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PROJECT BASED LEARNING. Emmaus High School Act 80 Afternoon, 10/23/09. What is Project Based Learning?.

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Project based learning


Emmaus High School

Act 80 Afternoon, 10/23/09

What is project based learning
What is Project Based Learning?

  • Standards-focused PBL is a systematic teaching method that engages students in learning knowledge and skills through an extended inquiry process structured around complex, authentic questions and carefully designed products and tasks.

  • Students demonstrate learning through the creation of a product.

-Information for this presentation is from the Buck Institute for Education

Characteristics of outstanding projects
Characteristics of Outstanding Projects

  • Engage students in the central concepts and principles of a discipline. The work is central, rather than peripheral to the curriculum.

  • Highlight provocative issues or questions that lead students to in-depth exploration of authentic and important topics.

Characteristics of outstanding projects1
Characteristics of Outstanding Projects

  • Require the use of essential tools and skills, including technology, for learning, self-management and project management.

  • Use performance-based assessments that communicate high expectations, present rigorous challenges, and require a range of skills and knowledge.

Characteristics of outstanding projects2
Characteristics of Outstanding Projects

  • Encourage collaboration in some form, either through small groups, student-led presentations, or whole-class evaluations of project results.

  • Recognize students’ inherent drive to learn & their capacity to do important work by putting them at the center of the learning process.

How long do projects last
How long do projects last?

  • This definition encompasses a spectrum ranging from brief projects of one or two weeks based on a single subject in one classroom to yearlong, interdisciplinary projects that involve community participation and adults outside the school.

Can other teaching methods be used along with pbl
Can other teaching methods be used along with PBL?

  • Yes! PBL can incorporate all traditional teaching tools and methods, including textbooks, lecture, and conventional assessments.

  • However, the nature of PBL demands that students spend the bulk of the project actively working in groups or individually to research the question and come to conclusions.

Pbl and my curriculum
PBL and My Curriculum

  • PBL is not designed to take time away from the regular curriculum.

  • A standards-focused project can be used as a central method of teaching and learning that replaces conventional instruction for a portion of your course.

Teachers report that pbl
Teachers Report That PBL:

  • Overcomes the dichotomy between knowledge and thinking, helping students to both “know” and “do.”

  • Encourages the development of habits of mind associated with lifelong learning, civic responsibility and personal or career successes.

Teachers report that pbl1
Teachers Report That PBL:

  • Creates positive communication and collaborative relationships among diverse groups of students.

  • Meets the needs of learners with varying skill levels and learning styles.

  • Engages and motivates bored or indifferent students.

Pbl and planning differently
PBL and Planning Differently

  • PBL often requires more time before the project begins, since materials, performance assessments, and activities must be mapped out in advance.

  • Once the project begins, however, teachers often find that their time is spent working closely with students, rather than preparing new lessons.

Your project
Your Project

  • Work collaboratively with 1-3 colleagues to prepare and deliver a standards-focused project in one of your courses this year.

    • If you already do this, try taking your existing project one step further

    • Use your UBD’s – don’t re-invent the wheel!

  • Time Allotted:

    • Act 80 afternoons today and on 12/18

    • On 5/7, volunteers will share projects with colleagues in an ‘open house’ format

  • Today:

    • Meet briefly by department, identify working groups and get started!

Materials resources
Materials & Resources

  • Template provided

  • Website includes sample lessons, web resources…everything you need for your ‘just in time learning’:

  • Optional after school ED workshops on an as-needed basis

  • Colleagues who are already using PBL!

  • Questions, concerns, additional resources needed? Call or email Kate Kieres