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Army Tack-On

Army Tack-On

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Army Tack-On

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  1. Army Tack-On Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Europe Workshop 2005 Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 1




  5. PERSONAL PROPERTY AND PASSENGER ISSUES Direct questions/inquiries to the applicable IMA Regional POC. Request G-4 review if further assistance is required.


  7. PRIVATELY OWNED VEHICLE (POV) ► TRANSPORTATION BETWEEN OCONUS PORT AND OCONUS PDS Travel hazard between the VPC and PDS Soldier is physically unable to drive (Soldier NOT spouse) Soldier’s assignment requires overland transportation ODCS, G-4 authorization required for the above

  8. PRIVATELY OWNED VEHICLE (POV) ► STORAGE UNDER GPC Soldier delivers POV to the nearest VPC On delivery out, POV is transported to the VPC closest to the Soldier’s duty station Once stored, the POV cannot be removed and then stored again (GPC or personally procured) under the same orders ► PERSONALLY PROCURED STORAGE Transportation to CONUS PDS through VPC is not authorized OCONUS PDS: Soldier makes arrangements for transportation of POV to the VPC closest to the PDS Quarterly reimbursements authorized

  9. PRIVATELY OWNED VEHICLE (POV) ► POV TRANSPORTATION WITHIN CONUS INCIDENT TO A PCS WHEN POV TRANSPORTATION AND COST EFFECTIVE TO THE GOVERNMENT Applies when ordered on a PCS between CONUS PDSs The Soldier personally procures transportation and files for reimbursement on the travel voucher Reimbursement may not exceed the cost of MALT plus per diem for driving 2 POCs Counseling and calculation of MALT plus per diem is a Finance Office responsibility

  10. POV, HHG, OR BOTH?????? Under review The GEM NEV is a zero-emission vehicle that has been designed to replace an internal combustion engine car for short trips. The GEM Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) is included in a classification of federally approved "low speed vehicles" which may now be driven on community streets if they meet certain safety criteria, according to a ruling announced in June, 1998 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.The ruling affects NEVs and other electric vehicles that have top speeds of 20 to 25 miles an hour. (GEM travels at speeds up to 25 mph.)Under the rule, electric vehicles, including thousands of golf carts now used for transportation in retirement communities and on golf courses, will be required to have seat belts, headlights, windshield wipers and other safety devices before they can be used for street travel.

  11. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ► Customs and insurance costs are not reimbursable ►Shipment is not in addition to the authorized weight allowance ►Weight tickets, paid invoice, and document which shows compliance with state and/or county requirements

  12. JFTR PROVISIONS ► U5310 Basic Authorization U5310-A Note -- Delivery out of storage authorized at Govt expense regardless of time in storage -- Includes shipments converted to the members expense -- Orders and/or transportation authorization must be valid ► U5310-B Higher Weight Allowance -- NTE 18,000 lbs for a member below 0-6 -- Case-by-case basis; for hardship -- Authorization thru ODCS, G-4/1 to ASA

  13. JFTR PROVISIONS ► U5315 Administrative Weight Limitations -- PPCIG weight changes require ODCS, G-1/4 approval -- ODCS, G-1, requirement to rescind the OCONUS weight allowance message ► U5320-D Personally Procured Transportation and NTS Note 2 -- PPM: If third party pays for HHG transportation, no reimbursement is authorized ► U5345-D Course(s) of Instruction of 20 weeks or More at One Location -- U5345-D2 NTS Any storage costs accruing for periods of 180 days are the member’s responsibility (NTS storage beyond 180 days)

  14. JFTR PROVISIONS ► U5360 Separation from the Service or Relief from Active Duty Except for Discharge with Severance or Separation Pay U5360-B Temporary Storage -- Temporary storage of HHG transported from NTS…authorized on case-by-case basis ► U5375 Temporary Storage U5375-B3b Additional Storage Under Circumstances Beyond the Member’s Control -- Not authorized when reason is having a home built

