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Going Green…The Team Approach! University of Maryland Medical Center Victoria E. Stewart, MBA Maryland Hospitals for a Healthy Environment 11.12.08 Objectives Describe the team approach used at UMMC to “Go Green”

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Going Green…The Team Approach!

University of Maryland Medical Center

Victoria E. Stewart, MBA

Maryland Hospitals for a Healthy Environment


  • Describe the team approach used at UMMC to “Go Green”
  • Describe how UMMC is incorporating sustainability principles into their current operations
  • Describe how UMMC is evaluating sustainability alternatives
the beginning
The Beginning
  • The Green Team was formed in April 2007:
      • The Green Team Oversight Group
      • Patient Care Green Team
      • Administrative Green Team
      • Periop Green Team (subset of Patient Care Green Team)
  • We embarked on a cultural change to conserve, reduce, reuse, and recycle – 10 million lbs of waste (2006 data) @ $1.354 million dollars in waste disposal costs and $12 million in utility costs
  • Financial Goals Set:
      • Operating Savings – 833K
      • Capital Savings – 905K
team formation self selection process
Team FormationSelf Selection Process
  • Driven by annual budgetary shortfall - $40 million every year for the last 10 + years.
  • VP’s, Directors & Pt Care Managers self selected on cost reduction teams that would meet for 16 hours a week for 4 weeks straight to identify opportunities
  • Sr. Leadership initially reluctant to start Green Team due to cost concerns…started at last minute as after thought. I had 2 minutes to form the team and get them organized.
  • People wanted to work on a new team, something that provided hope, that they could really put their heart into not the same supply chain, ADT, charge capture, etc…teams that form every year!
Facilities Planning and Operations

Pastoral Care

Perioperative Services

Women’s & Children’s Services

Central Sterile Processing

Emergency Planning

Human Resources

Marketing and Planning

Strategic Planning

Financial Planning

Purchasing / Contracts

Materials Management

Environmental Services

Food Services

Employee Health

Food & Nutrition

Diverse Team Membership









sharps containers
Sharps Containers
  • Implemented pilot of recycled sharps containers in Periop, Lab and ICU. Will be rolled out house wide in FY09.
  • 63,000 lbs to be diverted from the incinerator
  • $77,000 annual savings in containers, labor and disposal.
open unused supplies
Open / Unused Supplies
  • Resterilizing open / unused supplies in the OR, Cath Lab and EP lab
  • 2 tons of supplies diverted from the incinerator
  • $50,000 annual savings
cardboard recycling
Cardboard Recycling
  • 266,000 lbs of waste diverted from the incinerator
  • $50,000 in waste disposal costs will now be avoided once the incinerator contract amendment goes into effect.
isolation supplies
Isolation Supplies
  • Changed practice of isolation supply management
    • Minimize stocking in patient rooms
  • $134,000
construction management
Construction Management
  • Use recycled furniture on projects
  • Recycle demolition materials
  • Incorporate sustainable principles in construction contracts
  • $905,000 savings in construction costs
  • $156,000 savings in depreciation expense
utility management
Utility Management
  • Turn off business PC’s, printers, fax machines, monitors, etc… at night and on weekends. 1% of energy consumption
  • Facilities management of utilities
  • Daily Code Red Alerts and adjustments to usage by individuals
  • 6% - 9% reduction in energy costs depending on how evaluated (by bed, by patient day, etc…)
  • $500,000 savings
recycle blue wrap other plastics in the operating rooms
Recycle Blue Wrap & other Plastics in the Operating Rooms
  • The Operating Rooms, ER & L&D are now recycling blue wrap, saline bottles, bunny suits and all other plastics.
evaluating sustainable alternatives
Evaluating SustainableAlternatives
  • In addition to doing a clinical and financial analysis on new products, conduct an environmental analysis. UMMC has started to ask the following questions regarding new supplies:
    • Will they take back the product it is replacing?
    • What is the life cycle cost of the item? Purchase, Service, Energy, Parks, Disposal
    • Does it contain mercury, latex, PVC, etc…
    • Can the packaging / product be easily recycled?
    • Is the package/product made of recycled material?
    • Can we reprocess the item?
    • What is their history regarding upgrades? How often do they come out and to they take back the old product?
    • Is the company ISO certified 14001?
    • What are their efforts to “green” their operations & distribution?
    • Are they members of Hospital’s For A Healthier Environment?
evaluating sustainable alternatives response
Evaluating SustainableAlternatives - Response
  • The answers we receive indicate many vendor representatives do not know what sustainability means and are not aware of their company’s initiatives if they exist.
  • Most vendors representatives do not know what materials their products contain other than if it contains latex or mercury.
  • The Novation database does not contain enough information on sustainability so that individual member hospitals don’t have to ask every vendor these questions.
evaluating sustainable alternatives next steps
Evaluating SustainableAlternatives - Next Steps
  • Contracts is modifying their standard contracts to include UMMC’s sustainability contracts.
  • Vendor Education – UMMC and MDH2E will be piloting a vendor dialogue on 11/20/08 to educate local representatives on what sustainability is, what UMMC is doing and expects in terms of sustainability and the impact of waste on their local community and families.
  • Value Analysis – Development of a environmental product analysis template that is complementary to our clinical and financial analysis templates.
  • Asked that a UHC Council on Sustainability be established – Approved – Thank You 
preliminary fy09 goals
Preliminary FY09 Goals
  • Implement segregation of regulated and non-regulated waste. Implement recycling. Target reduction in incineration from 80% to 40% of current waste stream.
  • Implement environmentally preferable purchasing, i.e. PVC free
  • Implement coordinated car pooling program with University
  • Implement green roofing
  • Implement farmer’s market
  • Implement sustainability curriculum
preliminary fy09 goals25
Preliminary FY09 Goals
  • Increase energy conservation initiatives
  • Increase construction recycling and reuse programs
  • Conduct Green Guide gap analysis and become compliant with Green Guide
  • Increase local food purchase and consumption in cafeteria and patient care areas.
  • Implement IT green practice standards
  • Create an environmental management system (per ISO 14001 or similar) for UMMC
the green team links
  • - Environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP)
  • - Sustainable Hospitals
  • - Environmental Protection Agency
  • - Hospital Buyer
  • - Hospitals for a Healthy Environment
  • - GREEN Guide for Health Care
  • - National Geographic – The GREEN Guide
  • - The Center for Health Design
  • - Health Care Without Harm
the greene team contacts
  • Oversight Team
    • Victoria Stewart, MBA, Co-chair, 410-328-2684
    • Jim Chang, Co-Chair, 410-328-6001
    • Harold Polk – Sustainable Development Coordinator, 410-328-6491
  • Chris Tamburo – Waste Manager, 410-328-0876
  • Administrative Green Team, Harold Polk, Chair
  • Patient Care Green Team – Chair, Denise Choiniere, RN, 410-328-5426
  • Periop Green Team
    • Marnie Kommalan, RN, GOR – 410-328-5910
    • Ann Cross, RN, STC OR – 410-328-6850
  • Joan Plisko – MD H2E,