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VHA Support Service Center. ProClarity Desktop Pat Gadbaw Scot Dingman. Course Objectives. Learn how to Access Cubes and Briefing Books via ProClarity Desktop Cubes (Data) currently available Desktop Layout Navigating the Desktop & Using the Commands Customize Pre-built Views

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Vha support service center l.jpg

VHA Support Service Center

ProClarity Desktop

Pat Gadbaw

Scot Dingman

Course objectives l.jpg
Course Objectives

  • Learn how to Access Cubes and Briefing Books via ProClarity Desktop

  • Cubes (Data) currently available

  • Desktop Layout

  • Navigating the Desktop & Using the Commands

    • Customize Pre-built Views

    • Create Your own View

  • Saving & Sharing Data

  • Additional Training Resources

Definitions l.jpg

  • A Cube is a multi-dimensional database based on SQL and OLAP cube technology

  • ProClarity is an analytical platform that sits on top of the database designed for rapid queries and reports

    • web based version (PAS- ProClarity analytic server)

    • desktop version ( class focus)

  • A Briefing Book is a series of views (reports) displaying data from a cube(s)

Course tools l.jpg
Course Tools

  • VSSC Web Site vssc.med.va.gov

  • ProClarity Desktop

    • ProClarity Briefing Books (BB)

    • ProClarity Desktop (need software)

    • Protected Health Information

      • (PHI Task Code Required for PHI Cube’s & BB’s)

Slide5 l.jpg

Link to VSSC Home Page


Slide6 l.jpg

Cube Library

ProClarity Downloads

Slide7 l.jpg

  • Link to Cube Documentation


  • Link to Cube Library – will take you directly to the chosen cube via ProClarity Desktop


Protected health information phi task code l.jpg
Protected Health Information (PHI Task Code)

  • A Protected Health Information (PHI) task code, implemented in January 2007, is required to access products with PHI icon on the VSSC web site or ProClarity Analytics Server This task code is a lower level access code than real ssn; therefore, if you already have station, visn or national level real ssn, you do not need to apply. To access PHI, including provider-specific information, the PHI – 110NN07 task code must be added to VA Form 9957 to allow a user to see all variables that were previously removed to de-identify the PHI such as dates, scrambled social security number, zip codes, names, and any other unique identifying number, characteristics or codes. The approval process for this task code is as follows: Requesting Individual signs VA Form 9957, first approval official is the Supervisor and second approval official is the Director. The point of contact will either be the ACRS Point of Contact or the Information Security Officer. When signatures are completed, the ACRS POC will enter the information in the National Security SSN Database (NSSD).

Two options cube or briefing book server pas l.jpg
Two Options: Cube or Briefing Book Server (PAS)


To Cube

Proclarity desktop to cube servers l.jpg
ProClarity DesktopTo Cube Servers

Proclarity desktop cube server addresses l.jpg
ProClarity DesktopCube Server Addresses

  • SQL2000 database cubes (all cubes on these server are being converted to sql2005)

    • Vhaaacdw04.vha.med.va.gov

    • Vhaaacdw05.vha.med.va.gov

  • SQL2005 database cubes (will be expanding to other servers as sql2000 cubes are converted)

    • Vhaaacdw14.vha.med.va.gov

    • Vhaaacdw17.vha.med.va.gov

Proclarity desktop cube server cdw17 libraries l.jpg
ProClarity DesktopCube Server CDW17 Libraries

Can change connection to different server

Proclarity desktop to pre built briefing books l.jpg
ProClarity Desktop (PAS)To Pre-built Briefing Books

BB server address

Security Requirements


& password

(should not be needed)

Briefing book library pas via proclarity desktop l.jpg
Briefing Book Library (PAS) via (PAS)ProClarity Desktop

Proclarity bb via desktop l.jpg
ProClarity BB via Desktop (PAS)

Briefing Book Options

Set-Up Panel


Status Bar

Slide20 l.jpg

Menu Bar: (PAS) (File, View, Navigate, Book, Tools, Help)

Briefing Book Views

Toolbar: (back, forward, Apply, Setup, View, Sort, Filter, Decomp, Analytics Server, KPI Designer, Selector)

Setup Panel: Measures, Dimensions, Rows, Columns, Background

Slide21 l.jpg

Setup panel (PAS) (hierarchies, rows, columns, background): The area where you will design the look of your report. You can click and drag the measures and dimensions to create a display that has your desired rows, columns and background detail.

Measures: Measures are quantitative values contained in a cube. Ex: Number Unique Pts, Total Cost, ALOS

Dimensions: Dimensions are the data elements/ attributes that you select to focus your analysis. They can be composed of hierarchical members. Ex: Facilities (VHA-VISN-Facility-Division), Time (FY-Quarter-Month- Day), Blood Pressure ranges.

Selected dimensions will be in Rows, & Columns & Background

Slide22 l.jpg

  • Menu Bar (PAS): Primarily used for saving and retrieving “views” and “books”. My Viewsare saved screen shots of a report you have created. The views will automatically update with new data when the cubes updates. Bookscontain one or more views that you have saved to a file on your hard drive. You can send these books to other people through e-mail.

