clothing is cool l.
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Clothing is Cool!

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Clothing is Cool!. Teen Living Skills Unit 9. Wash or Not?. “Remove ballpoint ink stain by using rubbing alcohol. Place the garment on a towel with the stain toward the towel. Lightly dampen the cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently dab the stain. Avoid rubbing the stain.”

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Clothing is Cool!

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clothing is cool

Clothing is Cool!

Teen Living Skills

Unit 9

wash or not
Wash or Not?

“Remove ballpoint ink stain by using rubbing alcohol. Place the garment on a towel with the stain toward the towel. Lightly dampen the cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently dab the stain. Avoid rubbing the stain.”

wash or not3
Wash or Not?
  • Occasion – an event or happening.
  • Mend – repair a garment.
  • Stain – a spot or soiled place on a garment.
wash or not4
Wash or Not?
  • Basic care guidelines:
    • Dress for the occasion.
    • The more you wear it, the more it wears!
    • Check clothing for mending needs after each wearing.
    • Check clothing for spots and stains after wearing.
    • Use care when dressing and undressing.
    • Follow the care guidelines on the clothing label.
    • Store clothing properly after each use.
words to know
Words to Know
  • Dry flat – drying clothes by laying the item flat and reshaping.
  • Machine dry – drying clothes by using a clothes dryer.
  • Hang dry – place on a hanger to air dry.
fad vs fashion
Fad vs. Fashion

Rinse your swimsuit in cold water after every swim to lengthen the life of the fabric.

  • Classic – styles and colors that are basic and last over a considerable amount of time; they often repeat themselves over the years.
fad vs fashion7
Fad vs. Fashion
  • Fads:
    • Popular for a short period of time; sometimes ends even before a season changes.
  • Fashion:
    • Can be popular over several seasons.
    • May include changes in skirt, jacket, pant length, collar shape, or pant width.
    • Includes classic styles that can be popular for long periods of time.
fad vs fashion8
Fad vs. Fashion

To keep buttons from falling off the garment, put a dab of clear nail polish in the center of the thread after the button is sewn in place.

don t break the bank
Don’t Break the Bank!

Iron clothes at least the night before wearing, as the clothes will wrinkle less.

don t break the bank10
Don’t Break the Bank!
  • Khakis – a pair of slacks made of light olive brown to a light yellow brown.
  • Cost per wear – the mathematical calculation of a clothing item is figured by dividing the number of times it is worn into the price of the outfit.
    • Ex. A formal costs $300 and is worn two times, cost per wearing is $150.
don t break the bank11
Don’t Break the Bank!
  • Accessories – small items that are worn with clothing such as jewelry, shoes, or belt.
  • Dry cleaning – the using of chemicals to clean garments.
don t break the bank12
Don’t Break the Bank!
  • Inventory your wardrobe.
  • Plan purchases with a budget in mind.
  • Mix and match clothing items.
  • Avoid spending a lot of money on fads.
  • Look for accessories to update your current wardrobe.
don t break the bank13
Don’t Break the Bank!
  • Consider the accessories you already own when buying new clothes.
  • Plan to purchase a clothing classic or large clothing purchase toward the end of the season.
  • Consider the cost of care before purchasing.
  • Consider the quality of the garment.
don t break the bank14
Don’t Break the Bank!

Natural fibers such as cotton tend to last longer than manmade fabrics.

it s my color
It’s My Color!

To reduce wrinkling when traveling, layer clothing with dry cleaning bags (without ink on them) or place tissue paper between the clothing items.

it s my color16
It’s My Color!
  • Bulky – very large.
  • Cool colors – colors that include the blues and greens of the color wheel.
  • Warm colors – colors that include the reds and oranges of the color wheel.
it s my color17
It’s My Color!
  • Several factors affect how clothes will look on you. Consider the following:
    • Lines in garment:
      • Vertical lines – tend to add height.
      • Horizontal lines – tend to shorten.
it s my color18
It’s My Color!
  • Texture of fabric:
    • Bulky textures: increase the appearance of the body size.
    • Shiny textures: increase the appearance of the body size.
    • Smooth textures – decrease the appearance of the body size.
it s my color19
It’s My Color!
  • Color of fabric:
    • Warm colors: increase the appearance of body size.
    • Cool colors: decrease the appearance of the body size.
  • Patterns of fabric:
    • Large patterns: increase the appearance of body size.
    • Solids: decrease the appearance of the body size.
it s my color20
It’s My Color!
  • Shape of garment:
    • Shoulder pads: make the waist look smaller as it draws attention to the shoulders.
buy or sew
Buy or Sew?
  • Reasons for buying clothes.
    • Takes less time.
    • Can save money.
    • Can see how it will look without spending any money.
    • Can see how the clothes will fit before buying.
buy or sew22
Buy or Sew?
  • Reasons for sewing your own clothes.
    • Can meet individual tastes.
    • Can increase creativity.
    • Can improve the quality of the product.
    • Can fit to an individual’s size.
    • Can save money.
    • Learn to follow a project to completion.
buy or sew23
Buy or Sew?
  • Can have a variety of fabric selections.
  • Can reuse patterns and make use of fabric scraps for future projects.
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment.
  • Learn to use problem-solving skills.
  • Learn to appreciate the work involved in sewing clothing.
  • Learn the skills that can create business and career opportunities.
i love color
I Love Color!

Teenagers spend nearly all of their disposable income on clothes while adults spend only about 6-10%.

i love color25
I Love Color!
  • Contrast – to have opposites so as to emphasize differences.
  • Illusion – creating an appearance that is different than what is actually seen.
i love color26
I Love Color!
  • Color has a big impact on clothing. What effects can it have? Just look below:
    • Color creates a feeling.
      • Warm colors: create a feeling of brightness and cheerfulness.
      • Cool colors: create a feeling of calmness and peace.
i love color27
I Love Color!
  • Color creates illusion.
    • Dark colors, cool colors, and dull colors make you look smaller.
    • Light colors, warm colors, and bright colors make you look larger.
    • Wearing all one color make you look taller.
    • Wearing contrasting colors make you look shorter.

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