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10 Things to avoid if you are using credit card - Ruloans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using credit card? Check out what mistakes you make & how you can avoid them easily! For more credit card details visit - https://www.ruloans.com/

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10 things to avoid if you are using credit card ruloans

10Things to avoid if you are using Credit Card

Applying for every credit card you see
Applying For Every Credit Card You See

By applying for as many credit cards you come across will lead you to bad CIBIL Score.Therefore it is highly recommended to avoid such habits.

Co signing loan for someone who is financially reckless
Co. Signing loan for someone who is financially reckless

While co-signing a loan to your friend or closed one, make sure they can repay the loan amount on time. Such decisions should not be made on the basis of emotional sentiments, by co-signing loan for someone can affect your CIBIL Score too.

Avoid credit altogether
Avoid Credit Altogether

Many people just stop using their credit card which ultimately affects their Credit Score. Make sure you some or little transaction through credit card which will help you to boost your CIBIL Score

Let your credit score slip
Let your Credit Score Slip

Even being aware of the credit score downfall, one should take important measures in order to boost your credit score. Being ignorant & letting your credit score slip won’t help you.

Not to check errors in credit report
Not to check errors in Credit Report

Many people do not cross check their Credit Report & believes it blindly. Such silly mistakes can create a great impact on your Credit Score. Therefore make sure there is no errors in your Credit Report.

Applying for credit card without research
Applying for credit card without research

Before applying for any credit card, do little market research in order to know which bank provides what credit deals. Compare these credit offers & choose a credit card deal which suits your needs & lifestyle. You can compare credit cards on RuLoans

Changes of too many jobs
Changes of too many jobs

Frequent job change can categories you in unstable job segment which gives you negative remark on your credit report. This also questions your credit repayment capacity.

Use too much credit
Use too much Credit

Too much usage of credit can be dangerous sometimes, as you have to repay all the amount with the addition of interest. Its always advisable to use your credit only when its essential.

Close your other credit
Close your other Credit

Closing or not using your other credit cards can lead you towards the downfall of credit score. Try minimum transaction if possible in a way to keep your credit card active.

Miss a payment
Miss a Payment

It is very important to repay your credit on time without fail. Missing payment give negative remark o you Credit Report. It is very important as it also helps you to build a good credit history.

10 things to avoid if you are using credit card ruloans

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