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Project Based Learning

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Project Based Learning . (PBL). How does Mass Media. affect teenagers?. Introduction.

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Project Based Learning


How does Mass Media

affect teenagers?



Nowadays, many teenagers receive a lot of information from the mass media. However, the mass media often do not broadcast the truth. In order to increase their sales volume, they sometimes report false or incorrect news.

Nowadays the mass media is the most convenient way for people to get information and find out what is happening. The mass media includes newspapers, magazines, the Internet, radio broadcasts, etc. However, the mass media can affect people, especially teenagers, in a negative way.
The mass media sometimes exaggerate the facts to attract more people to read them.

Sometimes, their reports are incorrect and many people are affected.

We can learn more about the society around us.

We can search for information rapidly through the Internet.

We can express our opinions.

Students can make good use of the media to learn.

The advantages of media


The disadvantages of media

  • It is dangerous to believe all the information supplied by the media because they exaggerate or give wrong message from time to time.

2. When teenagers learn about crimes from the media, they may imitate and do the same.

3. Students may neglect their studies if they are only interested in the media e.g. Internet, on–line games.

4. Teenagers may be exposed to pornographic materials.


How can teenagers avoid

being affected by

negative news?

They should think about the behavior of their idols critically. It is important to get into this habit from childhood.
  • They have to be responsible for their decisions, and think about the consequences of their action.
attitudes and values on mass media
Attitudes and valueson mass media
  • “Freedom of the Press” is necessary in a democratic society.
  • We should ensure our right to free speech.
  • We should learn to analyse information.
  • We should exercise critical thinking on information obtained through the mass media
from the survey we know that
From the survey, we know that...
  • Most teenagers are interested in

1 Entertainment news

2 World news

3 Local news

4 Others

sources of advice
Sources of advice

Peers (i.e., friends, classmates, and colleagues) are found to be the major source of advice for nearly all types of media (ranging from 62-93%), except newspapers; slightly fewer respondents would seek advice from their families (43%).

The mass media is powerful in influencing youth's choices on pop music (11%) and movies (12%).

contact with pornographic materials
Contact with pornographic materials

75% of respondents said that they had not taken any initiative to view/read pornographic materials, but 23% of them had.

Further analyses showed that the exposure of these respondents to pornographic materials was directly related to influences from their peers.


Sources of information

The sources of educational media:

The investigation of teenagers:

Book names


Group members


Vivian Kwan (18)


Winnie Chan (4)

Licca Cheng (6)

Erica Cheung (7)

Joanna Lo (30)

Joyce Wong (41)