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International Patient Surrogacy

International Patient Surrogacy

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International Patient Surrogacy

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  1. International Patient Surrogacy The reason that most of the international patients are now visiting India, to have the surrogacy because of the flexibility in the law, apart from it surrogacy is illegal in most of the countries either commercial or altruistic. As we all know that if a patient is visiting India for the purpose of the surrogacy so he or she will be worried because many from us not have the complete knowledge of the concept of the surrogacy or they have the fear that may be any doctor will misguide them so in that situation MYRA IVF will provide the complete information of the concept of the surrogacy to the patient because ‘’transparency’’ is one of the branches of the services that we provide to our ideal customer.

  2. Safety And Legalities In India: As we have mentioned that in most of the countries surrogacy is illegal but in India is legal as commercial as well as altruistic. Even in those countries where it is legal so the price of surrogacy procedure is very high but in that case as compared to them we are the fine price and the availability of the surrogate mother.

  3. Success Rate Of Surrogacy In India: Process Success • The success rate of surrogacy totally depends on what kinds of surrogacy the patient will select like- Gestational surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and egg, gestational surrogacy and donor sperm. So the success rate of surrogacy has a great impact of the treatment by which the patient is concerned.

  4. Surrogacy Packages In India: If surrogacy is illegal in your country and planning to have it in our country so the patient firstly would be very strong because it is one of the long and emotional journey then select the surrogacy option at the through birth certificate, FRRO exit, and baby passport the patient can easily visit in their country with the baby.

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