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Henry And Risby

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Henry And Risby. By: Charlie. Number Of Pages . It has 192 pages. Author . The author is Beverly Cleary. Characters . Henry Huggins Ribsy Mr. Huggins Mrs. Huggins . Main character .

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Henry And Risby

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henry and risby

Henry And Risby

By: Charlie

number of pages
Number Of Pages

It has 192 pages.


The author is Beverly Cleary.

  • Henry Huggins
  • Ribsy
  • Mr. Huggins
  • Mrs. Huggins
main character
Main character

Henry Huggins is a very brave child and some times a klutz. He is an only child. He is a sixth grader and often plays with his two best friends. He loves his dog Ribsy very much and has a lot of adventures with him. He is a likeable boy with brown hair.

  • Most of the story takes place in Henry’s front yard.
  • Sometimes Henry is at the school playground.
  • The story also takes place at the lake that is hours away from Henry’s house.
main setting
Main Setting
  • The main setting is in the front yard. Henry is always their sitting with his two friends, Robert and Scooter , playing games. He lives on that property. The front yard is where his dog Ribsy pulled out his teeth which were loose. His neighborhood reminds me of where most of us live with sidewalks and nice green grass. Ribsy, his dog, is always in the front yard with Henry.
  • Henry and his father go fishing.
  • Henry catches a HUGE fish.
  • Another big event is the time when Henry’s mother cuts his hair.
  • Henry’s mom told Robert and Scooter’s mom too buy the cutters so that the boys would all look alike.
  • Another big story is when Ribsy, Henry’s dog attacks the garbage man.
the end
The End
  • That is all for my wikitastic book review on Beverly Cleary’s book Henry and Ribsy