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Map of the United States Map of New Jersey Map of Hunterdon County Map of Flemington Area PowerPoint Presentation
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Map of the United States Map of New Jersey Map of Hunterdon County Map of Flemington Area

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Map of the United States Map of New Jersey Map of Hunterdon County Map of Flemington Area
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Map of the United States Map of New Jersey Map of Hunterdon County Map of Flemington Area

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  1. Welcome to Hunterdon Central Regional High School Map of the United States Map of New Jersey Map of Hunterdon County Map of Flemington Area Community Information Transportation Parks/Recreation/Fitness Health/Hospital

  2. Community Information continued Local Municipal Offices Emergency Services Libraries Hunterdon Helpline English Hunterdon Helpline Español ? ?

  3. Community Information continued Schools continued Hunterdon Central High School HCRHS Emergency Closing Info HCRHS Sports/Activities/Bus HCRHS Graduation Report Cards Attendance HCRHS

  4. ESL at HCRHS Goal of ESL Entrance into ESL Skills in ESL Help in Other Classes Exit out of ESL How long does it take? Testing ESL for Family & Friends back next menu

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  14. Hunterdon Helpline now offering • Translation Center Source of information • and referral for Hunterdon County • Call 2-1-1 or (800) 272- 4630 to.… • ...get emergency shelter • ...prevent a suicide • ...get access to healthcare • ...get questions and answers about immigration • any form of abuse to an appropriate agency • ...learn about agencies and services that offer • financial assistance • ...check on a Link bus back next menu

  15. a troubled friend • about a personal problem • ...find help for marital, family, • or personal emotional difficulties • ...get connected to programs for drug and alcohol addiction • ...find phone numbers for local, state, and federal • government agencies and officials • ...find a support group • ...get help for an injured animal • ...purchase a Hunterdon County Human Services Directory • ... receive regularly scheduled senior assurance calls • ….have food delivered in an emergency back next menu

  16. Hunterdon Helpline ahora ofrece • Centre de Traduccion Para referencias • e informacion Condado de Hunterdon • Llame at 2-1-1 o (800) 272- 4630 para ... • ...refugio de emergencia • ...prevenir un suicidio • ...obtener acceso a asistencia medica • ...preguntas y ayuda sobre inmigracion • ...informar cualquier forma del abuso a una agenda • apropiada ...aprender acera de agencias y servicios que ofrecen ayuda financiera back next menu

  17. ...averiguar sobre el transporte y el autobus Link • ...ayudar un amigo que tiene problemas • ...hablanos de un problema personal • ...encuentre ayuda para problemas maritales, de la familia, • o problemas emodonales • ...educacion e informacion sobre ayuda para • la prevencion y el abuso de sustancias toxicas, • alcohoiismo, drogadiccion y la adiccion • al tabaco back next menu

  18. ...obtener numeros de telefono sobre agencias de! • gobierno que ofrecen ayuda local, estatal, federal y • a obtener conexfon con funcionarios • ...encuentrar un grupo de apoyo • ...obtener ayuda para un animal herido . • ..averiguar donde comprar una guia de servicios humanos • del Condado de Hunterdon • ...llamadas de reconforte para ancianos • ...averiguar donde recibir ayuda de alimento en caso de • una emergencia .. • ...averiguar donde hacer o recibir donatives • de ropa, muebies, o otros articulos. . back next menu

  19. ....averiguar donde conseguir un pasaporte . • ..oportunidades como voluntario • .. como encontrar refugio para mujeres maltratadas . • ..y mucho mas. • Hunterdon Helpline, Inc., No discrimina en base de discapacidad, sexo, raza, creencia, orientacion sexual, u origen nacional.Cuando usted no sabe a quien llamar - Llame al Centre de Traduccio • 24 horas al dia, 7 dias a la semana Pida hablar con • alguien en Espano 2-1-1 back next menu

  20. Flemington - Raritan Township • Barley Sheaf E.S.80 Barley Sheaf Road Flemington, NJ 08822-9180 (908) 284-7584 • Copper Hill E. S. • 100 Everitts Rd. Ringoes, NJ 08551 (908) 284-7660 • Francis A. Desmares E.S. • 16 Old Clinton Road Flemington, NJ 08822-1325 (908) 284-7540 • Robert Hunter E.S. 8 Dayton Road Flemington, NJ 08822-9104 (908) 284-7620 PUBLIC SCHOOLS SENDING TO HUNTERDON CENTRAL Reading-Fleming M.S. MIDDLE SCHOOL50 Court Street Flemington, NJ 08822-1325 (908) 284-7504 back next menu

  21. Readington Township Holland Brook School E. S. School Type: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 52 Readington Road, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 Phone: (908) 823-0454 Readington Middle School School Type: MIDDLE SCHOOL 48 Readington Rd. P.O. Box 700 Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 (908) 534-2113 Three Bridges E.S. School Type: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PO Box 443480 Main Street Three Bridges, NJ 08887 (908) 782-2141 Whitehouse E. S. School Type: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 50 Whitehouse Ave., Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889Phone: (908) 534-4411 back next menu

