Achieving World-Class Safety Performance in a Multi-Cultural Environment
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Achieving World-Class Safety Performance in a Multi-Cultural Environment. Presented by: ’Dapo Oguntoyinbo Corporate HSE Manager Petroleum Development Oman. Contents Safety (HSE) Challenges in PDO Generic Causes of Incidents Four Pillars of World-Class Safety Performance HSE Leadership

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Achieving World-Class Safety Performance in a Multi-Cultural Environment

Presented by:

’Dapo Oguntoyinbo

Corporate HSE Manager

Petroleum Development Oman

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Contents Environment

  • Safety (HSE) Challenges in PDO

  • Generic Causes of Incidents

  • Four Pillars of World-Class Safety Performance

    • HSE Leadership

    • HSE Management System

    • Workforce Engagement

    • Accountability for HSE

  • Challenges ahead

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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HSE Challenges in PDO Environment

  • 4,000 PDO Staff & 16,000 Contractor workforce (60mln mhrs)

  • 90% of PDO/Contractor workforce live/work in the interior

  • Multi-Cultural/Language workforce, varying literacy levels

  • PDO has over 100 oil/gas fields, 2,500+ wells drilled to date

  • PDO & Contractors drive 120 Million Km per year on business

  • Approximately 12,750 drivers, 7,000 vehicles

  • Maintain over 6,000Km graded roads, 500Km black-top/asphalt

  • In 1999, PDO achieved its best Safety performance to date:

    • 70 days &10 million hours worked without an LTI

    • No Fatality

    • LTIF of 0.37 per million hours worked

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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PDO & Contractors drive Environment120 Million Km per year average; i.e. travel round the world 3,000 times a year (8 times round the world every day !!!)

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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PDO & Contractors HSE Performance 1986 - 2002 Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Historical Trend in Safety Environment


Engineering Systems:

Hardware issues to engineer out hazards

Management Systems: develop procedures, etc. to control hazards

Focus on People:

empowerment and

conviction to work



6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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The Causes of Injuries Environment


Lost Time Injuries

Medical Treatment

First-aid Cases

  • Unsafe acts & Unsafe conditions

  • 96% / 4 %

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Generic Underlying Causes of Incidents Environment

  • Lack of Effective Supervision (competence)

  • Inadequate Hazard Awareness (competence)

  • Not Following Basic Rules (compliance)

This has led to:

Compliance, Competence, Supervision and Road Safety being key themes for annual HSE Plans

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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The Incident Triangle Environment

One fatality----------------------

100 Lost Time Incidents---

1000 Non LTI’s-----------

10,000 Near Misses---

100,000 Unsafe Acts-

Over 96% of Incidents are caused by People

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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What is PDO doing to achieve world-class HSE Performance? Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Achieving world-class Safety Performance via Focus on People Environment

World Class Safety Performance

Development and Implementation of

HSE Management System

Workforce Engagement - Winning Hearts and Minds

Leadership and Commitment

Accountability for Safety -

Consequence Management

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Leadership & Commitment Environment

  • Safety (HSE) is Priority Number One

  • Visibility: participation in Joint Management HSE Inspections

  • Involvement: HSE on meeting agenda, ELT sessions

  • Target setting: T&T, staff appraisal to include HSE aspects

  • Improving HSE Culture: “walking the talk”, empowerment

  • Participation in Incident Investigation & Review

  • MD Incident Review, with Contractor CEO, for High Potential Incidents & Poor Performing Contractors

  • Annual CEO HSE Conference

  • Site Management support for HSE Initiatives/Circles

  • Use HSE Positions to develop high calibre staff

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Joint Management HSE Inspections EnvironmentDemonstrating HSE Leadership

Highlights of 2002 Performance

  • Participation by 22 CEO’s and 10 PDO Directors

  • 27 Joint Mgt HSE Inspections: Actual vs Planned 90%

  • Inspections were well received by PDO and Contractor staff

  • Presented opportunity for cross learning across organisations.

