step social transformation and educational prosperity annual report 2006 n.
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  1. STEPSOCIAL TRANSFORMATION AND EDUCATIONAL PROSPERITYANNUAL REPORT 2006 • In 2006, Social Transformation & Educational Prosperity-STEP, entered into sixth year of its community sustainable Development. • There are lot of exposures renewals are approached • Through community based activities. • The internal and external evaluations • The sharing of community of local area and STEP Members experiences • The participation with the Local and national forums. • Cooperation and participatory activities with grassroots organizations. • The networking with local and national organizations. • STEP is self sufficient in human potential by volunteers and local Community participation. • The Team of STEP and Local community is committed to facilitate the grassroots community for the Education and social • Transformation for the environmental Prosperity • Starting from the self identifying, self supported developmental activities and programs. • The main objective of this report is to keep members and supporters aware of STEP activities, problems encountered, objectives, • and local activities with the communities. • STEP would like to thank the Team of STEP and Community day and night efforts, all the members who contribute and provide • Finical and moral support for the betterment of deprived community of the Society. • BACKGROUND:- • Social Transformation & Educational prosperity-STEP is a small organization working with grassroots communities of Faisalabad • slum • , urban and remote rural areas. For the sake of sustainable development. • STEP started work with the community in 2000.All the members made their ambition to develop communities by coordination and • participation. Social Transformation &Educational Prosperity- STEP did not develop big activities but implemented small communit • y based activities. • STEP believes on participatory work so all the activities that we have organized communal participation are the main element. Either • by their material contribution or by Human Resources. • Objectives: • To develop the community in their existing resources. • To promote grass root level community based developmental activities. • To work for the reduction of gender discrimination • To support the deprived women of the society • To work for the better health, peace & harmony and educational promotional activities.

  2. Contents of STEP Activities:- • Local Activities with community • Health Activities • Education and Training • Capacity Building Work shops and Training • National and International days Celebration • Youth • Women • Collaboration with local NGOs and CBOs • Environment /Agriculture (Meeting with farmers (Kisan) • Peace and Harmony Activities • Old Age care Center • Work plan for the Rehabilitation for disables • Failures /Problems encountered during this year • Future Evaluation and Plans • Resources of STEP • Organizational Structure STEP President during Local Community meeting Community month meeting with STEP. Community meetings with local Community:- STEP has continue monthly meetings with the local level community for the betterment and development Activities identified by the community

  3. Community meetings with local Community:-STEP has continue monthly meetings with the local level community for the betterment and development Activities identified by the community.In this monthly meeting, there are some issues which are discussed and planed for their collective Development.There were main issues for the year of 2006.Community Awareness meetings on monthly basis Advantages of Education and future plansHow sports create positive thinking , youthfuture Youth personal grooming planning and their Tendency.Christmas Celebration with CommunitySummary:-STEP is working with the different areas and community of Faisalabad at grass root level.With the monthly meeting with old people, youth and children.There were many issues discussed and nominated problems and issues.Thecommunitysharedtheirideasandfinally those problems brought in the, Seminars, rally, Sportsand inExhibitions.Thecommunity discussed their problems that how they are lacking in EducationalOpportunitiesEmployment opportunities Girls/Boys Skilled trainingsHealthfacilitiesLeadershiptrainings Peace and Harmony Social and Economic issuesResults:-The community themselves Finalized that their unity and continually meetings with STEP Organization Contribution and efforts will change the destiny from darkness to light.

  4. Health Activities:-Participants of the child prevention day STEP has started Awareness Programs in the local areas where there Poor health, less income, less space to live and more children.STEP during child prevention daySTEP has Started Seminars, Door to door Campaign and rally for awareness.One day Seminar about the awareness and precautions upon Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever at local level.Themes were how people can keep their house clean, cover drinking water, and clean the fungus (Plants-bottles) under the plants.Organized by STEP on Saturday 28th 2006.The main motive was to provide information about the mosquitoes and Dengue fever and provide guidance how they can save their self from this disease. STEP during child prevention day Participant of child prevention

  5. HIV/AIDS Awareness program with Local Community of Faisalabad Pakistan. • (Human Immune Virus) awareness and general Precautions. • The motives: - on 1st of December 2006 • Introduction of HIV/AIDS Awareness and precautions. • To Provide Facts and figures of AIDS patients International, National and at local level. • Motivation to utilized local resources for better health. • Participation of local NGO’s CBOs and new Generation community groups. • Safety precautions awareness for the better health of the new Generation. • Awareness program for the women against some fatal Diseases. • Family planning and Awareness • Poor health • Infant deaths and disability • Door to door awareness volunteers meetings. • The population of Pakistan is 165,803,560 (according to the July 2006 estimate). • Population growth rate is 2.09%. • HIV/AIDS-Adult Prevalence rate 0.1% (according to the 2001 estimated) • People are living with HIV/AIDS 74,000 (according to the 2001 estimated) • HIV/AIDS-deaths 4,900(according to the 2003 estimated now there will be more then this). • There are about 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS.

  6. Globally only 1.3 million people have access to treatment HIV/AIDS is increasing in every region in the world. Participant of different local organization during capacity building program Capacity Building Work shop Collaboration with Local organization. • STEP participated Capacity building programs with AWARD Association Faisalabad with different work shops. • Project Proposal & report writing • Basic book keep • Community organization • Evaluation and Monitoring

  7. The president of STEP, General Secretary and Finance Secretary participated in Capacity building one year program. • Objectives of the Program: • To arrange work shop for local youth groups and NGOs • To provide plat form for guidance • To provide basic practical practice • To amplify the hidden qualities in social groups and emphasized on team work. • Educational Activities:-STEP is very active in Formal education the school (Mashal-e-Rah model school) has become very popular in the local community.People of the area felt improvement and changing in their kids. • We could not establish more classes due to lack of funds for the school • There was improvement in Adult education more young girls have started to come in the evening time in the beginning there were 13 girls but now there are 23 girls and young boys. • There is also information education for the school dropouts and working boys. • We have our emphasized upon skilled education soon computer education Beauty saloon Education and courses. • National and International Days Celebration:- • Motives of the International Days Celebration:- • The main focus of the STEP to motivate the people. • To provide Facts and figure to the Local community.

  8. NGOs and CBOs participations • Arrangement of sharing lobbying, To arrange the plat form for the local • Impacts of the Programs:- • People know the value of these days in their local language • They share with each other their qualities • They know each other in the better way • They know their basic rights. • Work for the Women and youth: • STEP has main focus on youth of which is tomorrow’s future • Deprived women of the society are also getting the advantage of getting adult education and others skilled Trainings. • Collaboration with Local NGOs:- • STEP has Joint the cluster of the local Organization for the different Activities Combine. • STEP in the Field of Agriculture:- • STEP using the local sources with Kissan in the agriculture field. • Provided seed to the poor farmer to start their work • Trees for the plantation to make free our country from Pollution. • Peace and Harmony Activities:- • STEP has arranged different peace rallies among different religions • and Sects. • Failures /Problems encountered:- • In 2006 STEP has achieved lot of success with it there are problems encountered • Could not work to improve the primary health problems due to funds. • Could not established free dispensary due to funds. • Could not keep in touch with different villages women due to lack of transport facility. • Could not start HIV/AIDS awareness due to funds. • Could not give the more facility at mashal-e-Rah model school due to funds. • Could not start income generating work with local women and girls due to technical machines. • Could not continue relief efforts for the earth quake victims due to lack of funds. • Future Evaluation and plans:- Women s day participant organized by STEP STEP member having group exercise during women day seminar