  15. JFTR PROVISIONS ► U5380 Nontemporary Storage U5360-D NTS Converted to Temporary Storage -- Any storage costs accruing for periods of 180 days are the member’s responsibility (NTS storage beyond 180 days) ► U5455-E Member Officially Reported as Dead, Injured, Ill, Absent for More than 29 Days in a Missing Status, or Upon Death U5455-E1 Two (2) POVs may be transported at Govt expense; both to the same destination ► U5920 Travel and Transportation for Dependents Relocating for Personal Safety Designated relocation site in the U.S., or its possessions, or if foreign nationals to the country of the dependents’ origin

  16. JFTR PROVISIONS Permanent Duty Travel U5390 ORDER TYPE AND JFTR REFERENCESHHG AUTHORIZED LOCATIONS AND WEIGHT ALLOWANCE (footnote explanations follow summary) 1. Entrance into the Service – Initial Reporting (par. U5345-A1) 9, 14, 16, 24 2. A member who reenters the service within 1 year of discharge or release from active duty under honorable conditions (par. U5345-A2) From 5, from 6, 9, 14, 18, 21, 23, 24, 27 3. Called or ordered to active duty for 20 or more weeks at one duty station (other than for reasons listed under par. U5345-B2) (par. U5345-B1) 9, 10, 14, 16, 17, 24 • FOOTNOTESHHG AUTHORIZED LOCATION/WEIGHT ALLOWANCE • 1 FROM PDS TO TDY • 2 FROM TDY TO TDY • 3 FROM LAST TDY TO OLD PDS • 4 FROM LAST TDY TO NEW PDS • 5 NON-TEMPORARY STORAGE • 6 TEMPORARY STORAGE • TDY WEIGHT IN ADDITION TO PCS WEIGHT ALLOWANCE (“When a member is ordered from a TDY station to a new PDS or when a TDY station • becomes a new PDS, these shipments are in addition to PCS weight allowance.” par. U4715) • 8 TDY WEIGHT ALLOWANCE • 9 PCS WEIGHT ALLOWANCE • 10 FROM HOME OF RECORD (HOR) • 11 TO HOME OF RECORD (HOR) • 12 FROM HOME OF SELECTION (HOS) • 13 TO HOME OF SELECTION (HOS) • 14 FROM PLEAD or place from which called/ordered to Active Duty for Training • 15 TO PLEAD or to place from which called/ordered to Active Duty for Training • 16 TO FIRST PDS • 17 TO ANY SUBSEQUENT PDS

  17. WEAK AREAS ► COUNSELING Storage in Transit Do not advise Soldier that 360 days SIT is authorized SIT is in 90 day increments SIT beyond 180 days for reasons beyond the Soldier’s control SIT beyond 180 days is NOT authorized while waiting for a home to be built or when private sector housing too small/ unsuitable Preparation of DD Form 1797 – Personal Property Counseling Checklist Part “X” out; no initials Confirmation of Counseling, block 9, “Yes” for “X” parts

  18. WEAK AREAS ► COUNSELING DD Form 1857 Temporary Commercial Storage At Government Expense No supporting documentation for serious illness No TDY orders “Nonavailability of Suitable Civilian Housing” does not apply to Army members Storage in Transit vs Nontemporary Storage Crucial for separatees and retirees ► POVs POVs not ready for shipment (gas, items in POV)


