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BP Southern Contractor Safety Forum

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BP Southern Contractor Safety Forum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BP Southern Contractor Safety Forum. Hilton Westchase – August 14, 2007. Contractor Safety Practices. What has your company done in the past year to improve its safety record?.

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BP Southern Contractor Safety Forum

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BP Southern Contractor Safety Forum

Hilton Westchase – August 14, 2007

contractor safety practices
Contractor Safety Practices

What has your company done in the past year to improve its safety record?


To meet the requirements of BP Pipelines’ Defensive Driving Course, we utilized the services of Alpine Fire & Safety here in Washington State.  They developed the PowerPoint presentation for Anvil and conducted the initial training session for 20 Anvil employees.  Our Safety Department has since trained additional employees using the presentation.  The original session was presented by an off-duty, veteran Washington State Officer.  Additionally, the officer prepared us to conduct the “behind the wheel” evaluation protocol for the course.

Anvil Corporation has nearly 450 engineers and designers in addition to our Nondestructive Examination and Visual Inspection group (known as “Technical Services”).  With many of our employees working at office work stations, we have increased our awareness ergonomic issues and the prevention of repetitive motion injuries by redesign of work stations.


Steps to improve safety record:

  • Increased the number of safety personnel.
  • Implemented a confined space rescue program to improve the safety of C&W Tank personnel as well as client personnel
  • Conducted proactive training classes to educate employees (ie. Defensive driving).
  • Formed an in-house training database system for management to access training records to better strategically place employees according to skills and knowledge
  • Participated in safety meetings offered through the Safety Council and client facilities
  • Implemented new safety equipment to make trucks operate safer (ie. auto shut-offs)
  • Increased starting wages to attract and maintain quality employees
  • Conducted post-project meetings to discuss situations or incidents, which can be prevented on future projects.
  • Increased our new-hire orientation program to include additional training
doty bros equipment co

In order to further develop the safety culture at Doty Bros. the actions we have recently taken include a stronger involvement with third party administrators at the company level vs. the corporate level, more attention to input from foremen, and an enhanced incentive program.


This year Dynamic Industries has fully implemented an IIF culture into its workforce.  Leadership training has been performed on all supervision and key personnel. 

enerpipe ltd
Enerpipe Ltd.

We have added some training programs in addition to our previous training matrix. Among those programs we have implemented a DOT compliance and training program to increase a more acceptable safe stat record with the Department of Transportation, increase driver awareness and to achieve an even better driver safety record than required by our clients. The outcome of the programs proficiency is yet to be proven due to its early stage, but expectations are high.

Thank you again for selecting Enerpipe Ltd.

environmental specialists inc
  • At Environmental Specialist Inc., and ESI Contracting Corp., we have made performing work safely a state of mind and a way of life. We are committed to building a culture of safety where everyone takes ownership of the safety for the job sites and participates as an integral safety team member.
  • Our successful Safety and Health Program is a result of committed participation from labor, subcontractors/suppliers, owner/client representatives and partnership focused on safe production. Our goal is to work with clients who share our commitment to providing the safest and healthiest work environment possible for our workers.
  • Promoting the safety and well-being of each employee.
  • Eliminating personal injury based on the belief that "injury free" projects can occur.
  • Encouraging recommendations for improvements to safety throughout the company and the project.
  • Establishing individual responsibility for the safety program on each project that reaches all levels including the workforce.

To help improve our safety record, Laney has implemented our newly established BBS program, where our motto is “People Protecting People”. The accountability of our employees and traceability of the new program has been tremendous in gauging our success for fewer accidents.


Our Corporate HSE Steering Committee has begun a quarterly review of our Core Processes to identify areas, in each division where we may need added focus to bring us to Best Practices status. We at Oceaneering are constantly striving to make our safety practices "World Class". We know we have made our industry a safer place to work.

bj process and pipeline services
BJ Process and Pipeline Services

BJ Process and Pipeline Services has not had an OSHA Recordable Incident since October 2004. This has been accomplished through a combination of an ongoing training program, a Behavior Based Safety Process (TARGET ZERO) program, implementation of a Journey Management Program, Leadership for Safety Excellence Program, Stop the Job Authority, and other internal Company programs. Most important is total employee buy-in to the safety process that has been instituted throughout the Company.


We always try to stress the importance of safety first and this year was no exception. We have increased the number of safety meetings in the office and have initiated audits of all safety paperwork that is submitted from the field. We have also increased the number of field safety audits by our project managers. We have always done annual safety awards; however, this year we introduced monthly safety awards as well.

The monthly safety awards are not only based upon performance like the annual safety awards, but they are also based on completing all required project safety documentation in a timely, accurate manner.   Our goal has always been safety first, and we always stress that to all our employees’ regardless if they work in the field or office.

t l lease service inc
T & L Lease Service Inc.
  • This year T&L Lease Service LTD has increased its Safety Department from one person to a total of 5 people.
  • By doing this we have:
  • Increased safety audits in the field
  • Increased safety visits to various sites
  • Heighten Safety awareness
  • Increased training of personnel

Currently Taylor & Hill, Inc. is utilizing hair follicle testing when processing new employees to strengthen the quality of our substance abuse program. We have also established quarterly meetings with all employees working at BP Texas City to enhance communications between our corporate management.

tex line texas
Tex-Line, Texas

We have stepped up our efforts to do job observations on our employees. We have also encouraged our employees to get involved doing these observations on each other. We also give out an award for the employee who turns in the most Job Observations for the quarter and these are given out each quarter during one of our safety meetings during the month. These job observations are in addition to Safety Audits that we already do on our employees.


Increased awareness of potential hazards in the work place by:

  • Safety Rewards
  • Job Scope Audits
  • Operator Qualification Training
  • Improved Safety Programs
  • Maintain steady work load

The Willbros Group, Inc. has instituted a Leading Indicator Statistics Analysis (LISA) tool as a proactive measure to reduce the number and severity of accidents.

This tool utilizes pre-task planning, hazard recognition and mitigation, manager walkabouts, and quarterly training assessments in order to proactively improve our safety record.