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Leinster Cricket Union

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Leinster Cricket Union
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Leinster Cricket Union

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  1. Leinster Cricket Union Strategic Plan 2008-2012

  2. Contents • Page 3 – Our Mission • Page 4 – Aims of the Strategic Plan • Page 5 – What do we want to achieve ? • Page 6 – How will we achieve it ? • Page 7 – Measuring our progress • Page 8 – Schools and Youth • Page 9 – The next level – 3rd level colleges. • Page 10 – Senior Men’s Cricket • Pages 11/12 – Junior Men’s Cricket • Page 13/14 – Women’s Cricket • Page 15 - Coaching • Page 16 – Umpiring and Scoring • Page 17 – Grounds • Page 18 - Finance • Pages 19/20 – Administration • Pages 21/23 - Appendix 1 – Grounds criteria • Page 24 – Appendix 2 – Technical & Communications (incl. PR/Media) • Page 25 – Appendix 3 – Criteria for ‘Senior’ status

  3. Playing Senior Men Junior Men Women Schools/Colleges/ Youth Our Mission To increase and enhance participation in cricket in Leinster at all age, and ability levels – and to promote excellence within all areas of the sport Grounds & Facilities Governance Finance Administration Media/PR Coaching & Coach Development Umpiring & Scoring

  4. What do we want to achieve ? • Improve the standard of cricket being played – with increased participation by Leinster players at the highest levels of all Irish cricket. • Maintain and grow the numbers participating at all levels of cricket • Increase the numbers of girls and women playing cricket • Make cricket attractive as a sport – and keep our players in the game • Improve the standards of grounds, facilities and equipment – and ensure that Leinster increases its ability to host top class cricket matches • Increase the number of grounds available for cricket in the Leinster area • Ensure that all officials – coaches, umpires, scorers and administrators – are trained and equipped to perform their duties at the required levels • Ensure that the LCU administers the sport throughout the province to the highest possible standard • Ensure that all sources of funding are fully utilised • Promote the sport of cricket through all available media outlets • Ensure that the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ is adhered to at all times

  5. How do we achieve it ? • There will be a continued emphasis on coaching of ‘elite’ players at Under Age and Senior levels – men and women. • Through the Schools and Youth branches we will expand the base for cricket throughout Leinster • Non-cricket areas will be targeted for development – with potential for the creation of new clubs, or expansion of numbers within existing clubs • Local Authorities and relevant funding agencies will be utilised where possible for financing of capital projects or ongoing coaching/development work – including the employment of additional Cricket Development Officers • All avenues will be investigated with a view to obtaining additional Ground resources – Local Authority parks/playing fields, schools & colleges etc. • The Coaching Association, and the Umpires & Scorers Association will provide training to maintain and improve standards in these disciplines • The Regulations of Senior and Junior cricket competitions will be reviewed – in consultation with clubs and players – to provide a range of competitions designed to promote high playing standards while ensuring retention of players in the sport. • Detailed advice and guidance will be offered to all clubs in relation to ground maintenance and improvement. • Guidelines for setting up and ongoing administration of clubs will be provided

  6. Measuring our Progress ? • The specific objectives and targets within this Plan will be assessed at the end of the 2009 season, and annually thereafter. • Objectives and targets may be revised in the light of such assessments.

  7. Playing Schools/ Youth Schools & Youth Targeted Growth • 2 new schools involved in summer coaching & Kwik cricket in each year. • 2 new Primary schools in Cup each year – and 1 new Secondary school in each competition in each year • Primary Schools’ league by 2012 • 1 new Youth team in each year of the Plan • Senior clubs to field a minimum of 1 boys team at all age levels by 2012. • Senior clubs to field a minimum of 1 girls team by 2012 • Girls U17 league by 2012 • Junior clubs to field a minimum of 1 youth team (boys or girls) by 2012 • An Assistant Cricket Development Officer to be in place by 2009

  8. Playing Colleges The next level….. • Increase 3rd level numbers by : • Expanding the Schools’ coaching programme to include colleges. • Seek to include College teams in LCU competitions – men & women – as appropriate. • Coordinate with IUCA to promote University cricket. • Work with the Colleges on ground development. • Promote developments in Umpiring and Scoring in University cricket – and appoint Umpires to Intervarsity matches Third Level/University Cricket Now - 1 Senior club & 2 Junior clubs affiliated to the LCU but there are 8 active clubs in Leinster.

