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How To Become Successful In Your Career PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Become Successful In Your Career

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How To Become Successful In Your Career - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Practical advice to become successful in your career...

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    be first with a purpose

    Be first, with a purpose

    Be the first to arrive each day

    Do something visibly worthwhile

    for the company.

    Take care of unresolved problems

    from the day before.

    Set things up so it's easier for

    employees to hit the ground

    running when they arrive.

    Chip away at an ongoing project

    others are ignoring.

    Be the one who gets in early and gets

    things done. The example you set will

    quickly spread.

    be known for something specific

    Be known for something specific

    Be the one known for turning

    around struggling employees

    Be the one who makes a few

    deliveries a week to personally

    check in with customers

    Be the one who consistently

    promotes from within

    Be known as the person who

    responds quicker, or acts faster,

    or who always follows up first.

    Pick a worthwhile mission and excel

    at that mission.

    create your own side project

    Create your own side project

    Excelling at an assigned project is

    expected. Excelling at a side

    project helps you stand out.

    Experiment with a new process or

    service with a particular customer

    in mind

    put your muscle where your mouth is

    Put your muscle where your mouth is

    Lots of people take verbal stands.

    Fewer take a stand and put effort

    behind their opinions.

    Say you think a project has gone off

    the rails; instead of simply showing

    everyone how smart you are by

    pointing out its flaws and

    revamping the timeline, jump in

    and help fix it.

    It's easy to criticize what's wrong or

    to talk about what should be

    changed or could be improved. The

    people who stand out are the ones

    who help do something about it.

    show a little of your personal side

    Show a little of your personal side

    Personal interests help other

    people to identify and remember


    Just make sure your personal

    interests don't overshadow

    professional accomplishments.

    Let people know a little about

    you; a few personal details add

    color and depth to your

    professional image.

    work harder than everyone else

    Work harder than everyone else

    Nothing--nothing--is a substitute

    for hard work. Look around: How

    many of your competitors are

    working as hard as they can?

    The best way to stand out is to try

    to out-work everyone else.

    It's also the easiest, because

    you'll be the only one trying.