ending violent crime must be higher priority l.
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Ending violent crime must be higher priority

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Ending violent crime must be higher priority - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ending violent crime must be higher priority. Detroit News Editorial January 5, 2005. Violent crime.

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ending violent crime must be higher priority

Ending violent crime must be higher priority

Detroit News Editorial

January 5, 2005

violent crime
Violent crime
  • Violent crime spiked in the first six months of 2005 in Detroit and some other Michigan cities, but short-term fluctuations may be an unfair barometer of a city's crime climate. Longer term, during the last 15 years, Detroit has made significant progress in cutting its violent crime rate and murder rate.
  • But compared with other cities, Detroit violence and murder rates remain unacceptably high. In 2005, Detroit's 374 homicides amounted to more than 40 murders for every 100,000 residents. Baltimore had a similar murder rate, and New Orleans in the last few years has outpaced Detroit.
  • But most larger cities had significantly lower murder rates last year. New York had about 7 murders for every 100,000 residents; Los Angeles had about 13, and Chicago had 15.
economic impacts of crime
Economic Impacts of Crime
  • Costs (What Society gives up!)
    • Destruction of Human Life
      • For example 375 deaths x earnings of $25,000 per person (probably conservative) lead to losses of $9.375 Million per year – EVERY YEAR
      • Destruction of Property
economic impacts of crime4
Economic Impacts of Crime
  • Transfers
    • Stolen property goes from one person to another. It’s not strictly a cost, but …
    • Locks, burglar alarms, Dobermans ARE a cost.
  • Business that might come here may go somewhere else.
  • Property values may go down here – up elsewhere.
simple analysis
Simple Analysis

Values here

Values there

  • If land here becomes unattractive, due to crime, demand  here;  there!








  • It may be a transfer, but it’s definitely a cost to those who live in high crime areas!

Land here

Land there


Is related to

Impact of crime