  9. Playing Senior Men Senior Men’s Cricket • Top Senior Club players need a platform beyond club competitions. The LCU will actively pursue the reinstatement of an Inter Regional or Interprovincial competition. • Players with potential to develop in the game will be identified and progressed to playing in higher level competitions. • In conjunction with the Cricket Development Officer(s), and the Coaching Association, the introduction of Youth cricketers into Senior Cricket will be done in a structured and meaningful way to ensure the fullest development of the players concerned. • Senior clubs must commit to a structure which will ensure the best development of cricket in the LCU area as a whole. • In a bid to stem the loss of players from cricket after ‘Youth’ levels, the Senior Competitions Committee will review all Senior cricket regulations with a view to providing a variety of attractive competitions aimed at club players. This will include a review of start times and length of matches. • In conjunction with the other appropriate sub-committees (Grounds and Coaching), and the LCU&SA, the Senior Competitions Committee will work to ensure that Senior Cricket is played to the highest standard possible, on suitable pitches and outfields, and with qualified officials at all times. • The stated criteria for a club in Senior cricket to be met by all Senior clubs by 2012 (see Appendix 3)

  10. Playing Junior Men Junior Cricket NOW 14 Junior Clubs Target areas with no cricket – work with the CDO and coaches to run coaching clinics in these areas. Seek to start new clubs where possible. Promote cricket in local schools – host and/or help organise school competitions. 2012 ?? Grounds Committee to monitor all Junior club grounds – and provide advice on ground preparation, improvement and preservation

  11. Playing Junior Men Junior Cricket • Coaching clinics to be provided for Junior clubs to promote the development of player ability – in conjunction with the Junior Branch, and the Coaching Association • The Coaching Association will work with all Junior clubs to develop coaches – availing of courses at all appropriate levels. • Junior competition regulations will be reviewed – and feedback sought from all Junior clubs & teams – to ensure the cricket played is attractive – and designed to keep players in the sport. Maintain and Grow • By the 2010 season all Junior clubs should be able to return match results and details in ‘electronic’ format * • League tables and personal statistics will be made available on the LCU website. * • * See Appendix 2

  12. Playing Women’s Cricket

  13. Playing Women’s Cricket

  14. Coaching & Coach Development Coaching • The LCU Coaching Committee will aspire to run the following courses :- • Two Introductory courses each year • One Level 1 course each year • One Level 2 course every two years • There will be three ‘Refresher’ courses run each year – one out of season and two during the season. • The Coaching committee will continue in its commitment to provide high level coaching to all ‘Age’ and ‘Elite’ squads. Club Requirements • The LCU will encourage all constituent clubs to have members attend relevant coaching courses to comply with the club requirements. • All qualified coaches will be encouraged to coach at club level • Each club should have a coaching co-ordinator (preferably Level 2 or better) • Each club should have a 1st team coach, a Youth’s coach and a women’s coach – together with sufficient trained coaches available to coach all junior league players.

  15. Umpiring & Scoring Umpiring & Scoring • The Leinster Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association will be responsible for the administration, and training of all Umpires and Scorers in Leinster. • The LCU will encourage club players to become involved in Umpiring – both while playing, and as a long term extension of their cricket career. Particular emphasis will be placed on encouraging Senior standard players to become involved in umpiring, and achieve suitable qualifications – with a view to improving Regional and National umpiring standards. • The LCU&SA will provide elementary courses in at least 4 different centres each year for the primary benefit of current players and other interested persons in clubs. • Specific umpiring targets are : • To achieve and maintain at least 50 active umpires (2207 – 44 active umpires) • To achieve and maintain at least 900 appointments per season. (2007 – 803 appointments) • To achieve and maintain 100% coverage of Senior 2/3 matches (95% in 2007), and 50% coverage of Middle A/B (35% in 2007). • To increase the representative at ECC levels to 6 umpires on the ECC Representative panel and 2 umpires on the Elite panel (2007 – 3 umpires on the Representative panel). • To have all active umpires with a minimum GL6 qualification. • To have 15 qualified members of the ACO • To have 10 umpires with GL4 qualification, 10 with GL5 qualification and 15 with GL6 qualification. • All clubs must have a minimum of two Duckworth Lewis proficient scorers – with suitable computer equipment – to allow D/L to be used as required in Senior matches. • Clubs should encourage players to undertake scoring courses with a view to increasing the numbers of suitably qualified scorers available in Leinster.

