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How to connect hp printer to computer PowerPoint Presentation
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How to connect hp printer to computer

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How to connect hp printer to computer
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How to connect hp printer to computer

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  1. How to connect hp printer to computer To connect an HP printer to the computer, download the printer software from our website and install it on your computer. Read the procedure, complete the setup process and establish a network connection to your computer. The Steps to connect your HP printer to the computer:         Turn On your computer and connect it to the network. Enter the printer model in the search box on our website. Click on the printer setup link to download. Double-click to run the setup file on your computer and type or browse the file location. Click Agree to the terms and conditions. Follow the instruction on the installer window. Click on the Finish button and complete the process. Now you can connect your printer with the computer. The Complete procedure to connect your hp printer to the computer:  Go to our website and enter the printer model in the search box. This will display the information about the printer. Confirm your operating system from the list displayed and check for the latest version of the software. The version you are choosing should be compatible with your computer’s specification. Check whether you have enough storage space on your computer, if not, free up the storage space and then click on the Download link next to your OS. If there is not enough storage, the   download will be unsuccessful. Open the downloaded file from the default download location on your computer and then double-click on it to run the setup file. Follow the on-screen instructions on the installer to proceed with the setup. When the installer window prompts Let’s Identify your product to get started, Click Printer from list of HP products. Enter the printer’s model in the search box and then click on the Submit button, the resulting    page will display the default operating system for your printer. You can change your operating system. To do so, click on the Change button and then choose your OS version, click on Change button again. To download the full feature software package, click Download under the Driver heading for downloading full feature software or you can also click Basic Drivers for other driver options.  

  2. Now the installer will prompt you to choose the printer connection option. Even if you select USB connection initially, you can change it after the setup process is complete or you can also convert the USB connection to wireless connection. After selecting the connection type, continue to complete the setup process.  Your computer will be connected to the printer. You can print, scan or fax functions with your printer.