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Unit 5 Going shopping

Unit 5 Going shopping. Comic strip & welcome to the unit. Christmas. Halloween. Thanksgiving Day. Chinese t r a d i t i on a l festivals ( 中国传统节日) . Mid-Autumn Festival. Dragon Boat Festival. Chinese New Year/Spring Festival. Your friend’s birthday is coming up.

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Unit 5 Going shopping

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  1. Unit 5 Going shopping Comic strip & welcome to the unit

  2. Christmas

  3. Halloween

  4. Thanksgiving Day

  5. Chinese traditional festivals (中国传统节日) Mid-Autumn Festival

  6. Dragon Boat Festival

  7. Chinese New Year/Spring Festival

  8. Your friend’s birthday is coming up. You are planning to celebrate it . Do you have any ideas?

  9. * have a party *have a big dinner *buy some birthday presents for…

  10. Let’s have a word match. . Divide the class into four groups. • Write the names of presents on a piece of paper as many as possible. • Then choose one student in a group to report them on the blackboard. • .

  11. Simon and Sandy both have their birthdays next week.

  12. Happy birthday! yo-yo stickers music box comic books ____________ ___________ ____________ ___________ CD photo album pencil box hair clips __________ ___________ ______ _________

  13. Daniel is asking Millie for help.

  14. Questions: 1 What does Millie tell Daniel to buy for Simon? A football 2 At last, what will Daniel buy for Simon? A yo_yo

  15. Important points 1. Simon’s birthday is coming up. Be coming (up): 快要来临,即将来到 2. have good ideas : 有好主意 你认为如何? 3. What do you think? / What do you thinkofsb/sth? 你认为某人或某物如何? :

  16. Make similar(相似) dialogues like this: D: Hi, Millie. Simon’s birthday is coming up. I want to buy something for him. Do you have any good ideas? M: I think you can buy him a football. He likes playing football very much. What do you think? D: I don’t know. I think he has a football already. M: Then you can buy him a yo-yo. I know he doesn’t have a yo-yo. D: Yes, that’s a good idea. I can buy a yo-yo for him. Thank you, Millie. M: You’re welcome.

  17. 一、根据中文完成下列各题。 1. Does he have any music _________( 唱片) at the moment. 2. Millie loves beautiful ___________(发夹). 3. Kitty has many __________(礼物) for her birthday. The _____________(相册) is her favourite. 4. My cousin likes reading _____________(漫画书) after school. 5. Chinese New Year ________________( 就要到了). 6. I think she has a computer _________ (已经). CDs hair clips presents photo album comic books is coming up already

  18. Listen and answer: 1. Can you tell me something about Eddie? Hobo • He is Hobo’s master. • He likes eating. • He’s lazy. • He never exercises. Eddie 2. Hobo is going shopping. Now please answer: 1)Does Eddie want to go with him? 2)Why does Hobo ask Eddie to go with him? No, he doesn’t. Because he wants Eddie to carry all the bags.

  19. Listen and repeat:

  20. Act the dialogue:

  21. 词组 go shopping with me 1 和我一起去购物 don’t have any money /have no money 2 没有钱 3 我的钱包在这儿 Here’s my wallet 4 需要你拿所有的包 need you to carry all the bags 5 有空 be free /have time come with me 6 和我一起来

  22. Fill in the blanks according to the dialogue: Hobo is _________ (空闲)on Sunday. He wants ________(go) _________(shop) in a new shopping mall(大卖场). He wants to buy ________(许多)things but he can’t ______(拎) all the bags. He is asking his __________(主人), Eddie, for help. “ Eddie, please ________(come) with me. I need you ________(help) me.” But Eddie ____________(not want) to go. free to go shopping a lot of carry master come to help doesn’t want

  23. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1 Would you like to go (shop) with me? shopping to buy 2 He wants (buy) a lot of things. to help 3 The teachers need the students (help) them. any 4 I don’t have (some) money now. 5 Here (be) my comic books. are

  24. 完成下列句子。 1. Daniel wants to buy a pencil box __________(给Simon). 2. Do you have_____________(一些好主意)? 3. Chinese New Year ___________ (就要到了). for Simon any good ideas is coming up

  25. 4. Kitty usually eats vegetables and meatfor dinner. _________________ (你认为如何)? 5. This shopping bag is too heavy. I ________________(需要你拎) for me. 6. Mother_________________(想要我去购物)with her. What do you think need you to carry it wants me to go shopping

  26. Homework: Now, Daniel is going shopping. Make a dialogue between Daniel and the shopkeeper(售货员). Good morning. Can I help you? I want to buy …… It’s too small/ big. What about ……? How much is it? I’ll take it.

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