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Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engine Optimisation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Search Engine Optimisation . What is SEO ?. Search engine optimisation Way to optimise your web-site to increase your page rank in SE. Page rank. Rank 1. Rank 2. …. You shouldn’t care about SEO if you are:. Google Microsoft Apple Wikipedia Facebook World of Warcraft.

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what is seo
Whatis SEO ?
  • Searchengine optimisation
  • Way to optimise your web-site to increaseyour page rank in SE
page rank
Page rank

Rank 1

Rank 2

you shouldn t care about seo if you are
You shouldn’t care about SEO if you are:
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Wikipedia
  • Facebook
  • World of Warcraft
you should care about seo if
You should care about SEO if:
  • You’re not one of previous web-site
  • Your not facing one of the previous web-site.
  • You want more people to visit your site.
  • Your business depends on the number of visitors
how do a search engine see your site
How do a search engine see your site ?

Is your web-page this one ?

Google sees this one

different methods
Different methods
  • “White hat SEO”: make the site better ranked without attempting to manipulate the search engine
  • “Black hat SEO”: fool the search engine into ranking your site better.
white hat seo
White hat SEO
  • Long term project.
  • Might not allow you to become top ranked.
  • Totally safe.
black hat seo
Black hat SEO
  • Faster and more efficient.
  • Perfectly legal.
  • When the search engine will discover this, you will get unranked.
use some tools
Use sometools:

Useful Firefox Pluggins to check stats:

  • SeoQuake
  • Live HTTP Headers
  • Google Toolbar
main points
Main points
  • Choose your keywords
  • Be sure to be readable
  • Search engine love
  • Blended search
  • Writing Great Copy
  • Building links
  • Analyzing results
choose your keywords
Choose your keywords
  • What keyword do you want for your website ?
  • What keyword would use a customer looking for your website ?
choose your keywords1
Choose your keywords
  • Use the right tools:

(monthly fees)


(Advert keywords, may not be relevant for web sites)

seize new trends
Seize new trends
  • Use the latest trends to get relevance:

(USA trends only)

test and monitor
Test and monitor
  • Test your keywords thanks to PPC marketing
  • Keep a track of your keywords
seize new trends1
Seize new trends
  • See the trends in a specific place at a specific date:

use your brain
Use your brain
  • Websites and software can’t be exhaustive coming to language.
  • Find keywords your competitors do not use
  • Check the ones your competitors use
be sure to be readable
Be sure to bereadable
  • Don’t tell search engine not to search:
  • <meta name=“robots” content=“noindex,nofollow”>
  • Robot.txt file containing
  • Disallow: /
be sure to be readable1
Be sure to bereadable
  • Avoid registration form
  • Avoid login form
  • SE can’tfillthem !
  • Provide a way to each of your pages
be sure to be readable2
Be sure to bereadable
  • Avoid JavaScript
  • Avoid Flash even more
  • Be sure to use a single links for each page:
search engine love
Search engine love
  • Still no Flash and no registration!
  • The most relevant information the nearest from the index:
    • Deep linking
    • Hub pages and clusters:
search engine love1
Searchengine love
  • Don't move your content, or old links from SE will become useless -> "False" archives
  • Keywords in URL
search engine love2
Searchengine love
  • Semantics: code a great html, using the best tags (h1, title...) -> respect the rules of the W3C !
search engine love3
Searchengine love
  • TrustRank: trust is measured by SE. To improve it, be a old trustworthy site and do NOT link to untrustworthy sites
blended search
Blended search
  • Universal search = Blended search -> Search not only for websites on general search, but also for products, news, images...
  • Submit product feeds to the principal search engine
  • Almost professional press release to appear in the news
blended search1
Blended search
  • Image: Powerful tool, but hard to use. Use original, high-quality one, with a keyword-rich name and the content around optimised for the image subject
  • Video: same things ! -> you can also try posting it on Youtube instead of your own site
  • Optimize on local search -> Get (positive) reviews from your customers on Google Local, have a very good contact page
writing great copy
Writing Great Copy
  • Text is everything for search engine (and for your visitors)
  • Avoid to overuse the most common words on the internet (a, in, about...)
  • Keep it simple
writing great copy1
Writing Great Copy
  • Use the right density of keywords, even if hard
  • Getting to the point directly from the beginning
  • Easy quick-read presentation
  • Title tag & the "description meta tag »
building links link votes
Building links: Link Votes
  • Each website can "vote" for other websites
  • A link is considered as a vote
  • Conditions
    • the link has to be direct
    • easy to see in the browser status bar
building links nofollow links
Building links: nofollow links
  • SE will ignore the link
  • SeoQuake can find them
building links getting links
Building links: Getting links
  • Because they link to interesting content
  • Because they are easy to follow (blogs)
  • Get partnerships !
  • Use widgets
  • Include keywords in your links
  • Be original !
building links avoiding troubles
Building links: Avoiding troubles
  • Don't sell or buy links !
  • Don't exchange either !
  • Don't join a link network
building links baiting
Building links: Baiting
  • Be original and funny
  • Be controversial, TROLL !
  • Create buzz
  • Use pictures and videos you host
building links research competitors links
Building links: Research competitors links
  • Yahoo! Site Explorer
  • Blog search
  • Google news search
analyzing results use a tracking worksheet
Analyzingresults: Use a tracking worksheet
  • See the progression on a month basis
  • Note traffic, keywords, links, etc.
  • Remember that the progression will be slow
analyzing results copying
Analyzingresults: Copying
  • Use www.Copyscape.Com
  • Contacting copying webmasters is usually enough
analyzing results decreasing rankings
Analyzingresults: Decreasing rankings
  • If you used black-hat methods, too bad ! we warned you !
  • If not, maybe it's temporary
  • You can still check your links
  • Don't change your strategy suddently !
analyzing results use a professional
Analyzingresults: Use a professional !
  • It will take a long time ...
  • It will cost a lot of money ...
  • But he will do whatever he can to increase your ranking !