  20. Fort Leonard Wood 45 US Army PPSOs in Phase 1 by Installation Management Region 27 Active Sites as of: 18 Sites in Training Fort Lewis, 21 Mar 05 11 Northeast 1Korea Yongsan, Seoul 20 Dec 04 Fort Drum 1 Apr 05 Tobyhanna AD West Point 25 Mar 05 USAG Selfridge 31 Mar 05 FortSnelling 9 Nov 04 7 Northwest Ft. Hamilton Charles E. Kelly (USAR) 5 Apr 05 Fort Dix 18 Feb 05 Carlisle Barracks Aberdeen Proving Ground 8 Apr 05 Rock Island Arsenal Ft Detrick Fort Riley 8 Apr 05 Fort Riley Fort Belvoir 29 Mar 04 Fort Lee Fort Leavenworth Fort Leavenworth 4 Jan 05 Fort Leonard Wood 29 Oct 04 1Europe Blue Grass AD 21 Mar 05 Presidio of Monterey 29 Oct 04 Fort Knox 31 Mar 05 CPPSO Grafenwoehr 10 Southwest Fort Campbell Fort Bragg 6 Dec 04 Fort Irwin Fort Sill 23 Mar 05 Fort Jackson 12 Apr 05 McAlester AAP 30 Mar 05 White Sands Missile Testing Center Redstone Arsenal 5 Apr 05 Fort Gordon 8 Feb 05 Fort Huachuca 8 Apr 05 Red River AD Director Locations NE: Ft Monroe SE: Ft McPherson NW: Rock Island Ars SW: Ft Sam Houston Europe: Heidelberg Pacific: Ft Shafter Korea: Yongsan Fort Benning 4 Jan 05 Fort McPherson Fort Bliss Fort Polk Fort Rucker 29 Mar 05 Fort Hood 29 Mar 04 Fort Stewart Fort Wainwright 14 Mar 05 12 Southeast Camp Zama Ft Buchanan, PR 3 Pacific Okinawa

  21. Vision for the Future Program • Provide customer focused, user friendly program that continually assesses customer satisfaction and provides metrics. • Build a streamlined program, easier to execute for the ITO/TMO and program managers. • Employ cutting edge technology and best practices to build a single, paperless DoD personal property program that integrates and automates all processes that support our families’ moves worldwide.

  22. Interim Customer Satisfaction Survey (ICSS) Surveys can be completed in three ways: Customer proactively completes the survey on-line.Customers will be counseled at origin on the importance of completing a customer survey for each shipment moved.  All customers will be counseled on various locations where computers can be used to complete the web-survey in the event they do not have ready access to a computer (such as base library, local PPPO/PPSO, cell phone with web-access, etc.)  Customers will be provided the customer survey website, and asked to complete a survey for each shipment within 7 calendar days of delivery to residence.  Customers will be provided secure access via email to complete a survey on each shipment delivered. If TOPS does not have a valid email address, the customer will not receive this secure access on-line. Once the shipment is flagged as delivered, survey notification will be sent to the customer, including a encrypted link to the survey. Customer responds to email reminders with link to surveys.Any customer that has a shipment flagged as “delivered” that does not have a survey completed within 7 calendar days, will be emailed a reminder.  It will use the email addresses obtained during counseling at origin from TOPS, or the most recent email address provided by the customer (i.e., while in transit or at destination) if entered into TOPS at origin or destination. Additional email reminders will be sent on the 14th and 21st calendar day after shipment delivery if the customer has not completed the web survey.  Telephone surveys.A third party will conduct telephonic surveys when a statistically valid sample has not been achieved via the web or by email reminder.  Every TSP that does not have a valid sample of surveys in any shipment category 30 days prior to the end of any performance period; will generate a list of customers for the 3rd party to contact that have not completed a survey on their delivered shipment for those applicable TSPs.  The list will include customers that do not have an email account listed, and customers that have not responded via the web or email reminder.  The list will also indicate the customers that have been emailed a request to complete the web survey, but have not done so.  The 3rd party will attempt to contact each of these customers and complete the surveys on the web by asking the questions and entering the customers’ responses.

  23. CSS REPORT/STATS Red indicates poor or unsatisfactory data (between 0-69.99% Blue indicates Satisfactory data (between 70-89.99%) Black indicates good or excellent data

  24. Smart Web Move (SWM)… • Use of Web-Enabled Computer for Convenient Access • Eliminates the Need for Member to Spend Excessive Time in a Transportation Office Setting Up the Move with a Counselor • Generally takes the Member Less Than One Hour • Current functionality will be added to DPS for 1 Aug 05 • Currently, due to Limited Functionality, Army Guidance will Restrict Use for Separatees, Retirees and Close Proximity Moves.

