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Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

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  1. Content Marketing When we go for a movie, we never really hear anyone say “Wow! That was great Content “ That is the power of great content. Its captivating enough to withdraw your attention to the fact that it’s just cleverly crafted Content www.maximusleads.cominfo@maximusleads.com

  2. What is content marketing? • Importance of content marketing in Digital marketing? • What is CMS? • Different types of content marketing? • Why content is the most important factor of Digital Marketing? • Use of keywords in content marketing • What are the SEO factors to observe while writing content? • Content strategy based on target audience • Content distribution sites • Content Marketing Strategy • Observations • Summary • Index www.maximusleads.com

  3. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action • Definition Of Content Marketing. www.maximusleads.com

  4. Importance Of Content Marketing In Digital Marketing. Regardless of the industry – whether you are running a bakeshop, law firm, or technology start-up – creating content should be a top goal in order to increase more inbound traffic to your website and become a trusted advisor

  5. Different Types Of Content Marketing.

  6. WEBSITE Web pages which are the building blocks of websites, are documents, typically composed in plain text with formatting instructions of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML SSS, XHTML). They may incorporate elements from other websites with suitable markup anchor • Press Release A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy. Typically, they are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to assignment editors at newspapers, magazines etc.

  7. ARTICLE Article allow users to submit unique articles to the directory. These directories allow articles to embed links to other websites with relevant anchor text. Popular article directories are considered authority sites and are constantly crawled by search engine bots • WHITE PAPER A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision

  8. BLOG A Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences.

  9. Trolls • Funny Memes

  10. INFOGRAPHIC www.maximusleads.com

  11. Webmasters and SEO experts have a saying: “Content is King.” It's very true. A website's content, even more so than its products, is what attracts visitors • THE ROLE OF SEO IN CONTENT MARKETING

  12. Understand Keyword Searches Get To Know Industry Publication Talk To Your Customers Explore What Your Competitors Are Talking About • Content Strategy Based On Target Audience

  13. Digital Content Marketing Strategy

  14. Content marketing moves incredibly fast. So fast that just a decade ago, most of us had never heard of it - today, the tactic is used by 93% of marketers. There’s been a world of changes between then and now, which is why fresh research is crucially important. • Digital Content Marketing Strategy

  15. One of the most effective ways to put your mind at ease and increase traffic to your website is to use content distribution sites. To make things simple. • Content Distribution Sites www.maximusleads.com

  16. Content Marketing Statistics

  17. The average B2B marketer engages in content promotion on 6 social media platforms • CMOs at the largest technology companies report that building out content marketing as an organizational competency is the second most important initiative, only behind measuring ROI.

  18. Observations Many well established websites are using the power of the content. Because play a important role for the website. Today we have more than 10k pages website that use. Google ranks fresh content faster than the others.

  19. Great content comprises of a captivating storyline that Triggers action in the mind of the potential target audience. The choice of platform, clarity of thought and addressing The pain areas of potential client carefully crafted content Strategy. And as many digital marketers would state it; “ Content is King “ is the most appropriate conclusion I have reached post my research on Content Marketing. • Summary www.maximusleads.com

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