  • Additional Menu Bar options include: File, View, Navigate, Tools, Help.

Slide23 l.jpg

  • Toolbar (PAS) : Commands for extracting data from cubes and displaying data. Apply is an important command that you must use each time you change a layout and want to update data. Reset brings you back to the original view. Back takes you back one step. Setup shows and hides the Setup Panel. We recommend you leave the Setup Panel displaying at all times as you are learning ProClarity.

Slide24 l.jpg

  • Toolbar : View, Sort, Filter (PAS) additional commands used in defining the data to display.

    • Views(4): grid, graph & 2 with grid & graph

    • Sort: ordering of data from largest to smallest or reverse

    • Filter: remove empty rows & columns, functions for <, >, =

  • Advanced Functions: Analytic Server, Wizard, Decomp tree, Performance Map, Perspective, KPI Designer, Selector

  • Status Bar @ Bottom shows the Server, Catalog and Cube to which you are currently connected

Creating reports right click provides many options l.jpg
Creating Reports (right click (PAS) provides many options)

  • Arrange Report Layout

  • Select Measures and Dimensions

  • Select Members (Items)

  • Select Descendants Option

  • Select Background Items & set up slicers

  • Create a Report

Slide26 l.jpg

  • Sets (PAS), New Members and Measures, Search Hierarchy

    • Creating a Set (will see individual members): A group of Members or Measures that are given a common name so they can be easily retrieved as a unit. For example, you can define a Set to include all facilities within one state, or within a consolidated health care system. If you select a saved Set, you will see each individual Member in the report.

    • New Member (will see combined data) automatically sums the values of two or more Members from a Dimension to derive a single value.

    • New Calculated Measure performs a calculation (a formula the user defines) of selected Measures to derive a value.

    • Sets,New Members or New Measures are given a name and saved to the “My Items” folder.

    • Search Function (hierarchy dimensions ) (Particularly useful for large dimensions like ICD9 codes or CPT codes)

Formatting reports and charts l.jpg

View (Grid, Chart, Both) (PAS)

Grid functions by right click

Drill functions on a views & cells (up, down, hide, expand, collapse)


Sorting Data

Filter Data

Pivot view

Grid properties

Exceptions Highlighting

Flatten rows & Column headers

Actions: Drill to detail (SSN, data updates & documentation, etc.) Real SSN access required appropriate Task code. Complete VA Form 9957. See VSSC FAQ #2.

Analyze in decom tree

Formatting Reports and Charts

(important function – right click on mouse to display format options)

Formatting reports right click on report l.jpg
Formatting Reports (PAS)(right click on report)

Chart functions by right click l.jpg

Drill Down (PAS)

Drill Up

Show only



Chart type

Series properties

Chart properties

Chart functions by right click

Formatting charts right click on chart l.jpg
Formatting charts (PAS)(right click on chart)

Briefing books and views l.jpg
Briefing Books and Views (PAS)

  • Saving a View: Views are saved screen shots of a report you have created. The views will automatically update with new data when the cubes updates

  • Briefing Book:Bookscontain one or more views that you have saved to a file on your hard drive. You can send these books to other people through e-mail.

    • Creating a Briefing Book –step 1

    • Saving a Briefing Book to your computer – step 2 (go to File -> Save As)

    • Adding a Page to a Briefing Book

    • Opening a Saved Briefing Book

  • E-Mailing a Briefing Book

  • Exporting Data to Excel & PP

  • Add view to BB from another Cube (File->cube-create view- save in open BB)

Add a view to briefing book l.jpg
Add a view to (PAS)Briefing Book

Click on Book link on menu & add new View

Send a briefing book via email l.jpg
Send a Briefing Book (PAS) via email

Go to File on Menu & select Send

Export data to excel power points l.jpg
Export Data to (PAS)Excel & Power points

Export grid data to Excel.

Export graphs to PowerPoint

Advanced functions l.jpg
Advanced Functions (PAS)

  • Decom tree

  • Exception Highlighting

  • Perspective

  • Performance Map

  • KPI Designer

  • Selector

  • Attribute dimension in sql 2005

  • How to re-point briefing book

Perspective scatter diagram l.jpg
Perspective (PAS)(Scatter Diagram)

Training resources l.jpg
Training Resources (PAS)

  • VSSC Portal


  • ProClarity Desktop built in tutorial

  • VSSC training calendar http://training.vssc.med.va.gov/default.aspx

  • VSSC online training 24/7 webcams, PowerPoint’s, practice exercises http://training.vssc.med.va.gov/Topics/default.aspx

  • Newsletter – latest information on new VSSC products- sign up for listserv http://vaww.listserv.med.va.gov/archives/dwdm-fcdm-l.html

  • Downloading ProClarity Desktop from VSSC


Proclarity software downloads l.jpg
ProClarity Software Downloads (PAS)

  • We recommend for all Data Analysts:

    • ProClarity Desktop Professional and Business Reporter

    • ProClarity KPI Designer