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MARK 404 Internet Strategy

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MARK 404 Internet Strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MARK 404 Internet Strategy. Belinda Collins, Helen Hynes, Sophie Jackson, Stephanie Kratz & Tina Narsey. CHAMELEON E-STORIES ‘ Changing the face of story-telling’. The need for storytelling. Seminars. Presentations. Digital Storytelling. Photo Boards. Assisted. DIY.

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mark 404 internet strategy

MARK 404Internet Strategy

Belinda Collins, Helen Hynes, Sophie Jackson, Stephanie Kratz & Tina Narsey


‘Changing the face of story-telling’

product market structure

The need for storytelling



Digital Storytelling

Photo Boards



Digital storytelling software

Chameleon e-stories


Product Market Structure
  • Skill and expertise in creative writing through a career in journalism;
  • First mover advantage in the digital storytelling market;
  • Customer-centric- i.e product is tailored to customer needs and wants-their stories;
  • Existing credible business client - WCC;
  • Product range - personal and business e-stories
  • Lack of expertise in web development and website design area;
  • Product customisation is a timely process;
  • Lack of human resources (Just Pip -longer production time);
  • Limited financial resources;
  • The potential market for digital storytelling is large, and mainly untapped;
  • Gain a first mover advantage in the digital story telling market;
  • The medium has a number of applications – can be used in both business and personal lives;
  • Potential to deliver an interactive, user-friendly website with useful information to the potential buyer (competitors do not have this);


  • (2001) 37% of NZ HH had access to the internet- huge market;
  • Computer access has increased over the past decade in NZ;
  • In June 2001, 88% of NZ private-sector enterprises regularly used a computer.
  • 44% were connected to a local intranet

Socio cultural environment

  • Increased emphasis on ‘quality of life’, and retaining memories for future generations
  • Change in orientation: from affluence oriented to sense/meaning oriented;
  • Relationship Marketing – developing digital stories for community-oriented companies e.g.
  • - ANZ’s website
  • - ANZ’s volunteering programme illustrating their relationship orientation
  • Importance aspect Pip should look into, especially in the business area.
  • TUANZ, shut down - insufficient demand and/or insufficient potential profit to be rendered;
  • Storyworks took over operations - existing direct competitor (retains existing market base);
  • Digital storytelling a relatively unknown medium in the market (easily substitutable);
  • Do-it-yourself (software itself is not a competitive advantage);
  • Widespread limited awareness of the product category;
  • Legal
  • The software itself may be patented, so will require Pip to purchase usage rights
competitor analysis
Competitor Analysis
  • Direct Competitors
  • Storyworks (Wellington)
  • Workshops and consulting - provides know-how, creative leadership and technical support (No Website – or co. phone listing)
  • (e)-vision (Wellington) First Digital Media Centre in NZ combined with TUANZ – high profile
  • Academic base (VUW)/objective: awareness -
  • Promoting development of knowledge and skills
  • Digital service - workshops –hands-on instruction to software programmes and script/storyboard development. Claim as first Digital Media Centre in NZ.
competitor analysis11
… Competitor Analysis
  • Indirect Competitors
  • Waipuna Conference Centre (Auckland)
  • Workshops for digital storytelling
  • Intermittant, past presenters from overseas
  • Communico (Auckland)
  • Provides various communication services to organisations, video, design, photography, etc
  • Website cluttered, not user-friendly, no focus service
  • Personal storytelling
  • Gaye Sutton - offers workshops in storying-telling using a range of media;
  • Mary-Alice Arthur – Strongly emphasises storytelling for organisations on her website
  • Louise Starkey – learning based.
  • Unlikely to pursue digital (in the short-term)
competitor analysis12
Competitor Analysis
  • Conclusions
  • Awareness/interest in digital story-telling is growing.
  • Potential for business digital story-telling, potential for personal digital story-telling.
  • No current user-friendly website devoted purely to digital story-telling in New Zealand – implications for internet as a business strategy and first-mover advantage.
porters 5 forces