  16. Grounds & Facilities Grounds • The Leinster Cricket Union is committed to the improvement of all cricket grounds in its area. • The LCU will seek to improve a minimum of 2 grounds (existing or new) to ODI standards • Minimum criteria for club grounds are set in the areas of: • Outfield • Square • Pitches • Scoreboards • Sightscreens • Ground Preparation • Ground Equipment • Clubhouse/Changing areas • These criteria recognise the importance of improving playing surfaces as a means of improving playing standards. • The Grounds Committee will ensure that these minimum criteria are upheld – while recognising the different circumstances relating to grounds used in Senior, Junior and School’s cricket. Some allowances will be made for clubs sharing a ground with other sports e.g. rugby, soccer, hockey. See Appendix 1

  17. Governance Finance Finance • The LCU will continue to exercise prudence in the administration of its financial affairs. The Finance Committee will review the Union’s financial position on a regular basis – with reports being made to the Executive at each Executive meeting. • Sponsorship – financial and material – will be sought both directly, and in liaison with the constituent clubs. In particular, emphasis will be placed on securing sponsors from outside the Cricket community. In support of this, all possible outlets for suitable publicity are to be explored and maximised. • The Finance Committee will assist clubs with advice on Grant aid from all available sources (Government Departments, Local Authorities etc) – and will provide assistance in the completion of applications for such funding. • The Finance Committee will ensure that clubs are advised of all funding opportunities, application closing dates etc. The LCU website will be utilised to provide information, and relevant contact ‘links’ as required. • Clubs should seek the assistance and expertise of Local Authority Sports Development Officers in completing applications for funding. • Clubs will be asked to liaise with the LCU in collating information regarding club development plans or initiatives as part of the overall development of the game in Leinster.

  18. Governance Administration Administration • The Executive will ensure that all Rules and Regulations of the LCU are adhered to at all times. • The Officers of the Union, and members of the Executive will act with a view to promoting and protecting the cause of the LCU, and towards the improvement of all areas of cricket within Leinster at all times. • There is to be regular and meaningful liaison with the Cricket Ireland Directorship in respect of all matters affecting the LCU and its constituent clubs. The conduit for this liaison to the Union’s ‘Directors’ of Cricket Ireland. • All Sub-Committees are to meet in accordance with the Rules – and to report to the Executive Committee. Such reporting will be by way of formal Minutes for circulation to the LCU Executive – and onward briefing to all Clubs by the Club representatives. The membership of non-specialist sub-committees will rotate on a regular basis – with no member to serve more than 3 consecutive years. • Clubs will be encouraged to play a full and active part in the running of the Union – both at Executive and sub-committee level. All representatives at Senior Executive are to ensure that all relevant issues are communicated to their Clubs, Branches or Associations in a timely and accurate fashion; with appropriate feedback/instructions sought. • The LCU Development Committee will work with the LCU Executive, its sub-committees, and the constituent Clubs, Branches and Associations to ensure that all areas of cricket in the province are improved on an ongoing basis. • All Clubs should comply with statutory requirements – including Child Protection, and Health & Safety. continued…….

  19. Governance Administration Administration • The LCU website will be kept up to date – and utilised to communicate information in a pro-active manner. • The LCU Executive, and the LCU Development Committee – together with the Clubs, Branches and Associations – will liaise with the PRO to ensure that cricket in Leinster receives all possible, and potential publicity. • The LCU Executive will ensure that the Officer, Branches and sub-committees as outlined below collate and maintain (annual review and updating) a Database comprising the following information: • Numbers of Male playing members per club (Hon. Secretary) • Numbers of Female playing members per club (Hon. Secretary) • Numbers of Youth playing members per club – detailed by age group and gender (Youth branch) • Numbers of Schoolboy/girls per school – detailed by age group and gender (Schools Committee) • Numbers of Qualified Coaches (names & contact details) – with indication of level and whether active. (Coaching committee) • Numbers of Qualified Umpires (names & contact details) – with indication of level and whether active. (LCU&SA). • Numbers of Qualified and/or Practising Scorers (names & contact details) – with indication of qualification (if applicable), whether active and at what levels (LCU&SA) (All relevant Data Protection regulations will be complied with in the collation and retention of the information).

