What is SMTP2GO?
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Bulk emails are easy now

What is SMTP2GO?

Nowadays there are many businesses who encounterdifficulty with theirexisting email delivery ways.

The positive aspect is that there are companies which generally work their best for this purpose; one of

the many is the SMTP2GO. This is, in general, a mailing service which is based on the most recent

technology called cloud computing.

Here the query arises, what is SMTP?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a protocol which enables you to send emails through the

internet. This protocol only determines the type of relationship between you and the SMTP relay server.

When you send an email it gets sent to your SMTP server, which then sends your email to the recipient.

There are three choices when a business needs to send emails to its client:

1. ISP or web host's SMTP server

These are frequentlypoorly run and configured incorrect, have improperdowntime, and come with

countlessregularrestrictions on the number of emails a businesscan send.

Such servers often have nobody looking after their reputation, blacklisting is a near certainty.

2. Dedicated Email server

Buying a dedicated server for sending email from a trustworthycompany likeRackspace will run you

aroundwith a cost of$750 per month.

Bulk emails are easy now

Furthermore, you will probablyrequirehiring in-house IT

personnel to ensure the server is appropriately setup and


3. And the last choice isSMTP2GO

Use SMTP2GO and rest is easy in knowing that your emails

will always get to their destinations, no matter what.

You can focus on what you do best, and leave all the email

handling to SMTP2GO tohandle any issues related to

outgoing email.

Reasons for choosing SMTP2GO

Success when other mail services fail

SMTP2GO started as a solution for people who were unable to send

emails from remote locations across the world. Instantly solve any

problems you have getting your emails sent out, wherever you are.

See what actually happens to the emails you send

Traditional SMTP services are like a black box -you have no idea what

actually happens to emails that you send out. SMTP2GO lets you see

the delivery status of every email that you send.

It's completely transparent

Use SMTP2GO with any email software that can use an SMTP server:

Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, iPhone, iPad, Android phone,

Exchange Server and other mail servers, Xerox machines etc. You can also send emails from yourown

web application, if you have one.

Information revealed in SMTP2GO review about SMTP2GO

For added security every email can be packed with username and password. This helps to make sure

that the particular email is sent as well as received on the desired destination. The user application

setup, for the tool access, is simple and easy. The same program or application can be utilized at both

locations: receiver and sender. It needs two minutes in configuring the program.

Bulk emails are easy now

It is, in general, a paid mailing service but permits for free support with restricted accessibility. If the

customer is not happy with the

product then complete cash back

refunding facility is there on a

simple appeal.

According to the Smtp2go

review, the various emails which

are sent by utilizing the best and

cheap SMTP server service are

assured to be sent at any point

of time when the particular

destination is active. The user

can no doubt depend on this

reliable service. The security

which is normally provided by

this service is quite stringent and can’t be hacked or spoofed by any intrusion type.

Dissimilar to other SMTP service provider this offers the detailed delivery report of each and every email

delivered to the targeted destination. The various notifications regarding the email in the recipient Inbox

are directly sent.

In the end

The Smtp2go review demonstrates that the Smtp2go product has got large appreciation from different

users. This also shows that it’s the best service for any kind of business transactions. The SMTP service

can be utilized with any type of email based tools or software like:


Microsoft outlook, iPad

Apple Mail

Android Phone


By utilizing Smtp2go, the person is guaranteed the effective delivery of the sent mail.

So now stop your wait and buy SMTP server from SMTP2Go and enjoy the unlimited mailing facility and

let it handle and manage all your emailing issues.

Click on the link given and gather any more information you want: http://www.bestsmtpserver.com/