Threat of New Entrants


Bargaining power of Buyers


Competitor Rivalry


Bargaining power of Suppliers


Threat of Substitutes


Porters 5 Forces
porters 5 forces14
…Porters 5 Forces
  • Build brand, low competitor rivalry exists, but emerging competitors may enter (potential barrier to entry);
  • Establish demand for professional e-stories, to offset other substitutes;
  • Establish an interactive website – informative;
  • Build relationships and loyalty with particular customers;
  • Create a strong relationship with software supplier (potential barrier to entry);
customer analysis
Customer Analysis
  • Partying Young 20’s
  • - Early adopters (technology savvy);
  • - Heavy internet users;
  • - Not keen on professional services as will try to do themselves or get peers (easy availability to substitues);
  • - Price sensitive as likely to be students or young professionals.
  • Family unit
  • - Will appeal to use services for family-oriented reasons - means of expression;
  • - Made up of at least 2 generations;
  • - Relatively price sensitive;
  • - Passion to store memories of special events (emotive side)eg, children growing up;
  • - Influencers in their own family and others.
customer analysis16
… Customer Analysis
  • Tech – inept
  • - Cannot produce anything in the realm of a “Chameleon e-stories” digital story – need professional service;
  • - Technology-expertise is low;
  • - Middle aged (45-65years old)-passion to learn new things;
  • - Not highly price-sensitive
customer analysis17
… Customer Analysis
  • Corporate Employees
  • - A means to present an idea to managers;
  • - Use as a motivational device;
  • Human Resources Manager/Boss
  • - Use to motivate, inspire staff;
  • - Internal positioning/image/ morale boost;
  • - External promotion to shareholders/investors;
  • - A means to communicate company ethos both internally and externally;
  • -Promote positive experiences of staff and clients both internally and externally
  • Company Website creator
  • - External Promotion ie. Staff profiles/ satisfied customers on intranet;
  • - Personalising and giving company a humanistic image;
customer analysis18
… Customer Analysis
  • General Public
  • Tech-Inept segment
  • Corporate
  • - Digital storytelling must be marketed primarily to a managerial figure or decision-maker of a medium to large sized company
  • Human Resources Manager/Boss
  • Very profitable once strong relationships are made.
mission statement
Mission Statement
  • To assist in the weaving of tradition and technology to reveal, discover and reclaim the stories of individuals, groups and organisations in Wellington and the Greater Wellington area.
business objectives
Business Objectives
  • To attain 5% of the storytelling market, within 2 years;
  • Capture at least 80% of the digital storytelling market at the end of the 2 year period;
  • To have copyrighted Pip’s own work by the end of the first year;
  • To have gained use of the software rights before the business begins;
  • The costs of the business set-up and maintenance are kept within budget (+/- 5%) within the first 2 years of set-up (and/or until break-even point).
marketing objectives
… Marketing Objectives
  • Create awareness of ‘Chameleon E-stories’ in 90% of business & consumer markets during the first year;
  • Create interest within 50% of the business market & 20% of the personal market by the end of the 2 year period;
  • Obtain preference over competitors for 50% of the business market & 10% of the personal market, by the end of the 2 year period;
  • Obtain trial among 20% of business market & 5-10% of the personal market within the 2 year period;
marketing objectives22
…Marketing Objectives
  • Develop a customer loyal base through re-purchase, in 5% of each target market by the end of the 2 year period;
  • To develop an interactive website by the end of the first 6 months of operations.
  • Outlined is the marketing plan for Pip’s Digital Storytelling business to go online for the first 2 years of business:
    • Main strength: highly knowledgeable about digital storytelling;
    • Main weakness: limited financial resources, and lack of brand name
    • Opportunity: first-mover advantage
    • Threat: relatively unknown product form; requires software usage rights
    • Main competitor: Storyworks – although they offer a slightly different service
  • Segmentation analysis: Personal & Business markets:
  • Target market: Personal: Tech-inept;

Business: HR manager of corporate organisations.

  • Limited by lack of human and financial resources (such as inability to target all potential business & consumer markets as Pip has no employees/lack of resources)
  • Business & marketing objectives - emphasis on developing interest in product category, and developing brand awareness.

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