  22. Delaware Township Delaware Township E. S. School Type: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 501 Rosemont-Ringoes Road PO Box 1000 Sergeantsville, NJ 08557 (609) 397-3197 East Amwell Township East Amwell E. S. School Type: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 43 Wertsville Rd. P.O. Box 680 Ringoes, NJ 08551 (908) 782-6464 back next menu


  24. Hunterdon Central Regional High School • Hunterdon Central H.S. School Type: FOUR-YEAR HIGH SCHOOL84 Route 31 • Flemington, NJ 08822-1239 • (908) 284-7155 • Web site – • School nickname – Red Devils • ESL Teacher - Pamela Vance • back next menu

  25. Hunterdon Central Regional High School Important Things to Know: A. Calendar – check the school calendar for days of school, days off from school and important events. B. Emergency School Closings – (Bad weather/emergency) Radio Stations: WMGQ 98.3 FM WCTC 1450 AM Jersey 101.5 FM WCVH 90.5 FM (HCRHS Radio) Television Stations: HCTV Channel 14 back next menu

  26. HCRHS continued… Time for School: Begin – 7:35 am End – 2:03 pm SPORTS and Activities at HCRHS: There are many sports and activities/clubs available for students. Students will be given a list in September. Activity BUS – There is a free bus available 3 days a week to take students home after sports/activities/extra help. Tutorial/EXTRA Help - Teachers are available 3 days a week until 2:50 pm to help students. (Usually Tues, Wed and Thurs) back next menu

  27. Graduation Students need 120 credits to graduate from HCRHS. Full year class = 10 credits, ½ year class = 5 credits, ¼ year class = 2.5 credits. Students need the following credits: 20 credits in English 10 credits in US History 5 credits in World History/World Cultures 10 credits in World Language 15 credits in Math 15 credits in Science 20 credits in Health/Physical Education 2 ½ credits in Career Education 10 credits in Practical, Fine or Performing Arts 12 ½ credits in electives or choices All students must pass the NJ High School Proficiency Assessment Test to graduate. There are test preparation classes given at HCRHS. back next menu

  28. HCRHS continued… Attendance (going to class) – Students should: - attend class every day and come to class on time -missing (absence) 3 or more days needs a note from the doctor -missing school (absence) or coming late must be telephoned to school by parent or guardian Report Cards – a written report of student progress and ability in class. Report cards are sent home 4 times each year. back next menu

  29. Goal of ESL Program It is the goal of the HCRHS ESL program to help the ESL student learn language and social skills needed to be successful in school, New Jersey and the USA as quickly as possible. back next menu

  30. Entrance into ESL Program When a new student enters HCRHS and says that English is not spoken at home, or that the student had ESL classes in another school, the ESL teacher will meet with the student to decide what kind of help the student may need. back next menu

  31. ESL ESL CLASS Classes are made up of small groups of students who have similar skill levels.  Skills practiced on a daily basis include: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  back next menu

  32. HELP for ESL Students The ESL class is a place for students to practice oral presentations, edit reports and get help with projects from other classes as well as adjust to life in an American high school. The ESL classroom should be a comfortable, relaxed place to experiment with English and become familiar with American customs and culture.  The ESL teacher will work with other teachers to help the ESL students complete as much work as possible. As the ESL students learn more English, they will be responsible for doing more class work. back next menu

  33. Exit from ESL Program The student must be able to speak, read, write and listen to friends as well as teachers, counselors and staff.  The student should be comfortable with the content in other classes as well as other social situations in school. When the ESL teacher, the content teachers and the student are confident that the student will be successful, the parent/guardians will receive a letter about exiting the ESL program. back next menu

  34. IT MAY TAKE AS LONG AS 7 YEARS TO BECOME FLUENT IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE!    Many things change how quickly a student learns English, including: length of time in the USA age level and grade level, difficulty of contentarea work, and as is true with any student in any language, the amount of work the student does in order to succeed.  back next menu

  35. Testing Students who enter the ESL program will be given a NJ State approved ESL test to find their skill level.  ESL students are expected to take the NJ State required HSPA test in order to graduate from high school.  There are HSPA preparation courses available to all HCRHS students.  back next menu

  36. ESL Classes for Family and Friends • Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission – (908) 788-1360 or (908) 203-5092. Beginning – advanced ESL classes offered day or night. Classes available in Flemington, Lambertville, Somerville and Manville. • Princeton Adult Education – (609) 683-1101. Beginning – advanced ESL classes at Princeton High School at night. • Princeton YWCA – (609) 497-2100. Beginning – advanced ESL classes offered day and night. • Raritan Valley Community College – (908) 526-1200. Beginning – advanced ESL classes offered day or night. (Branchburg, NJ – off Rte 22 between Somerville and Clinton) back next menu

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