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1. Safety

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1. Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1. Safety. Knives should be locked up when you live with other kids. You can get bashed if not joining in with high risk activities. I lived with carers who were drug dealers. Everyone has rights - we should know what our rights are. 2. Participation in decisions.

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Presentation Transcript
carers can t know what is best for you

Carers can’t know what is best for you

unless you voice your opinion

i want to see my family

I want to see my family

I should be able to see my family

normal kids live with their family they don t wake up with a stranger living in the next room

Normal kids live with their family…They don’t wake up with a stranger living in the next room.

it s hard

It’s hard ….

others look down on me because I’m in care

dhs should pay for what we need

DHS should pay for what we need…

like MET tickets to get to school

… because they are our parents

we need help support with

We need help/support with



& work

kids in care mature faster

Kids in care mature faster

… they have to for survival

i want to learn

I want to learn

how to budget

how to cook

when my caseworker told me i was now on my own

When my caseworker told me I was now on my own

I felt like a broken toy kicked to the side

we should have transition workers

We should have Transition Workers

and “leaving care” packs

we need to know about services

We need to know about services


Help with budgets


Job Network

Somewhere to live