Saguaro cactus by paul shirley berquist
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Saguaro Cactus By, Paul & Shirley Berquist. What does it look like?. What does it sound like?. DESERT. What does it feel like?. What does it smell like?. Why is the saguaro cactus an important habitat for creatures of the Sonoran Desert? What happens in the life of a saguaro?

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Saguaro CactusBy,Paul & Shirley Berquist

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What does it

look like?

What does it

sound like?


What does it

feel like?

What does it

smell like?

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Habitat of the Sonoran Desert?:

the place where a plant or animal lives.

The bears’ habitat is in the woods.

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Perch of the Sonoran Desert?:

to rest or sit on.

The parrot perched itself on the wall.

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Nectar of the Sonoran Desert?:

the sweet liquid found in flowers.

The hummingbird drank the

nectar from the flower.

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Brush of the Sonoran Desert?:

low, shrubby growth or bushes.

The little boy was hiding in the


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Decompose: of the Sonoran Desert? to rot or decay.

The leaves that fell on the ground were starting to decompose.

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Topple: of the Sonoran Desert?

to fall over; to overturn.

The glass toppled over and spilled the juice.

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Teeming: of the Sonoran Desert?


The worker had to be careful when collecting honey, because the hive was teeming with bees.

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Spiny: of the Sonoran Desert?

covered with spines or thorns

The cactus is a very spinyplant.

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  • How is a pet’s of the Sonoran Desert?habitat different from a wild animal’s?

  • Would you like to have a decomposing sandwich for lunch? Why or why not?

  • Which word means the opposite of empty?

  • Which word would you replace with the words sweet liquid?

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  • What kinds of animals of the Sonoran Desert?perch in a tree?

  • When someone hits a baseball into some brush, is the ball easy or hard to find?

  • What would expect the skin of a spiny anteater to feel like?

  • What might cause a tree to topple over?