    Focus for 2003 and beyond

  • Continue Joint Management HSE Inspections

  • Forum to share feedback from Inspections

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Feedback to CEOs Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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6 Environmentth ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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HSE Management System: what is its Objective ? Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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6 Environmentth ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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HSE Management System Environment


  • Manage hazards & effects to H,S & E in a structured way

  • Set performance standards for managing HSE

  • Continuous improvement via monitoring, reviews and audits

    Improving workforce understanding of HSE-MS:

  • Link Hazard Management to Activity

  • Understanding “What it means to Me”

  • Define Requirements for 3 levels of workforce (i.e. Manager, Supervisor and Staff)

  • Develop Module for Self-Assessment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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PDO HSE Management System Environment

Leadership and Commitment

Policy and Strategic Objectives

Organisation, Responsibilities

Standards, Procedures and

Document Control

Hazards and Effects

Management Process







Management Review

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Challenges of Workforce Engagement in a Multi-Cultural Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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EnvironmentSafety Propulsion” Projects in PDO since 2001

  • Road Safety: Drive-to-Survive

  • Competency of HSE Advisors

  • Enhanced Site Supervision (ESS)

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Workforce Engagement Environment

  • ESS workshops to improve hazard awareness & supervision

  • Working Safely for the workforce at shop-floor level

  • Use of Pictorial Prompt Cards (effective communication)

  • Safety Circles/Fora (e.g. No-LTI Clubs, ESS Champions, etc)

  • Performance Review & Dissemination of Lessons

  • Enhanced use of STOP

  • HSE Advisers Competency Programme

  • Contract Holdership Certification Scheme

  • HSE Skills Portfolio for HSE and Key Line Staff (PDO)

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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ESS Workshops & Coaching Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Q1 Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Q2 Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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2003 Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

Pdo contractors road safety performance l.jpg
PDO & EnvironmentContractors: Road Safety Performance

Road Traffic Accidents per Million Km driven



6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

Pdo contractors road safety performance28 l.jpg
PDO & Contractors: Road Safety Performance Environment

Rollovers per Million Km driven: Reduction



6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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No Environment




Improved HSE Culture (Proactive): No LTI Club


Strong Site HSE Awareness and Supervision via ESS, WS, STOP, etc.

100 LTIs

Site Management HSE Leadership, e.g. via Support for ESS, HSE Advisers Networking, etc.

1,000 Non-LTIs


10,000 Near Misses

Positive HSE Climate created by top Management (HSE is Priority No. 1)

100,000 Unsafe Acts

Target-Zero: No Injuries

The Incident Triangle

HSE Management Triangle

LEGEND: A = Levels covered by HSE Leadership, e.g. Joint Mgt HSE Insp., Site Management Support

B = Levels covered by ESS, Working Safely Workshops, Safety Circles/Forum

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Target Zero in PDO Environment

LTIF versus Fatality frequency over the years

LTI frequency (LTI/million hrs)



Fatality frequency (Fatalities per million hrs)

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Accountability for HSE Environment

… the next step

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

Hse management system l.jpg

Barriers Environment

or Controls









HSE Management System


6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Accountability for HSE Environment

  • Main Thrusts

  • Aim to protect health and safety of workers.

  • Staff are to be held accountable for actions that can lead to high potential incident or fatality based on past experience.

  • Deliberately breaking rules is worse than breaking rules out of


  • Same Framework for PDO and Contractors, via Industry Forum (OPAL) and Govt.

  • In certain cases management discretion will be exercised following

    incident investigation.

A full investigation must be completed, and proven case of deliberate misconduct made before application of rules

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Accountability for HSE: Risk Matrix Environment













List of HSE issues addressed and their risk rating

1- Competence - Failure to attend Mandatory HSE Courses; 3D

2- Compliance - Failure to follow mandatory HSE Procedures;4E

3- Interfering with the Integrity of Safety Devices; 4C

4- Driving under the influence of Alcohol; 5C

5- Not using seat belts; 4D

6- Driving without PDO license; 4C

7- Using GSM whilst driving; 2E

8- Not obeying applicable speed limits; 4E

9- Driving a vehicle without a valid RAS sticker; 4C

10- Failure to apply safe journey management plans; 4E

11- Failure to follow night driving policy; 4D

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Accountability for HSE Framework Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Q3 Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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Challenges Ahead Environment

  • In a multi-cultural environment, “Accountability for HSE” may be perceived negatively (blame culture)

  • Framework presented and accepted by Industry Forum, OPAL.

  • Industry Forum engagement ongoing with Government to obtain support for “Accountability for HSE” Framework

  • Implementation ONLY after effective “Workforce Engagement”

  • Roll out to concentrate on positive aspects of the scheme

  • Workforce HSE Culture can be significant consideration

  • Goal: Convince and Empower the workforce to work SAFELY

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain

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If you were in this boat, what would you do ? Environment

6th ASSE-ME Conference Bahrain