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Background on this Bulletin Board

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Background on this Bulletin Board

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background on this bulletin board
Background on this Bulletin Board
  • I was listening to a lot of my residents girlfriends talking about the dates that their boyfriends take them on and how they would like to be surprised more often.  This Bulletin Board would be really good for a guys hall during February!  I went online and found some really cute date ideas, most of them being inexpensive. 
  • To make the board, just print out the presentation on white paper and staple it up to a red background.  To add a little more holiday spirit I kiddy cornered some florescent pink paper behind it. 
  • The board is a little dorky but the guys on my floor appreciated it and their girlfriends thought it was fun too!!





Tired of the typical dinner and a movie date. Surprise the woman in your life by showing her that you are able to be romantic and inventive! Being creative will impress her and show her that you care. You can use one date idea or combine a bunch of them together to make the date your own.


Go fly a kite!

Take the typical day at the beach a step further by grabbing a kite at one of the local gift shops.


Make a wish:

Find a fountain and throw in 10 pennies, taking turns making wishes.


Sweet Surprise:

Stop at a fancy bakery and pick out a treat each – for each other.


Pretend You’re Tourists:

Visit the local hot spots that the tourists in your area come to visit. Take a camera, have fun, and be silly.


Multiple Dining:

Keep your meal on the move! Go to one place for an appetizer, another for dinner, and finish at a quaint ice cream parlor for dessert. It can be as inexpensive as you choose.


The Classic Picnic:

Pack a lunch and head outdoors. Enjoy nature by bringing some extra bread to feed the birds!


Change up the Movie Date:

Not only are drive-ins cheaper they offer a nostalgic alternative to the typical dinner and a movie date.


Go Out for Pizza:

But spice it up! Ask the pizza place in advance to cut the pizza in the shape of a heart. Tell them when you plan on being in so everything can be ready when you arrive.


Be Artistic:

Go to a “Paint Your Own Pottery” shop and paint something for each other.


Be a Kid:

Go to the Zoo but check out the kids section. They usually have a petting zoo with all kinds of cute fuzzy animals.


Too Cold for the Outdoors?

Bring the picnic to your room. Make her think you’re going to take her on an outdoor picnic but instead stop off at blockbuster, have her pick out the movie, and drive back to the hall. Have basket set up and surprise her when you get back.

Thanks to Mark Walker, Resident Assistant at Saint Leo University, in Saint Leo, Florida, for submitting the bulletin board to us. Mark is a sophomore studying elementary education.