seo changes you should consider for the future n.
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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation PowerPoint Presentation
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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

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  1. SEO Changes You Should Consider for the Future

  2. Last year search engine optimisation of websites changed. In the past you could make significant changes in your ranking by focusing on massive amounts of backlinks to your site. SEO was simple. You just acquired high numbers of links preferably with good Google PR to make the links more valuable. It was primarily a numbers game based on link quantity weighted by link quality. • Today if you try to get massive numbers of links, using automated tools and blog farms, you will not see your site climb in rankings. You are more likely to see your site drop in rankings or even be removed from the indexes by Google for attempting to manipulate search results. What do you need to do differently now?

  3. Your new SEO plan must include a focus on quality above all other factors. You need to focus on having the best quality content on your sites and on every property your build for linking purposes. You need to build links from sites that provide quality information to readers, too. When you build links, or work with a search engine optimisation company, make sure everyone builds links from high quality sites. This builds greater trust with Google increasing your sites authority, PageRank, and search engine rankings.

  4. The next factor to be keenly aware of is link diversity. Many site owners focused on only one type of link in the past and had great success. They used blog comments, social bookmarks, blog networks, or profile links using automated systems and were able to leap past their competition. Now Google and other search engines watch for link diversity. They expect to see a natural appearing mix of links coming from many different types of sites. You need links from blogs, videos, documents, social media, and other sources to have a well-rounded backlink portfolio that works.

  5. What else do we recommend? You need to become highly engaged with your readers through social media outlets. Social proof is moving from a low impact ranking signal to a highly significant signal. You can listen to the voices from Google telling you it is not a major factor, but you had better not ignore it. Social media links and comments about your site are votes from real people saying your site is important. A more important fact is some of these people start linking to your site from their own blogs, videos, and social media profiles increasing your link quantity, quality, and diversity even further. Social media is the seeding ground to make a huge impact on your future SEO efforts.

  6. Our final suggestion concerns time. Creating the high diversity high quality link profile you need for SEO success takes time. This is when engaging with a quality SEO partner makes sense. They can assist you in creating profiles, getting initial content up and running, and putting all the pieces in place for you to build an incredibly effective system for reaching new readers and bringing real customers to your site.