at any point be below -40 dB. • Chromatic Dispersion at 1550nm (CMD1550nm) shall be less than18.5 ps/nm/km. • Polarisation Mode Dispersion (PMDQ) shall be less than 0.50 ps/km and should be less than 0.20 ps/km. • Fiber span shall not exceed 80 km

  32. Fiber - provider problems • Only here to make money • Documentation

  33. Fiber - solutions • Measuring setup • Understanding

  34. Fiber – solutions continued • Procedures • Plenty of talking • Understanding • More talking….

  35. Status • Scandinavian Ring (fiber): Live • Finland Link (fiber): Live • Amsterdam Link (fiber): Live • Moscow Link (OC192): early October • London Link (OC192): in planning • (new) Iceland Link (OC48): in planning • (new) WIDE and CSC+NORDUnet possibilities for pan-continental connectivity

  36. Worth considering

  37. End Of PresentationQuestions…? Heino Radmer Optical Network Architect heino@nordu.net

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