  25. Army Passenger Policy Update Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 25

  26. Army Passenger Policy Update • Use of Commercial Travel Offices • Business-Class/First Class Travel Accommodations • Airline Baggage Weight Limitations • Foreign Military and City Pair Fare Use • E-Ticketing • Space Available Travel • Patriot Express • Miscellaneous Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 26

  27. Army Passenger Policy Update • Use of Commercial Travel Offices (CTOs) -- Mandatory requirement by all personnel on official travel. -- Use is not an option! GSA City Pair fares, and rental cars from SDDC car agreements must be used. -- Is authorized when leave has been approved and taken in conjunction with official travel. -- When official itinerary changes because of leave, o Traveler turns in ticket for credit. o Credit applied to desired travel location. o Traveler ineligible for Contract City Pair Fare. o Additional cost is the traveler’s responsibility. o Credits are refunded to the Government. -- Your CTO is there to serve you. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 27

  28. Army Passenger Policy Update • Premium-Class Travel Accommodations -- OSD directed changes as a result of recent GAO findings. -- Viewed as a comfort issue vice mission essential requirement. -- SECARMY is the only approval authority for 1st class travel. -- Authorization and a written justification typed on all orders using Business class. -- 3 and 4 Star MACOM Commanders and their designated appointees (in writing) to include Deputy Commanders or Chiefs of Staff, can approve business class travel of subordinates. -- All other Army requests must come to DA Admin Asst for approval. -- May be authorized when certain conditions are met, to accommodate a disability - or TDY travel was so unexpected that traveler has to start work without rest on arrival. -- Flight Travel in excess of 14 hours alone is not sufficient justification. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 28

  29. Army Passenger Policy Update • Business-Class Travel Accommodations -- Signature approval authority for business class travel can be delegated to a 2 star or civilian equivalent provided they have a delegation letter signed by the commander that gives them that authority AND one of the following exists: a. space is not available on any coach flight to meet mission b. to accommodate a disability c. exceptional security circumstances d. mission required (Presidential, Congressional, or Secretarial boards; commissions; task forces; etc…the only approving authority is OSD e. such flights only provide business class f. non-federal source makes full payment g. inadequate sanitation on foreign carrier h. economic considerations, cheaper for the govt. i. flight time in excess of 14 hours and TDY travel was so unexpected, traveler was unable to schedule flight a day earlier. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05

  30. Army Passenger Policy Update • Airline Baggage Weight Restrictions -- International rules relating to baggage weight limitations remain unchanged at 70 pounds. -- Domestic rules reduced weight limitations to 50 pounds for non-military personnel. • Excess Accompanied Baggage -- Excess baggage fees average $40-$80 domestic flights, $110 international flights. -- Reimbursement of excess baggage charges are only allowed when traveler had prior approval or authorization. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 30

  31. Army Passenger Policy Update • Foreign Military and Contracted City Pair Fare Use -- Grantees (whether civilian or foreign military personnel) cannot use GSA city-pair airfares. -- When a foreign military’s travel is funded by a grant agreement, the traveler is not eligible for CCP fares. -- When a foreign military’s travel is authorized directly at at government expense, then the traveler is eligible. -- Legal staff at the Command issuing the travel document, should determine whether the foreign military traveler is the recipient of a grant for which a grant instrument was executed. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 31

  32. Army Passenger Policy Update • Electronic Ticketing and Airport Security -- E ticketing is the Army’s preferred method for ticketing personnel on official travel. -- Paper tickets issued, when determined by the CTO as being E-ticketable, will be at the expense of the traveler unless a paper ticket is authorized by the authorizing or approving official. • Airport Security -- Transportation Security Administration established security screening procedures for all 429 commercial airports in the U.S. -- Baggage and passenger checkpoints are the norm, but Gate screening may also be required. -- Individual Airlines may have additional security standards. -- Standards exist exempting military personnel. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 32

