computer cables what you connect to your monitor n.
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Computer Cables - What You Connect to Your Monitor PowerPoint Presentation
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Computer Cables - What You Connect to Your Monitor

Computer Cables - What You Connect to Your Monitor

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Computer Cables - What You Connect to Your Monitor

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  1. Computer Cables: What  You Connect to Your  Monitor  One of the most intriguing questions in 2020 is ‘what is a computer’,                           but there is no specific answer to it. Yet. It kind of comes down to your                                 own workflow. Your definition of a computer depends on your                     workflow.    If all you need to use a computer for is some light typing, web scrolling,                               and entertainment consumption, you are better off with the most                     portable version of a computer, a tablet. Or one of the new 2-in-1                           things that add a decent keyboard and a computer’s operating system                       with a touch screen.    On the other hand, if you are planning to do any editing, text, video, or                               audio, those computers are not going to do the trick. This is where you                             need to have a custom desktop workstation. The best thing about                       customizing it is that you have to make no compromises. Feel free to                           1​​

  2. get a mechanical keyboard, a mouse that is right for you, and a monitor                             or monitors that suits for your workflow. The CPU, of course, can have                           components that work best for you.  It is very easy to dismiss the monitor when setting up a workstation like                             this. However, you shouldn’t get just any monitor. The monitor you get                         should be able to connect to various peripherals that come in your                         evolving workflow.    Now, of course, you can also use monitors as simply additional screens                         sometimes just as output devices apart from your primary computer                     setup.    Let’s explore a few ​computer monitor cable types that you can use to attach certain gadgets and components to it:                              Central Processing Unit:    There are several different monitor cable types that you can use to                         connect a CPU to your monitor from VGA cables, ​DVI cables​, HDMI to USB C cables. The cable you use depends on your monitor and on the                                                       kind of output you want. An HDMI or USB C cable would be able to give                                 ​2​

  3. you 4K resolution with almost no lag, while it might be difficult to get                             such a result with a VGA cable.    Media Devices:    If you need to connect a camera of any kind to your monitor, you will                               need to have an HDMI connector on your monitor. Since that will be a                             standard port, you can use a computer adapter. Camera generally has                       an HDMI mini port, and therefore an adapter can bridge the gap if you                             don’t have a mini to full HDMI cable.    Tablet As The Primary Computer:    Some tablets have a pretty extraordinary computation power. But the                     screen is still small. In this case, you use a monitor as an extended or                               secondary display. For this, you can use a USB C cable as it can transfer                               both data and power to the monitor. In case one of your devices doesn't                             have a USB C port, you can use a computer adapter to connect the two.                               This becomes an ideal setup when you want to have a mobile workflow                           ​3​

  4. that can easily adapt to a desk when it comes to editing video or               designing graphics.                  Simply As An Extended Screen:    More screen real estate makes it easier when you are editing audio or                           video per frame. For this, with the use of the right cables, USB C or                               HDMI, you can attach more than one screen, and enjoy a more                         comfortable workflow. This is also an ideal screen setup for graphic                       designing, photo editing, game building, using building design software,                   etc.    The last thing that comes to mind is relatively new. But it will soon be in                                 use a lot more. Phones that can connect to monitors and power them.                           You can use the monitor as an output device for presentations, movies,                         games, etc. A simple USB C cable can do the trick here.    At ​SF Cable​, we are gadget enthusiasts and understand the importance of wanting the absolute perfect custom workstation. This is why we                                             offer cable solutions as well as ​computer adapters when you want to connect something unique to your computer. Whether you are trying                                             ​4​

  5. to build a personal system or setups for a whole office, we provide                           individual as well as bulk solution.    Explore our adapters as well as various monitor cables here and get in                           touch with us for a custom solution.      This Blog is Originally posted here:  ​5​