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Learning Objects

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Learning Objects. Shu Liu, Digital Content Librarian Colorado State University Libraries shu.liu@colostate.edu. Computers in Libraries 2007 C205: Gaming & Learning April 17, 2007 Washington, DC. Agenda. Introduction to Learning Objects Examples of Learning Objects

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Learning Objects

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learning objects

Learning Objects

Shu Liu, Digital Content Librarian

Colorado State University Libraries


Computers in Libraries 2007

C205: Gaming & Learning

April 17, 2007 Washington, DC

  • Introduction to Learning Objects
  • Examples of Learning Objects
  • Learning Objects & Library Resources
  • Current Developments
  • Q & A

A learning object is an online tool that includes a learning objective, a learning process, and assessment of learning, providing an interactive experience, to help learners digest a specific piece of knowledge, or master how to complete a specific task.


Learning Objects






Wisc-Online, Faculty Builders Resources – The Teaching Granularity Scale

http://www.wisc-online.com/members/resources/builders.asp, c2005.

academic example 1
Academic Example 1

Wisc-Online (Wisconsin Online Resource Center)

  • A digital library of learning objects.
  • Developed primarily by faculty from the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS)
  • Objects produced by multimedia technicians.
  • Accessible to all WTCS faculty at no cost and with copyright clearance for use in any WTCS classroom or online application.
  • Other institutions in the US and worldwide use the library with permission.
  • Registration is easy and free!
Object Example from Wisc-Online:

The 12 Cranial Nerves

Author: Barbara LiangTechnician: TeeJay Spilman School: Fox Valley Technical College   Date: 2/5/2004Description: In this interactive and animated object, learners read a description of the number, name, and function of the cranial nerves. A matching quiz completes the activity.

academic example 2
Academic Example 2

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching)

  • A continually growing catalog of online learning materials to help faculty enhance instruction.
  • An international consortium that cooperates to transform and improve higher education.
  • A community of individual members who share and enrich teaching and learning experiences.
  • A technology initiative with its own infrastructure and dynamically designed set of tools and software development policies.
  • Anyone can use free!
Object Example from MERLOT:

Reframing America: Photography through the Eyes of Immigrants (MERLOT Record) –

* MERLOT link broken, use site: Educator’s Guide

Angle, Framing, and Light

Author: Cass Fey, The Center for Creative Photography at The University of Arizona

Submitter: Garry Forger

Material Type: Tutorial

Technical Format: HTML/Text

Date Added: November 06, 2001

Date Modified: July 11, 2006

academic example 3
Academic Example 3
  • UTOPIA (UTOPIA - University of Texas at Austin)
    • A digital gateway that provides access to the University of Texas at Austin’s reservoir of knowledge and cultural assets
    • Launched in 2004
    • Spearheaded by the University of Texas Libraries
    • Guidance from a national advisory board and additional assistance from K-12 educators all around Texas
    • Team is composed of content librarians, graphic designers, Web site builders, writers, programmers, information architects, videographers and more
    • Available to anyone, anywhere, at absolutely no cost!
Object Example from UTOPIA (UT Austin):

Site: Art Across the Curriculum

Also check out this version:


Description: The Blanton Museum of Art puts an artistic slant on social studies with a collection of history lesson plans based on works of art

Object: “Learning Empathy through Art: From That Day On”

or “Overcoming Censorship through Art: Zero Dollar”

More Academic Examples:
    • University System of Georgia: ALT
    • Portland State University: Instructional Design Handbook
business example 1
Business Example 1

Microsoft Office Online Training

  • Object Example:

Link data to diagrams I: Getting started

business example 2
Business Example 2

Apple Learning Interchange 2007

also see: Apple Education Products: iLife

  • Object Example:

Newspapers: A Connection to Our Past

(Middle School Social Studies Lesson Idea)

current developments
Current Developments
  • In Australia:
    • AICTEC Technical Standards
    • Education Network Australia (edna)
    • The Learning Federation
    • HavestRoad Hive®
  • In Canada: The BELLE Project
  • In Europe:
    • The ARIADNE Foundation
    • Learning Technologies Workshop
  • In Hong Kong: LEARNet
  • In the United States:
    • ADL
    • IMS
list of urls discussed
List of URLs Discussed
  • Wisc-Online: http://www.wisc-online.com/
  • MERLOT: http://www.merlot.org/
  • UTOPIA (UT Austin): http://utopia.utexas.edu/
  • Microsoft Office Online Training: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/training/default.aspx
  • Apple Learning Interchange 2007: http://edcommunity.apple.com/ali
  • And try Google search the examples!
further resources
Further Resources
  • “What are Learning Objects” at LEARNet: http://learnet.hku.hk/objects.htm
  • “Learning Object” on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_object
  • Chuck Barrit & F. Lee Alderman Jr. Creating a Reusable Learning Objects Strategy: Leveraging Information and Learning in a Knowledge Economy. Pfeiffer, 2004.
  • Tom Barron, “Learning Object Approach is Making Inroads,” 2002. http://www.learningcircuits.org/2002/may2002/barron.html
  • Reusable Learning: http://www.reusablelearning.org/
  • Reusability.org: http://www.reusability.org/