  33. Army Passenger Policy Update • Space Available Travel Program -- A privilege that allows free transportation by active duty, retired, and Medal of Honor winner members on DOD owned or operated aircraft. • Space Available Travel for Dependents in CONUS -- Permits travel within CONUS when accompanied by the service member. Travel the same category as the member. -- Ongoing indefinitely until the expansion of this privilege can be incorporated into DOD 4515.13-R, “Air Transportation Eligibility”. -- Normal Space Available Travel procedures apply for active duty members, e.g., must be in a pass or leave status for the duration of the travel period. -- Retired Reservists not receiving retirement pay are NOT included. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 33

  34. Army Passenger Policy Update • Patriot Express Program -- Restructuring of Patriot Express o Began in FY 05, to last 4 years. o Phase-out of program due to low ridership, high costs. -- Cost DoD over $67M more than GSA city pair fares. -- Reduced Space A for sponsored family members OCONUS. o Anticipate that seats will be available on military missions. o Program resources cannot be allocated to accommodate Space-A. -- Patriot Express will continue in areas with force protection concerns and no DOD approved commercial exists. o Routes to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and Diego Garcia will also continue. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 34

  35. Army Passenger Policy Update • Patriot Express cont’d -- Changes in FY 05 o Atlanta Gateway to close. o Service to Rhein Main, GE will end. -- Changes in FY 06 o Los Angeles Gateway, Hickam AFB, HI PRC to close. o Service to Osan and Kunsan, Korea; Kadena, Japan; Keflavik, Iceland; and RAF Mildenhall, England will end. -- Changes in FY 07 o Seattle Gateway, Yokota, Japan PRC to close. o Service to Yokota, Misawa, and Iwakuni, Japan will end. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05

  36. Army Passenger Policy Update • Patriot Express cont’d -- Changes in FY 08 o Passenger Reservation Center in Germany to close. o Service to Lajes Field, Azores; Aviano and Naples Italy; Roosevelt Roads, PR; Rota and Sigonella, Spain will end. -- Baltimore-Washington International Gateway is the only PRC that will remain open. -- At the conclusion of Patriot Express flights, Service member’s pets must move as commercial cargo at service member’s expense. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 36

  37. Army Passenger Policy Update • Miscellaneous • -- Deployed Rest and Recuperation Leave Program • o Army is Executive Agent for Program • o Pertains to Iraq and Afghanistan AORs • o For Troops and Civilians deployed 365 days or more. -- Movement of Weapons by Troops o Preferred DoD method for weapons shipment is thru AMC channel flights, SAAMS, or contingency missions. o Current DoD policy is minimal use of commercial airlines or registered U.S. Mail within CONUS only. o Weapons on commercial flights must be marked and locked up in cargo areas. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 37

  38. Army Passenger Policy Update • Miscellaneous cont’d • -- Government Travel Card • o Army policy is use of IBA for personnel using DTS, • CBAs can be used for personnel not currently located at • DTS sites. -- Invitational Travel, JFTR/JTR Appendix E o Non-government or intermittent employees acting in an official capacity, i.e., performing a direct service to DoD. o Not used for Contractors. o Used for reimbursement of transportation, usually not for per diem or other expenses. o Used for pre-employment interview travel. o Used for witnesses at court proceedings. o Attendants for handicapped employees or service members. Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 38

  39. Army Passenger Policy Update • Miscellaneous cont’d -- Invitational Travel, JFTR/JTR Appendix E o Contractors can be issued a “Contractor Letter of Identification” by the Contracting Officer for presentation to vendors i.e., AMTRAK, hotel/motel, car rental firms…But vendors are under NO obligation to extend discounted government rates to them. -- Unused Airline tickets and unused legs or portions of tickets, must be turned in to the CTO for credit and/or reimbursement! Ms. Douglas/DALO-FPT/DSN 222-5970/ 16 Mar 05 39