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10 Effective Google Adwords Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Effective Google Adwords Tips

10 Effective Google Adwords Tips

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10 Effective Google Adwords Tips

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  1. 10 Effective Google AdwordsTips BY

  2. Google Adwords Google Adwords is a powerful platform which you can utilize for displaying your ads and sell your product and services to your target audience. It is a easy way to promote your brand image and grab the attention of your new and returning clients. While advertising with Adwords you should make proper application of keywords which is the most relevant part.

  3. You need to set certain goals & objectives before creating your PPC account

  4. Things to Check out before creating your ads • Make a proper review of your site before creating your ad. • Google Adwords provides you with the flexibility to set a maximum amount you want to spend per visitor. • If you think that your site is completely ready then create an account in Google Adwords.

  5. Essential tips for Google Adwords Success are listed below : • Before creating a campaign and ad group you first need to understand it clearly. Campaign is a collection of ad groups. For a particular set of keywords ad groups manage specific ads.

  6. Avoid using bundle of keywords into one campaign and one ad group. • Make proper research and try to put relevant keywords in your ad. • Avoid bidding wars and try to be more specific regarding your keywords.

  7. Make a proper utilization of negative keywords for increasing your ad group's CTR(click through rate). • If you want that your ad to be displayed whenever someone searches for your keywords then try to set your budget higher than Google recommends.

  8. Google Adwords campaign management provides you the flexibility to create a powerful ad with proper utilization of keywords so that it can easily grab the attention of your potential customer. • Try to use a relevant landing page for your ad.

  9. You can keep a track on your ad's performance by keeping an eye on Click-Through-Rates (CTR), CPC and other ad-centric information. • Make utilization of supported devices (eg ipads) to target your ads.

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