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Tips for a Motorcycle Adventure Trips PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for a Motorcycle Adventure Trips

Tips for a Motorcycle Adventure Trips

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Tips for a Motorcycle Adventure Trips

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  1. Tips For A Motorcycle Adventure Trips

  2. 1 • The Road Is Longer Than You Think: If you are not accustomed to riding your bike for more than just a few hours then you should think twice about jumping right into a road trip. Take some practice rides that help you get ready for longer periods of time on your motorcycle. The more prepared you are for a six or seven hours on a motorcycle, the better the trip will be.

  3. 2 • The Weather Constantly Changes: At some point on a motorcycle road trip you will most likely end up hot, cold and wet. Make sure you are prepared for any type of weather conditions, even if it supposed to be perfect. I highly recommend well-ventilated, waterproof equipment that will help you keep cool when you are hot, dry when it rains, and warm when you need it.

  4. 3 • Take Time To Rest: It is important to break up the long drive with a few breaks to keep you well rested and energized. Pull over at a rest area to drink some water, have a snack, stretch your legs and relax your back. You do not want to stay on the road for too long and lose your concentration. Taking breaks will keep you awake, alert and focused on your ride.

  5. 4 • It Can Get Dirty: The road can be a disgusting place, especially when you are spending 5+ hours on the road a day. After an extended period time, a lot of the dirt and disgusting things on the road will likely end up on you. You will want to plan your trip accordingly and have places to shower or find less fancy places that are popular with local riders.

  6. 5 • Embrace Technology: While it is nice to be alone in your own thoughts while out on the open road, at some point you may want to change it up. A helmet that is equipped with Bluetooth can allow you to listen to music on the road, receive phone calls, follow GPS directions and communicate with other riders.

  7. 7 • Get Your Position Right: Making sure your seating and riding position is right will be incredible important. The more comfortable your motorcycleadventure tripsis, the more enjoyable your road trip will be. You will also be more likely to ride it long distances again.

  8. 7 • Earplugs Will Save Your Ears: The highway is incredible loud. After several hours on the highway a day, you will begin to do some serious damage to your ears. While they are not exactly cool to have while riding, it is worthwhile to at least have in case the loud noise gets worse.

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