  20. Grounds & Facilities Appendix 1 – Grounds Minimum Criteria • Square • Must be in good condition, and well maintained • Worn ends from previous matches must be repaired before each match • Facilities for watering the square must be available. • Pitch • Pitch must be clearly distinguishable from the remainder of square. • Pitch must be prepared in accordance with LCU Grounds Committee guidelines. • Pitch markings must meet Laws of Cricket guidelines. • Resources must be available for brushing, remarking and rolling during the interval between innings. • Pitch should give a true and predictable bounce, and not produce excessive seam movement or spin. • Outfield • Must be well maintained and properly drained. • Balls should be able to run true and the outfield should be free from holes or any obstructions that might pose a hazard to fielders. • Grass on the outfield should be closely mown and all grass cuttings removed. • Boundary • Boundary must be clearly marked by a rope or white line. • Boundary rope (if used) should be at 1 inch diameter. • If a suitable rope is not used the boundary must be clearly marked by a white line and markers set approximately 20 yards apart. …….continued

  21. Grounds & Facilities Appendix 1 – Grounds Minimum Criteria Sightscreens • Sightscreens of sufficient height and width must be available at both ends. Cloth or canvas screens are acceptable. • Sightscreens must be easily portable, if movement is required for different bowling actions. Scoreboard/Score box • At a minimum, scoreboard must show Total, Wickets, Overs, Individual Bowler’s Overs, First Innings Total, Individual Batmen’s scores. The numbers should be easily accessible, simple to operate and in full working order. • The details on the scoreboard should be readable from at least 90% of the playing area. • Where feasible, clubs should install an electronic scoreboard • The score box must be clean, reasonably comfortable with adequate chairs and tables and offer full protection from the weather. Covers • Wheeled covers which are easily portable and have watertight joins and long hoses are desirable. • Where wheeled covers are not in place, lay flat sheets/tarpaulins will be allowed. • Lay flat covers should be designed to suit the covering of cricket pitches and be easily moved during games. • Covers should be large enough to cover at least 7o feet x 12 feet. • Extra covers must be in place to cover at least 2 more pitches on both sides of the match pitch, and at least 50 feet of both run-ups. …….continued

  22. Grounds & Facilities Appendix 1 – Grounds Minimum Criteria Equipment • A good quality cylinder mower must be used to cut the pitch and the square. • A good quality cylinder mower must be used to cut the outfield. • A 2-3 cwt roller must be available • A 1.5 – 2.5 ton roller must be available. • A ‘Water Hog’ must be available. • Spiker, Scarifier, Fertiliser Spreader, True Lute and all hand tools are required. Practice Area • Two good turf or non-turf pitches should be available. Clubhouse • Dressing rooms should be of adequate size and provide security for clothing, valuables and equipment. • Showers must be clean and hygienic – and conveniently located for players and umpires. • Dressing room and clubhouse toilets must be clean and hygienic with washing and hand drying facilities. • The Umpires’ room should be of a similar standard as the players. • A First-Aid kit must be available at all times. • A bell should be available to the Umpires to start all sessions. • The general surrounds of the clubhouse and grounds should be well maintained and in good condition.

  23. Governance Media/PR Appendix 2 – Technical/Communications • All Clubs to submit Starring Lists, and match result cards via electronic means by 2010 • The LCU website to be kept up to date – with results and league tables for all Divisions to be posted on a regular basis • Clubs to be encouraged to set up and maintain their own websites – and to provide content for the LCU website as appropriate • Clubs to utilise all local media (Local Radio/Local newspapers etc) in an effort to publicise and promote the sport of cricket within their area

  24. Playing Senior Club Appendix 3 - Criteria for Clubs in Senior Men’s Cricket • Minimum of THREE adult men’s teams and ONE women’s team. • Minimum of TWO Youth teams – one of which to be a girls’ team. • The club ground – pitch and outfield – must be of a standard satisfactory to the LCU Grounds Committee. The club must have appropriate ground equipment to maintain the grounds in a satisfactory condition. Suitable sightscreens and scoreboard must be available* • The club’s facilities – pavilion/changing rooms – must be of a satisfactory standard* • The club must satisfy the LCU that it has an appropriate administrative structure in place – and that all Regulatory requirements are met. *See Appendix 1 for Grounds criteria.