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Why LED Lights Are So Popular?

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Why LED Lights Are So Popular? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why LED Lights Are So Popular?

LEDs are electronic components that produce visible light when

electricity passes via them. They can be used to illuminate a

room or any particular area and can be employed in a broad

range of situation. They are suitable for outdoor as well as

indoor use. LED light comes with various benefits as compared

to the traditional lighting system. Take a look at this article to

know some advantages of using LED lights.


LED lights are solid-state devices that make use of

semiconductor while traditional incandescent light bulbs use

filament or neon gas. There is a small chip that is enclosed in an

epoxy resin enclosure that makes these light bulbs robust and

sturdy. LEDs lights also don’t use breakable components such as

filaments and gas and can easily withstand vibration, shock, and

extreme temperature.



LED lights have a longer lifespan up to 60,000 hours while

incandescent bulbs have a life span of only 1,500 hours. LEDs

can last over seven years without any replacement. The LED

bulbs can ten times longer life as compared to fluorescent bulbs

and even 133 times longer lifespan than basic incandescent

bulbs. They have lower maintenance costs and less long-term

operating costs.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

LED lights can be easily replaced, and the maintenance cost is

also extremely low for LED lights. There is a rare chance of

failure of single LED, but that does not mean that whole lamp

will stop working.



LED light comes in different base color such as green, blue, red

and amber. The traditional incandescent light bulbs make use of

filters to create colors that make them very inefficient. LEDs can

be amalgamated together to give assorted color options.


These LEDs are enough energy efficient and use up to 90% less

power than incandescent light bulbs. They make use of an only

small amount of energy of an incandescent light bulb, so there is

a tremendous decrease in the power costs. Due to the long LED

lifespan, a lot of money and energy is saved in replacement

costs. Today, LED lights are also becoming quite popular in the

remote locations due to low power usage.

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