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  1. 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Payroll Service Provider Most organizations are realizing that managing payroll manually or with in- house teams can become very cumbersome and is highly error prone. Several have already taken a smart decision to have this tedious task managed by a specialized provider.

  2. Here are 10 essential questions to ask when choosing the right payroll service provider for you: 1.Is it an End to End payroll service provider? Which services are included? Managing payroll is not only about processing salaries, but there is more to it. Think about statutory compliances, employee reimbursements, loans & advances, leave management, year-end IT related activities like proof collection, issuance of form 16 etc. It is important that you select a payroll service provider who offers end to end payroll. 2.How easy is it to migrate to the new payroll system/process? You are following certain processes. How easy does the vendor make it for you to migrate to the new payroll process/ system? The migration needs to be managed smoothly and seamlessly without any loss of data or captured information. 3.How secure is the service? As you handover your confidential and crucial payroll data to payroll vendor you should verify and ensure that they use the highest encryption standards available. Also check that their systems are protected from any external threats such as virus, malware or hacking and they follow Business Continuity plans (BCP) as well as Disaster Recovery plans (DRP) to ensure that any calamity does not affect business operations of clients 4.What are the safety measures/standards taken at their data centre? The vendor’s data centres hold your sensitive payroll information. As you choose a payroll provider, it is really important to know the safety standards that the vendor is deploying to protect data from break-ins and natural disasters. The payroll provider should have multiple layers of security, including biometric scanning for controlled access, entry restrictions at their data centres. 5.How prompt is their customer support? No matter how robust or complete the vendor solution is, you will always need some kind of support in case of any exceptions or any escalations. How easy is it to get to their customer support and how responsive and attentive are they to meet your exact requirements. Typically vendors will offer customer support via phone, email, web as well as chat options.

  3. 6.How will employees access their payroll data? How will HR admins access payroll reports? It is important for employees to have anytime access to their payroll data and same way for HR admins to have access to overall payroll details to generate reports. The payroll system should have a role based access with secure login credentials. Payroll service providers usually have a payroll portal for employees as well as HR admins. 7.Can the vendor’s payroll solution offer integration solutions to standard enterprise systems? As an organization, you may be using enterprise systems like SAP to manage your overall finance & accounting. How easy is it to integrate data from the payroll vendor to this enterprise system? 8.Can the payroll service scale up to meet business needs? Over time, your business will grow and so will the number of employees. Can your vendor quickly scale to meet your requirements? 9.Does the vendor offer the flexibility to make a tax declaration online Most employees prefer to manage their tax declarations online. HR organization also prefer this as it reduces errors significantly, besides offering convenience to employees. Does the vendor offer possibilities of managing tax declarations online? 10.Does the vendor offer you customized reports to meet your requirements? Apart from standard reports, most businesses look for custom reports to meet their requirements. Does your vendor offer the flexibility to create and provide custom reports for you?

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