evaluation java c c and selenium training n.
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Evaluation Java, C, C and Selenium Training in Electronic Devices PowerPoint Presentation
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Evaluation Java, C, C and Selenium Training in Electronic Devices

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Evaluation Java, C, C and Selenium Training in Electronic Devices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Besant Technologies offers the best Selenium Training in Bangalore with the aid of the most talented and well experienced professionals. Our instructors are working in Selenium and related technologies for quite a number of years in leading multi-national companies around the world.

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evaluation java c c and selenium training

Evaluation Java, C, C++ and Selenium Training

in Electronic Devices



Why C or C++ is not used in electronic devices such as Microwave Ovens, Toasters,

etc. and run Selenium Automation Testing training .

The answer is simple, C and C++ needs compilers in every electronic device to compile

the programs into Object files. And the compilers will be costly and will take time for

compiling. In Java, the code is converted directly into byte codes. Thus the cost and

time will be less.

This could be one of the reasons. Moreover, Java is Platform Independent language –

this could be another.

For learning Selenium



, no programming skills are required. ELECTRONIC

Web Based Applications:

Selenium is a web based automation tool for testing web based applications.

Now, every business has websites and it became a major medium for marketing and

advertising the brand, so serve the existing customers better and to attract more clients

many web-based applications are being developed.

So, at this step, the testing of this web-based application becomes necessary to ensure

the better performance. Web Based Applications

Latest Technology :

This latest technology of selenium web driver allows users to execute without the help

of selenium remote control server. The process of testing became easy for people to

work with selenium Web driver.

Selenium supports many powerful features it is user-friendly which can be understood


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create an affordable learning platform for beginners and professionals.

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