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Building World Class Environment

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Building World Class Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building World Class Environment. Academy at Larragoite and SF County Facility High Expectations for All! August 12, 2014. Who is Responsible for Making Schools Effective?. Complete K-W-L chart Read article independently Table talk with table Thoughts?. NM Teach. NM Domains 1-4.

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building world class environment

Building World Class Environment

Academy at Larragoiteand SF County Facility

High Expectations for All!

August 12, 2014

who is responsible for making schools effective
Who is Responsible for Making Schools Effective?
  • Complete K-W-L chart
  • Read article independently
  • Table talk with table
  • Thoughts?
nm domains 1 4
NM Domains 1-4
  • Domain 1 (Planning and Preparation)
  • Domain 2 (Creating an Environment for Learning)
  • Domain 3 (Teaching for Learning)
  • Domain 4 (Professionalism)
  • Review domains 1 through 4 as a table.
  • List examples of what could be included in Wikispaceto support students academically.
  • Through the eyes of a child
    • Describe what you see in the picture.
    • What perceptions do you have about what this individual needs?
    • How will you support their needs?
    • What else can you share about this individual?
  • How can you know if you are meeting the needs of a student if you do not know them?
  • What ways can you engage students to better support and educate them?
  • Why is getting to know students vital to their education?
building positive relationships with students
Building positive relationships with students
  • We all want to feel cared for and valued by the significant people in our world. Students are no different.
  • Through the eyes of your picture (age and time) you told a story from your perspective.
  • Is this enough for a student?
  • What can we provide?
why mentoring class
Why Mentoring Class?
  • Mentors help keep students in school.
  • Students who meet regularly with their mentors are 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and 37% less likely to skip a class.
  • Mentors help with homework and can improve their mentees’ academic skills.
  • Mentors help young people set career goals and start taking steps to realize them.
mentoring class logistics
Mentoring Class Logistics
  • Second and fourth Wednesday.
  • Lesson plans due the Monday of Mentoring Week.
  • ILP’s have to be completed for mentoring students.
  • Folder kept and meetings with mentoring parents.
  • Focus should include: attendance, progress towards graduation, career and college readiness, advisement, and relationship building.
  • First period will be your mentoring class.
  • Should review with first period on the first day of school all items in folder.
  • Folder stays with mentor teacher and items to go with students go.
  • Mentoring starts September 10 and is the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.
  • Mentoring should include:
    • Attendance forms and meetings
    • Edgenuity contract
    • Grade Analysis
    • ILP monitoring
    • Parent/Student /Teacher meetings
    • Progress Toward Graduation monitoring
    • Weekly progress of students
  • Mentoring might include:
    • Reading High School Years and other critical handouts
    • Career and College information
    • Inventory Surveys
    • Fun learning activities
  • Mentoring at a glance schedule:
individual learning plan ilp
Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
  • Individual Learning Plan Activity
  • What did you discover about the student?
  • What else do you need to know?
  • How will you find that information?
  • What goals would you set for this student?
exit slip
Exit Slip
  • List “3 Glows” and “1 Grow” for yourself as a teacher.